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Your Questions About Bike Insurance Quote

February 12, 2013

Sandy asks…

How much is motorcycle insurance in Michigan? (sport bike)?

I’m 20 years old, have been riding ATV’s and dirtbikes my entire life, this will be my first street legal bike though. I’m searching for one to buy around $2000, so it’s not going to be some super fast expensive bike.

year – probably around 2000
cc’s – probably 600-700
driven for pleasure, not to/from work

I know I’m forgetting a lot of details but I’m super tired. I did a Progressive quote and it was like $55/month. Is that accurate? I thought it would be around $150/month in which case I can’t afford it.
to the last answer douche: did you not realize it was like 3 am when I posted this question and you answered it? did you not realize it was saturday during memorial day weekend? do you not realize that I can’t call insurance until tuesday and I might not want to wait that long?

didn’t think so. So do your miserable ass a favor and stop insulting people on yahoo answers because you hate your life. If you want to insult me in real life, go ahead and click on my name and email me and I’ll give you my address, you trampy little bitch.

Administrator answers:

It varies by rider. If the quote was 55 call them and double check it.

Nancy asks…

How do i get the best insurance rate for my motorcycle?

I am 29 living in Ontario Canada and I just purchased a Suzuki gsxr and it is my first bike and I’m looking for the best insurance rate, I never had suspensions nor accidents, clear records. I have obtained several quotes and they are pretty high.
How do i call the insurance company and work out the best rate?
Is there any tips for lowering it down, like corporate discounts or alumni discounts?

Administrator answers:

Sorry friend but you are under 35 and your bike is considered a high risk.I wish it were otherwise but I think you are boned!

Steven asks…

Has my moped got a security device?

Its a peugeot vivacity 50 50cc and on the back of the bike, you put the key in and pull out a long chain to chain the bike. on my insurance quote, it says security devices: yes? no? shall i put yes or no

Administrator answers:

They will be refering to an immobiliers on the ignition electrics or an alarm – not what you describe

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