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Your Questions About Car Insurance For Men

April 7, 2013

Lisa asks…

Could switching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?

Does a man in a suit make a really annoying spokesperson?

Administrator answers:

Just don’t sit on the Gecko and everything will be fine

Richard asks…

Where do I find that car insurance commercial with the adult baby in the back screaming?

I can’t remember the name of the commercial but I saw it as one of the ads when I was watching something online but it was a grown man sitting in a baby car seat in the back acting like a baby, screaming, throwing things and spilling stuff on himself. It was hysterical!!!!! I tried to find it on youtube but didn’t have luck. Can’t remember if it was State Farm or something else. Does anyone know where it might be found or what the name of the commercial is?

Administrator answers:


All State Toddler Mayhem

Ruth asks…

How is it fair that men pay more?

for car insurance, but women don’t pay more for health insurance?

Administrator answers:

Women do pay more for health insurance. That isn’t fair.

It is fair for men to pay more for car insurance though.

Maria asks…

Why are feminists content with higher car insurance rates for men?

Males pay more than Females on average so if Feminists are about gender equality than why aren’t they taking a stand? Statistically a male brain is better suited to mathematics and spatial reasoning so why cant engineering companies legally seek out more male applicants than female?

Administrator answers:

Believe me you, I am not content with this! The only problem there will be to complain about it, is that they will also raise the rates of the female drivers when they get enough complaining about it. You don’t think they will lower rates to make equal, do you? It’s a scam, is what I think. But, that is how these insurance companies and the law makers work to gouged people, because you have to have it, or it’s illegal. They discriminate against age, by raising the price for teen drivers, but then say they give a discount, or normal rates to senior drivers, same thing, if enough people complain, they will raise the price of senior by saying their age is unsafe. What gives the insurance companies the right to raise the price for a criminal offense and hold against them for high risk, when they pay their dues through the court, and when all is said and done, with the court, the insurance co. Will still consider you a high risk rate for 3 more years, for example, when by rights your case has already been satisfied through the court system, and the probation period. Not only do they hold it against the person that committed the offense, they hold against anyone else that drives another vehicle in the family (for example, a spouse). Once again, another issue with government and business working hand in hand ~vs~ the people.

Chris asks…

How do i get the most money back from a car insurance claim?

I was recently rear-ended in my car. There were no injuries to either party, just a little paint chipped, my bumper pushed in slightly, and my trunk lid sprung. How should i go about geting appraisals performed? Should i get my appraisals from higher end body shops to ensure a larger check? this is my first insurance claim and i have no idea how this stuff works!! Please help!

Administrator answers:

First of all, it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is you should still try to get the most from your claim. So you should research ( what your doing now) inspect (even a non mechanical mind can notice change) if you see something that doesent look right, it’s not right! And most importantly remember after it’s all said and done you will still be left with a previously wrecked car which is more likly to have issues down the road therefore it is your right to come out ahead on your claim….now how i approach this is i tell my body man that i want only factory parts on this car because that what it came out with, then i tell them i do not want damaged parts such as sheet metal (repaired) but removed and replaced. That will run up the estimate real fast especially if it requires welding in a new trunk panel. The insurance company will send out an adjuster to make their crappy lowball estimate . Next step is the negotiation…you have the ball in your court on this one, you tell the insurance company you wont accept their offer and that they need to provide you with a rental car as yours is inoperable (which by law they have to pay for) then you drive their car and play the waiting game, most insurance have to pay out within no more than 30 days, after you get paid you can have your car fixed with the cheaper parts, and take the leftover cash and go on vacation to forget about this stressful experience.

James asks…

Why isnt it considered discrimination that male car insurance is more than female?

It may be true that males get into slightly more accidents than females however why dont anyone call a higher insurance plan for males discrimination however even though it is proven that men are more likely than females to try out for high school athletics, mens athletics make more revenue, and men are more likely to strive for pro sports, title IX forced public high schools and colleges to provide equal sporting events for females despite all these true facts.

Administrator answers:

I consider it AND Title IX discriminatory. Title IX is a good idea in theory, but the most funding should be given to the teams with the most revenue.

George asks…

Why do racist Republicans oppose the Obamacare mandate, but say nothing when they have to buy car insurance?

If you drive a car, you HAVE to buy car insurance.

If you LIVE, you should HAVE to buy health insurance if it prioritized and not single payer.

If a white Republican fascist implemented the mandate, racist ignorant Republicans would follow their leader

Because a black man did it, they scream–”that black man is taken away my freedom. I’m suppose to take his freedom away.”

Administrator answers:

I’m sorry but you’re clueless.
And the typical Obama voter.

You started out with an argument that could be reasonably debated, but then you turned it into “all republicans are racists”. You lost all credibility in your little rant.

Michael asks…

Just a random thought that went by in my mind?

If women want to be equal to men why do they have lower car insurance then guys that isn’t equal at all lol?

Administrator answers:

Because by setting their rates lower, the “cost” is equal, to both the consumer and the insurer. Insurance rates are created by mathematicians, who analyze data on who (age, sex, location, car type, etc.) gets into accidents, gets their car stolen, etc. Insurnce companies set a price on insurance to each person such that they will, on average, pay out a certain percentage less in claims than they take in in premiums. In some states, like California, they are legally obliged to set their profit margin at a strict percentage.

So, basically, all people pay the same “amount” for insurance, when compared with the likely amount they would receive for accidents (etc) over the course of their lifetime.

If men and women had to pay the same amount, women would actually be paying the same amount for a smaller valued asset.

This is a really good question, because it shows how you can’t just look at the surface level of something to determine whether or not there is a hidden bias. Insurance looks to be biased, but in fact an “equal” system would be biased against women.

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