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Your Questions About Bike Insurance Renewal

April 2, 2012

Charles asks…

bike insurance renewal?

insurance up for renewal.going through a claim for an accident. got no bike( write off ) will it have an affect on my claim if i dont renew it?

Administrator answers:

None whatsoever – the insurance you bought was for a period of time and the claim fell within that so is covered. No need to say more.

David asks…

I want to renew my bike insurance?howmuch it will cost?

Last year i brougt bajaj platina. i want to renew my bike insurance.jan 2009 in my last insurance booked. but rightnow date on expired. can anybody helpme on this,how much it will cost? and how much i have to pay on late payment fee for renewal?

Administrator answers:

Your agent will give you the total amount for renewal when you call to ask.

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