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June 26, 2013

Sandy asks…

What kind of sports bike is good for a young teen wanting to learn how to ride?

I’m interested in learning to ride a sports bike and wanting to know, what’s a good bike to start out with, I haven’t gotten my license yet, I am 15. Any tips will also be much appreciated please.


Administrator answers:

Aside from a 250 cc sport bike, none.
Educate yourself and read the articles below.
Contact insurance companies and ask for a quote on say a Honda R6. You will be shocked on the cost of insurance.

Charles asks…

What costs more including insurance, a car or 600cc motorcycle?

I am 18 years old I mainly want the bike for good gas mileage for college and I can get a deal on a Honda CBR-600RR for 4,000. I want to know if it would be in my best interest to buy a motorcycle or a car right now.

Administrator answers:

I can tell you that the motorcycle will be quite expensive to insure. If you are wanting liability only, and have a clean driving record, you still could be paying up to $4,000 per year for the insurance (or even more depending on where you live)

If you are looking for a car that is about the same price range, take 2-3 off of or any other classified ads section and then call an insurance agent. They will run the quotes for you for free and that will let you know. Depending on where you live, you won’t be able to use the motorcycle year round comfortably (rain, sleet, snow, hail, etc) so that is also something to take into consideration.

Chris asks…

Where can i get insurance for my 2007 ninja 250r since im almost 17?

Our insurance agency told me i could get insurance so i bought the bike, old model but still brand new, and when i went to get insurance they declined me. We use grange, and 2 other smaller insurance agencies.

Administrator answers:

Time to start shopping around. Don’t stop when you get a quote, stop when you get 3 quotes that are in a similar ball park. As for who to start with, take a look at this FAQ entry from the Ninja 250 forum on insurance:

It has more than just who, but there are suggestions of the biggest/most popular at the bottom.

And you don’t have a Ninja 250R, you have an EX250F (or Ninja 250 is you want to use the marketing name instead of the technical name). There is no “R” associated with the pre-08 bikes, marketing name or otherwise.

Maria asks…

What is the best car insurance company in Britain?

I am 17 and looking to be put on my dads insurance. The car is a 1.4 Renault Clio and the cheapest quote is £1600. How do you get them to take the price down when speaking to them on the phone? Also I have had a bike for a couple of years with my own insurance, will this make a difference?


Administrator answers:

Get your insurance from a good company offering good coverage, then stick with them for the long term.,..

All insurers play ‘leap-frog’ with prices because their prices are determined by their loss experience.

If you have a good long-term track record with your insurance company they won’t cancel you if you have a bad year.

Mandy asks…

How much will insurance be on a motorcycle in PA?

Im 19 now and looking to purchase a cbr600 nothing higher than that, Ive rode a dirtbike since i was 7 and now currently on a 4 wheeler(honda 400ex) im not shure if that helps with experience. I dont have any points or anything on my licsense. ruffly how much would insurance be a year for me?

Administrator answers:

Taking into consideration your age and the type of bike you wish to insure. Your best bet would be call around to see who has the best quote.

Personally, I found an independent broker that utilized Drive as a carrier.

Sometimes your current insurance company is not your best bet. Most people are under the impression that being the fact they currently have an insurance provider that they are going to get their best deal through that company.

David asks…

How much is insurence on a 50CC Scooter for a 16 year old male?

Hi my name is Simon and im 16 thinking of getting a 50cc moped. How much is the insurence going to be. Bike will be kept inside a garage and locked. I have no convictions if that makes any difference.

Administrator answers:

Well I insured myself for a 50cc moped a few months back (Piaggio NRG ;) ). The best quote i received for “Third party only” was just under £300, 3rd party being the lowest form of insurance. My friend got “Third party fire & theft” which I found on average is around £400. To be fully comp your probably looking to pay around £500. (Please note these quotes are estimates and are quotes for a Piaggio NRG). The prices will vary depending on what type of moped you have and upgrades, where its kept, how much it’s worth etc can cause insurance prices to change. I recommend you search price comparison sites, its the quickest and easiest way to do it and you should get insured at a fair price. Hope this gave you some sort of idea of price ranges.

Nancy asks…

What would the insurance on a Kawasaki 250 2009 be for me?

I’m a 21 year old male. I had a DWI within the last 6 months in Minnesota, but I am a resident of Iowa. I really want this bike(or maybe an older model) and was wondering roughly what my insurance would be a month. Let’s just make this for the 2009 model. Any expertise would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

That depends on a lot of factors, try this site

here you can get quotes from different companies in your area.

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