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Your Questions About Bike Insurance Quote

June 19, 2013

Paul asks…

How do you drive a motorcycle?

I’m planning on buying a bike for my senior year so I can ride to school. Problem is I don’t know how, and I don’t own one. Would it be okay to start off with a Ninja?
(Anything else you want to add. Please do.)

Administrator answers:

Before you do anything get an insurance quote for what your going to buy!If your going to finance it full coverage insurance will be mandatory.For your age group and type of bike it might shock you(not in a good way) how much it will cost.It might be better to buy a cheap used bike you can pay cash for so you only need liability insurance.And sign up for a MSF riding course.What they teach you can very well save your live and they supply the bike to ride for the beginner course.Stick to around 600cc’s and you should be fine.Take that riding course first and 750cc’s would probably be ok.

Daniel asks…

What do you think of extreme mountain biking?

Many of my friends who know me say that I am a bicycle freak. It’s true though. I like to ride my bike down the hill a lot with my riding buddies. However, people keep asking me isn’t dangerous or scary to do that kind of sport? I replied, I think riding downhill on your bicycle is just as dangerous as playing soccer or hockey or rugby as you could get hurt as well or even break your body parts from doing those sports. So, what do you guys think about extreme mountain biking, if you ever seen or tried it before?

Administrator answers:

To follow up with what Alex said – I just bought new disability and life insurance. Bicycle racing of any type was not even listed on their form for ‘hazardous activities’. They had over two hundred activities listed, and more than half of them were related to motorsports, followed by dozens of water sports, skiing sports, cave/mountain related categories, they even had a ‘Swamp Buggy’ category, but no cycling of any kind.

Of course you can get hurt, To quote for the standard atheltes release for cycling “I realize cycling is an inherently dangerous sport”. So is walking across a city street. I’ve been racing for 20 years, had dozens of crashes, but alway managed to walk (ok, hobble) away. Yet, I have a friend who was in a local soccer league, did a sweep kick, caught another guys leg just the right way and shatterd his ankle, requiring two surgeries and a series of pins. He still can’t run after 5 years (my friend, not the other guy).

I don’t think of riding down a local hill with your buddies as extreme. Careening down a ski slope at 60 MPH on a full downhill rig? That’s extreme.

Don’t be stupid about it though. Always wear a helmet, always make sure your brakes work, and your tires are properly inflated. You don’t want to _invite_ disaster.

Steven asks…

If i finance a motorcycle through kawasaki will i have to have full coverage on the bike?

i want to be able to put liability on my bike during the winter when i am not driving it. is this possible if i finance through the kawasaki dealership itself??

Administrator answers:

I got my bike financed through GE Money Services and I got everything insured except collision (which I probably really need to add on). So I was not required. My insurance company is Progressive. I think it all depends on the amount being financed, age of the bike, and the rider’s driving record/risk factors. It only cost me $250 per year to insure the bike and I ride it year round here in North Carolina, less in the winter. Get an insurance quote, you aren’t obligated, and you’ll know then for sure.

Mark asks…

What does a cat c mean when buying a vehicle?

Have found a bike that I am really interested in, it has been recorded as a cat c. (cosmetic damage apparently) but it has since been fixed. What does this mean when I try to insure it?

Administrator answers:

Insurance premium won’t usually be affected, but the only way to tell is to get a quote.
Category C means it’s been a write off. Don’t even think about it unless it is at most half the price of an equivalent undamaged car and you’re not bothered about the insurance not paying out in the event of another loss.

Sandy asks…

What is the most cost-effective way to get good motorcycle breakdown cover in the UK?

I currently have Hondacare cover as my bike is still under warranty, but it runs out later this year and I would like to continue to have breakdown cover. I know I can get it direct from breakdown companies, but I also know that some insurers – such as Carole Nash – offer their own cover. It may even be possible to extend my Hondacare cover. Which is best?

Administrator answers:

Try and get it through your insurance as they will probably add it in for free or next to nout. Play them off against another lot saying “oh the quote is almost the same but they are giving me breakdown for nothing” and pi-sh like that, they use it as leverage to get you join.
I would avoid the AA and most others as if you require them as a result of an accident they wont come out to get you, I went with the RAC because they ARE one of only a few that do attend if you are in an accident.
Trust me its no fun trying to sort out a van to pick up your bike when all you want to do is get home to change yer undies!

Maria asks…

How much is insurance for a moped for a 17 year old?

I wanna get a moped and im17 years old, can someone tell me the procedure of getting a moped,do i go for a test, and how much will insurance cost for a 50cc ped, thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

I believe you need to do a Compulsory Basic Training test (CBT) then you are free to ride on L-Plates.
As for insurance you need to get yourself some quotes from a comparison website (use a reg no. From a 50cc bike for sale on ebay or something)

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