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March 2, 2013

James asks…

Women drivers to pay more on car insurance?

Women could face considerable hikes in their car insurance premiums after the European Court of Justice ruled that insurance companies must stop charging different rates for men and women despite the fact female drivers are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident.

What do you think about the verdict? Personally i agree. I don’t think insurers should be able to discriminate against anyone because of things they have no control over like gender, race, religion etc.

Administrator answers:

Yes car and life insurance rates for men will be lower while those for women will go up.
Similarly, pensions for men will go a bit down while those for women will stay the same.

Of course it’s a fair ruling.

Individual driving history should be the only parameter on the car insurance rate, there’s absolutely no reason why a young driver would not be more responsible then an older driver, if he chooses.

@Valentine, then you are, as you often say, by definition not a feminist, not for equality.

Blacks are statistically worse drivers here in Germany, should they pay more. This is not a joke, my wife is in the insurance industry(Allianz) and they collect these data, yet Allianz never thought of introducing higher rates for black men and women, nor should they, but by your your ignorant opinion they should; Valentine I never expected you to be a racist, does that come along with being a vegan.

Sharon asks…

Why are women getting angry over this new car insurance ruling?

Women want to be treated the same as men…same pay, same rights etc but now that the EU has ruled that gender should not e a factor in determining car insurance prices they are not happy about it? I’m confused

Administrator answers:

They are getting angry as they wanted men’s car insurance prices to be reduced to match females prices at a lower cost, but because the greedy EU ruled the raise the prices, they are getting pissed about it! And this is a classic example of the Double Standards that some women (particularly feminists, or misandrists) expect in today’s society, that they cry out for “Equality” but then contradict that by shunning the more equal insurance prices!

Susan asks…

What Monthly Fee Would You Be Willing To Pay For Carbon Insurance?

For example, if a Carbon Inspector said your house or car was not carbon neutral and he could fine you heftily, then you would buy carbon insurance to protect yourself. How much would you be willing to pay per month? About the same as car insurance or health insurance?
If you did not pay would you be willing to go before a Carbon Judge and go to Carbon Jail?
GoreCo Carbon Insurance, so easy a Global Warming Caveman would buy it! They can’t wait to sign up!
Al Gore said about his PERSONAL RESIDENCE that he’d bought carbon credits to cover his huge wastefulness there…so this is ALSO meant for family homes, cars, clothes, food, anything onto which they can mount a carbon tax.

Administrator answers:

Man, Al Gore goes from Inventing the Internet to personally saving the world. Too bad he could not win his home state of TN to be President.

George asks…

Whats the average amount of time it takes for DSS to go after Child Support?

We’re on food stamps to DSS is going after my father for Child Support.

I understand that there’s no ‘set’ amount of time, but is there an average?

My fathers working about 4 hours from us. He has no bills besides his car insurance, because he is living with his parents.

Administrator answers:

Due to the large backlog of cases involving men filing to have their payments reduced due to the MANcession, it could take up to 14 months.

Helen asks…

what is a good sales career for a man in his late thirties?

right now I am in retail sales but I am also looking to the future where I want to be, right now I am thirty years old. I sell cellular devices for a corporate business. But I am looking into real estate, car sales, insurance sales,mortgage business, these are my ideas, what is a good career for a man in his late thirties?

Administrator answers:

I think automotive sales would be good for you, if you are knowledgeable about cars, trucks etc.
Real Estate would also be good, especially if the market picks up.

Bottom line is, that you should do what ever you feel most passionate and confident about. What will you enjoy doing and at the same time, be able to maintain a decent income.

Money matters.

Donna asks…

What’s with the whole ‘women are bad drivers’ stereotype?

All stats point the other way. Men are naturally more aggressive, men have higher insurance rates, men have a 77% higher risk of dying in a car accident, so of course it would only make sense that WOMEN are the bad drivers. Where did this generalization come from?

Administrator answers:

I don’t get this either, but who cares? I have been driving for 6 years I haven’t never been in an accident and my job pre-requisite demand I have a license.

I am in the RTA and I can safely say I have been parallel parking since my orange card. Never had any problems with driving and never had any problems with the men and women I work with. There must be some very unfortunate drivers out there, but contrary to popular belief it isn’t always women. Or I wouldn’t be getting paid 28 bucks and hour.

Donald asks…

How do you calculate childs maintenance?

My partner works on an appointment basis and the last fifteen months, he hasn’t been all that busy and therefore sbout 90% (yes!) of what he earns goes towards maintenance he pays to his ex and petrol so that he can drive his kids around whenever she can’t. It is getting somewhat tiring to support the two of us, I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought myself anything because everything I earn goes into the house, both car insurances, utility bills, council tax, food etc.
Is there a way how to calculate how much (percentage?) he’s supposed to be paying?
I’d love a child of my own but to be honest I would dream of coming off the pill because I can’t see how I’d manage financially!

Administrator answers:

Find out how much the government pays in child support and then treble it. Every person i know who has an ex with kids is being unfairly treated.
However, speaking as a single man, there are plenty of us about for uncomplicated relationships.

Mary asks…

My leased vehicle was totaled and the accident was not my fault, what happens now?

I got into an accident and my vehicle was totaled. It is a lease and the accident was not my fault. The man that crashed into me does have car insurance and I am curious as to what happens next? Am I just left without a car?

(serious responses would be appreciated , thanks :)

Administrator answers:

Your insurance company would settle with the leasing company, and that would end your obligation lease-wise, especially if you have what’s called “gap coverage.”

Contact your insurer regarding renting a replacement vehicle. Because yours was totaled, and not damaged to the point where it required a trip to the body shop, I cannot say what your insurer might suggest.

Mark asks…

How much would it cost to get a car?

Im 17 and have applied for my practical test but once i pass how much will it cost to get a car, insurance, tax and MOT. im not looking for a great car just a small car, a polo would be nice.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately (might as well start with the bad news), the insurance will be astronomical. 17yrs old, male (presumed) and let’s just say you’ve bought a 51 plate 1.0 litre Polo @ £1500.

It should already come with an MoT, hopefully 12 months, so you can forget about that for a while. The insurance will likely be in excess of £2000. And that’s a real sting that you can’t avoid. If you go on your old man’s policy as a named driver and pay him the £500 it’d cost him to cover you, then you’ve potentially lost out on getting on the No Claims Discount ladder. The insurance companies are wise to this type of ‘scam’ however and it’s as likely as not they will charge almost the full amount to cover you as you’d pay yourself. Those days are probably over…

Anyway, you’d need to find £50/week to cover the insurance bill, then there’s fuel (200 miles per week @ 45mpg = £1350 [today's price], so that’s another £26/week. By the time you’ve added service costs, incidentals and such you’ll be looking at almost £100/week in the first year. 5 grand spent to mobilise yourself in a £1500 car.

Ridiculous? You bet. And I feel sorry for young people wanting to drive but there’s no other way of looking at it than from a realistic point of view.

If you really need mobility and really don’t need the silly cost of a car, then you could always get a scooter/125cc bike for a couple of years, stay safe on it and then get a car once your No Claims has built up a couple of years and you’ve got to 21yrs old. That would save a huge chunk of money and you might even have some fun in the meantime.

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