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June 28, 2013

Chris asks…

What do you do when your car alarm goes off?

I live in some shady apartments and drive a pretty nice car. I use to run outside every time my car alarm went off, but it goes off like 3 times a week from peoples exhaust and stuff. Lately, when my car alarm goes off I just tap my alarm to make sure it’a still there… do you guys going running outside every time u hear your alarm?

Administrator answers:

I can’t answer the question precisely because my personal vehicle is a truck, and doesn’t have an alarm system in it, but I can tell you that when a car alarm goes off, it’s nothing but an annoyance. Most people try to ignore the noise of a car alarm, and I don’t know anybody who would respond to one as if the vehicle were actually being stolen or damaged …not even you, and you own it. I am responsible, among other things, for a visitor and employee parking area. Eleven out of ten times an alarm is triggered, it is a false alert, and as a result people pass by without even glancing in the annoying vehicles direction. Most of the time the car can get robbed, damaged, or stolen and people in the vicinity would be grateful. At one time, I had a new, expensive, car which had three separate alarm systems installed in it. One day I parked in in Los Angeles and inadvertantly locked my keys in the car. A local man opened the car and retreived the keys for me…without setting off any of the “state of the art” alarms. That’s when I realized the true worthless nature of the “top of the line” Security systems. I have owned 9 new cars since that incident, and none of them have had alarms. I now prefer put my money into better car insurance instead.

Ken asks…

How can I go about starting and Insurance Company that covers legal represention not just advice?

I am interested in starting some type of insurance company for pre-paid legal representation. There are plenty of pre-paid legal services / insurance companies that assist in giving Leal advice but none that actually provide legal representation in court proceedings. A lot of these prepaid legal services / insurance companies that assist in giving Leal advice give a discount on legal representation but is not an actual plan for that reason. How can I start a company or a program that provides this? I want it to work like a health insurance plan instead of having network of doctors there would be a network of lawyers that are broken down into categories, such as family lawyers, divorce lawyers, criminal, person injury lawyers, ect. I would create plans that insurer’s could choose from based on there on personal legal needs and wants. How could I do this? I am in Virginia.

Administrator answers:

This would be a great ideal if all the legeslative branches (Law Makers) of all the different segments of governments weren’t by majority lawyers. Attorneys are in complete control of theirs as well as our destiny. Every new law they put on the books increases their billable hourly rate, their individual power as citizens, their professional power and increases their professions job security. The more people adversly effected by each new law they create means an equal number of attorneys will profit by it.
In a all for one and one for all profession why would any attorney agree to work a case for a set (insured) rate when his profession has already conned society into paying anywhere from $100.00 and up for one estimated hour of their time. We as unsuspecting victims must rely on and trust that an attorney will give us an honest account of their spent hours on our case. We are governed by a system set up by lawyers for lawyers and any protections for or from them or the system must be administered by to and from the lawyers. It is a lawyers world. So why would an attorney bother with accuracy when it is a commonly known fact in the that the majority of the billed hours was in reality done by a paralegal or legal secretary making $15.00 to $20.00 an hour.
The legal machine is slowing down. From the minds of lawyers came Extensive and far reaching new laws to fight the war on drugs and other scurges of society. Lawyers / law makers began building the gigantic legal machine using Federal funding, governmental sanctioned confiscations and associated profit motivated mandates.
From the little wheels in the patrol cars to the big wheels of the justice department, freedom to persue Greed has motivated the LEGAL machine.
Now the great legal machine is sinking in the quagmare of lost human resourses. The machine that yesterday took the old drug addicted black mans freedom and shooting gallery home in the name of unforgiving law sentanced all free men to house and feed him until his system extended life is over. Where as if the system would have left him to his own devices he could have parlayed that house into a meager exhistance until his and many other drug addicts premature deaths. He and many other drug addicted friends would have been no burden on society and the machine probably would of got his property when he died.
This machine will continue to grow until we stop feeding it our liberties.
The man who sits back justifing his governments unjust treatment of another man without an attorney better know he too is only insulated from the same by the strength of his own wealth.
I am sorry I got off the subject.
How can you go about starting an insurance company that covers legal representation not just advice?
First of all it takes a big load of money to start an insurance company to insure anyone for anything. You have to have enough money to buy the first attorney to buy all the rest of the attorneys. The way we are allowing the legal profession to have their way with us I would be surprised at anyones ability to do anything now a days. Second any attorney would laugh at this ideal unless he planned to screw you out of what ever cash you happen to be willing to throw at him for looking into the matter for you.
Also any lawyer willing to work on that type of limited pay scale would already has his plate full of poor folks needing other pro bono work..

Laura asks…

Why are women complaining about getting treated equally in this article?

this article talks about women’s car insurance and about how now women have to pay the same car insurance. The funny thing the article is written in a negative slant. Portraying this as a bad thing for women or that women are being treated badly now even though you know if it was the other way around (women paying more for something and men then being made to as well) it would be seen as a victory for equality. Take a look at the women interviewed in this article, whining she has to pay more now. What’s wrong ladies, I thought you wanted equality? Well here it is ladies here is what it tastes like

hilarious part in the article

“A European court ruling last year found that gender discrimination in insurance was against the law.”

It took a court ruling to realize discrimination against men was wrong. Say it all doesn’t it?

Administrator answers:

What I don’t get is why aren’t men getting a significantly lower insurance premium? If women have to pay more, why aren’t men paying less to equal out the premiums so the insurance company gets the same total amount of premiums that they got before? They say women are going to pay a lot more, but men are only going to get a little lower? That makes no sense. If the average women’s premium goes up $500/year, then the average man’s premium should go down $500 right? Sounds like the insurance company is going to use this to screw everyone and make more for themselves.

*sigh* But, yea, if you haven’t figured out that women want nothing to do with true equality, then you just aren’t paying attention. If women could actually earn equality, they would have done it. But they can’t, so they have to have it GIVEN to them by courts and government. So, of course, they are going to scream bloody murder when they are forced take on equal responsibility and accountabilities. They never wanted to drink the crap they shovel out, they just want to play victims and get free stuff.

George asks…

My friend was driving my car and got into a car accident?

I’m really worried about my insurance going up. It’s been over 3 years since my last car accident and my insurance just went down by $50 per month after I past the 3-year mark. The thing is, would it be better if I tell them that it was me or my friend? I’ve been reading something about an occasional driver being covered and maybe if I said that, it wouldn’t hurt my premium as much? Help pls?

Administrator answers:

OH yeah its youre buddie canceled why cant you man up and take care of it without the ins getting involved ?? Occ driver youres didnt realy do anything but hit a car and leave YOU with the mess you or who isnt the ans too put a tag on YOU are the responsible party and YOU gotta jump in there and fix te others car you hit or no ins. As this will suspend your dl ? Am i correct ? Handle it you will feel better and sell youre total ?

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