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March 15, 2013

John asks…

Motorcycle Insurance for a 23 year old male?

I’m looking to get something like a Honda Shadow or Yamaha V-star. What could i expect to pay for insurance for “full coverage”? Lets say for this example, the bike is 1100cc or higher and a couple years old. I do not have any tickets or accidents…ever.

Do not tell me to get a quote…I will do so later. I just want your thoughts.
Wow William. Really? So which part of “dont tell me to get a quote” didn’t you understand?

Administrator answers:

I am an 18 year old male I ride a 1980 suzuki gs450l my insurance is 80 a year for full coverage. I have a speeding ticket going 30 over the limit and an at fault crash going 160 mph… I would think it wouldnt be more that 150 a year and that would be on the higher side. For help with your bike when you get one visit

Donald asks…

Why is motorcycle insurance so expensive?

…for so many people. I see complaints everywhere about sport bike insurance being so crazy. I just bought my first bike, 2 months ago. 1 month after getting my license. I’m 18 years old. My first bike was a 2004 Yamaha R6. I used Progressive online and put in everything accurately, driving history, motorcycle history (0 years), first bike being a 600cc sport bike. And I got quoted 300 dollars a year… bought it in full. Why is it so expensive for others with good history?
Lol everyone I’m saying why is mine so cheap? 300 dollars a year, I’d love to keep that!

Administrator answers:

As I understand it you are aware that your quotation is a bargain.

Of course it would depend on the coverage and excess involved.

Insurance companies measure risk by using statistics of claims, factor in age, area and type of bike to come up with their quotations. If several 18 year olds on 600cc sportsbikes had caused or were involved in accidents in your area then your premium will go up, because it is clear that there is a risk to that age group and bike type in your area (it is more complex than this example). But the insurance companies have to remain competitive, if one is exceptionally cheap then look closely at the small print – it is in areas of excess and payout that they squeeze the difference.

Linda asks…

can my son transfer his 3 years ncd from his car to a motorcycle insurance?

my son gets his 3rd year no claims discount this june but after having a pre quote it has gone up to over £2000 3rd party F+T. he is thinking of having a bike instead as the quote he received for a bike is only £600 approx for fully comp. can he transfer his ncd from his car to a bike so he doesnt lose them

Administrator answers:

You can transfer from bike to car, but you can’t usually transfer it the other way around. You need to ask the insurance company you’re looking at though as they’re the only ones who will be able to answer you with 100% accuracy!

William asks…

Is the Yamaha YZF-R125 a good Beginner bike?!?!?

I’ve just passed my CBT and am looking for a good 125cc bike (nothing higher!!!) and my mate has one of these and he says its good, i just wanted to delve in a bit more and find out if it is a good bike?? (or was he just trying to make himself look good) where can i get the cheapest insurance quote for it?? and is it cheap to run?? also does it perform well?? thanks in advance
SORRY i meant to ask about the Honda CBR125r so please answer all of these questions but about the honda CBR152r!!!!
thanks ‘Seaman Recruit’ what is ABS??

Administrator answers:

Yes it’s a good one. Try and get ABS if you can in your country. KTM duke 125 is also a good choice.

Helen asks…

What is a reasonable price for motorcycle insurance?

I am 19 years old, have been in a low speed collision (only my car) but was not charged, i bought a standard bike (92 gs500e), and i live in a relatively low risk neighbourhood in toronto, canada. So far i’ve been given a quote at $2300 a year. is this reasonable?

Administrator answers:

For your age, experience and the fact that you bought a sport bike (even though it’s entry level), yes that’s a typical price for insurance.

Sandy asks…

$18,000+ a year for insurance!?

Alright, I’m 19, have owned a 2006 600cc Suzuki Katana, and everyday rode a 2006 Kawasaki ZX14. Insurance was only $90 a month for the Katana, and the ZX14 was under my friend’s name and policy. Now I want a 2011 ZX-10r. I’m quite familiar with riding all sorts of bikes, commuted daily on Phoenix freeways and downtown a minimum of 50 miles a day to and from school, took safety courses, perfect diving record, Class M, never one accident with either the Katana or ZX14. I know what I’m doing on bikes. I now have the money for a 2011 ZX-10r, but every company I’ve called quoted me between $11-22 THOUSAND a year. For a $14,000 bike, max! Why the Hell is insurance so damn expensive for it? It’s not like I’m going to cause any more damage on this bike than the Katana or ZX14.

Why the Hell are the insurance quotes so insane!? I’ve tried Progressive, State Farm, small local insurance companies. All similar. I hate working this damn hard to get the bike then not being able to afford insurance! I’m fuming!

Administrator answers:

Because you’re looking for “full coverage” on the bike, and you’re PROBABLY going to total it.

If you pay cash for the bike, then you don’t need a loan, and you can carry just liability on it. If you can’t afford the “full coverage” for the bike, you can’t afford to borrow the money to buy the bike.

Jenny asks…

At What Age Will Insurance Companies Give You A Break Money Wise For Sport Bikes?

Or crotch rockets if you know them by that. I just turned 20, have rode sport bikes for years now and I consider myself a fluent rider. I had a decent mid size bike but that was really only good for the track seeing as how the full power wasn’t there until 10-16K RPM. And with that for full coverage, $207 a month (only 600cc)!

So I decided to sell it and am looking for a new one… preferably a 1000cc (Yamaha R1) but the quotes I got are insanely high! Don’t understand why… CLEAN driving record, have owned bikes before, and the way everything is going with insurance quotes, I can’t get this one. No accidents/tickets or anything. I don’t use bikes to go do 170 on the freeway or anything which is why I think they get bad names from people who do that but I use it as transportation and enjoyment.

What age do they help you out at? What do you have to do? Thanks

Administrator answers:

A “break” is a relative term. While you will see a decrease when you turn 25, you will still be paying wayyyyy more than those riding cruisers and touring bikes. Sport bikes are not a targeted or desired class of motorcycles, so if you want to own it you’re going to have to accept this as a fact of life.

Sharon asks…

Liability vs full coverage insurance on motorcycle?

Im getting my first bike next week (a ninja 250r) and i got these 2 quotes from my insurance company:

Liability $253/year
Full Coverage $842/year

What do you think?

Administrator answers:

If you have a loan, you have no choice. You will have to get full coverage insurance.

If you don’t have a loan you have a choice. If you get liability only, you comply with the applicable state laws, but if you damage the bike, it’s stolen, etc, you have NO coverage and you will pay for it out of pocket. If you have a private loan, you will have no bike and you will still be making payments on it.

That’s a lot of money for a year of coverage on the 250R. You might want to shop around more and see if you can find a better rate. You should also shop around more for a good used bike that is a few years old. The rates might drop for that and if you can pay cash for the bike, you won’t have to have full coverage insurance anymore.

If you can’t get the insurance down on this bike, consider buying a non sport bike for your first bike. That might help get your insurance under control.

Mark asks…

I bought a moped from my cousin and I am just waiting for him to register it in my name ?

I want to get on the bike asap but insurance companies won’t quote if I’m not the registered owner , as soon as the log book is found the bike will be registered to me , can I say I’m the owner on the insurance ?

Administrator answers:

I disagree with paul. Even though you have aid for it and its yours the dvla wont know this. If you tell the insurance people its yours and then have a crash before the paperworks done then your insurance will be invalid. Just think about whats important. If it was me then i’d be a bit more patient

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