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March 20, 2013

Steven asks…

How much does it cost to live in a one bed room apt?

My Husband and i are moving out for the first time and we need a basic cost of living per month, we know rents 350 other than that how much for utilities
car insurance
car gas
personal necessities

i am also pregnant with our first…can anyone help me figure the budget?
My fiance posted this so before you say your pregnant? I keep telling her to not say I’m pregnant if she uses my yahoo but she just does not listen.
We live in Toledo, OH

Administrator answers:

WOW! Where do you live? I’ve lived all over the east and west coast and I’ve never heard of rent less than $650.00 a month!
I’ve lived in really crappy neighborhoods all over NY, and even in the worst ( I think) places like Queens, NY, my rent alone was 750.
Me and my man live in Southern California(Los Angeles) and we live in a room that is less than 700sq. Ft., and no kitchen or bedroom, just a bathroom and a room that is $700.00 and with satellite, internet and phone and gas for the car and food its over $1100.00 a month.
Can I come live where you live? LOL!

James asks…

what the best insurance company that affordable to get for a new car?

looking for car insurance?

Administrator answers:

Heres a straight up answer:

Companies like AIS and GEICO are called “brokers”and they act as a middle man finding the best rates for you. #1 they dont always find you the best rates and #2 you are paying them MONTHLY for their 2 minute initial service of finding you an insurance company.

Go for a DIRECT insurance company like AAA or Mercury Insurance so you dont end up paying broker fees.

I think most of your online insurance companies also are brokers, unless they specifiy they are direct insurance writers.

Two examples: #1 – I went with AIS because their radio ads were everywhere. The last three years Ive been paying them an EXTRA $10 a month to them. They found me “Mercury Insurance”. Well, I recently called Mercury myself (AIS doesnt want you to do this naturally) and Mercury offered me ever better rates AND without the broker fee I was paying! MONEY IS MONEY… Might as well keep your own if you can! #2 – This is also true for home buying. There are direct lenders (like a bank) and then there are mortgage brokers that find a bank for you. Brokers paint a pretty picture to you and give you good numbers up front but they hide their profits in the closing costs and points of a home loan. A mortgage broker can easily make $12,000 off of every house they sell. Again, look for a direct lender, not a broker.

Carol asks…

How can i stop this sexist outrage?

Its criminal that men should have to pay more for their car insurance!

It is also sexist!

How come for home insurance we all pay the same price?
oh yes its because “insurance is a lottery” why can’t the same be done with car insurance?

I’m not a boy racer why should i have to pay more?

Administrator answers:

With you on that one.

Joseph asks…

Should women be exempt from paying car insurance altogether?

And we can charge men twice as much? It’s been PROVEN women are better drivers and stupid men are the ones that cause the accidints.

Administrator answers:

I have been in 3 car accidents, on all 3 occasions women putting on makeup or on the cell phone ran the red light and crashed into me. So to answer your question, women and men should pay the same.

Nancy asks…

How Much is Car Insurance going to cost for a 1997 corvette, if I am 16?

Is it true that the older cars cost less to insure?

Administrator answers:

A young man & a corvette is a dangerous combination….& don’t try to tell us you’ll never hot rod the car…that,s a given..& insurance company,s know matter,s little how the car is equipped…it,s a sport,s car & your very young [ lot,s of testosterone] …a volatile combination as far as insurance company,s are concerned…expect to pay top dollar. It,s true that a 97 will cost a little less than a new ZR1…but just a little..consider that your 16…no driving history & you want to start out with a corvette. Call a bunch of insurance agency,s [ god know,s there are very many to choose from] & get some quote,s…but you had better be sitting down when they hit you with the price,s…also.. It’s not just the fact it’s a sports car…you must understand that the car is made of fiberglass or other exotic material,s that make it expensive to repair if you have full coverage…& you would be foolish not to have that coverage…….best of luck!

Laura asks…

Can I give my college freshman a curfew?

My 18 year old son has either been sneaking out after midnight to stay with his girlfriend or having her sneak over here. He claims he’s 18 and can do what he wants. I say because we pay his car insurance, cellphone and a good portion of his college we can inforce a curfew while home. Any other experiece with this?

Administrator answers:

No, you can’t give an 18 yr old a curfew. However, you can make your house rules. House rule: door is locked at midnight. If you’re not in, stay out. House rule: no company after x o’clock–violators will be thrown from the house and not welcome back.

It’s no longer about rules, it’s about respect and appreciation, which he obviously has zero of. Tell him if he can’t be an adult, and show some common courtesy, he will have the plug pulled and find out very quickly how to be a man.

Yep, he’s 18 and can do whatever he wants. You’re a bit older than 18 and you can sure as hell do whatever you want too. Tolerating this BS will not teach him anything about the real world.

Sandy asks…

Really irritating adverts!! Which one or more that make you want to hit the add man with a chair?

I answered this for some one else,
I am no way easily offended so don’t get me wrong none offend me, they are just really stupid and irritate me to the point of screaming.
Sheilas wheels, Picture loans, injury lawyers 4 U, and I swear one more company claims they can save me money on my car insurance I am just gonna snap.
How they they be saving me money when they runs expensive adds, all the time.
Most bank commercials, I could go on for ages.
But this is your chance to vent, I want irate answers, I promise I will forward your comments to the company committing the offence, as well as the 10 points.
So Lock and load and fire when ready!!!
Some great answers so far but get really angry.
The angriest message from the most annoyed person will be forwarded saying that because of the add we will be sure to boycott that company and it’s affiliates.
The irritating Asda have me shopping at Sainsbury, that creepy kid from the velvet add has me buying any other brand.
My wife wont buy Bodyform because of their adds.

Administrator answers:

“Little Billy fell over in the playground and hurt his eye. We sued God for allowing this to happen. Billy got £250,000 in compensation, which helped to fund his teenage crack addiction. We are now suing God again for allowing this to happen.”


“Are you old? Need money for that new hip, Viagra or winter visits to Alicante? Give us the deeds to everything you own and not only will we help fund your geriatric lifestyle, we’ll also rip you off for free. Bwahahaha.”

Mark asks…

What is the best car insurance company for the over 50s?

Man aged 61.Would require a curtesy should he be involved in a accident. 9 years no claims.
Driving for 40 years plus. Just about to buy car

Administrator answers:

SAGA would be worth checking but other than that there is no particular best one..
I got a good deal recently with Adrian Flux so also worth a try but can’t guarantee anything as the insurance market changes daily.
You really have to shop around just like everyone od all afes has to if you want the best deal – no shortcuts

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