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May 8, 2013

Charles asks…

What is needed to register a US bike in the UK?

I have a 2008 superbike that I plan to bring with me when I move from the US to Ireland. What charges would I have to pay and what changes to the bike are necessary? I will probably be other there for 2 years or so. I’m hoping the changes are not significant / reversible.

Administrator answers:

If that’s the UK part you need to go to your local DVLA office with:
1) Certificate of bike’s year of manufacture
2) Valid MOT
3) Money for a Tax disc and registration tax
4) Customs clearance
5) Vat form, (you get it there) declare that you are a private person
6) the DVLA form filled in, I think it is the V62/2 or whatever they use now
7) valid insurance on the chassis number

You can ride the bike to your MOT station WITHOUT the number plate, all you need is to book an appointment with MOT station and have insurance on it.

Not all cops know this, if you find a thick one the fine is only about 50 quid and if you don’t mind the hassle you dispute it and win.

You can get pay as you go UK insurance at:

Ruth asks…

What kind of motorcycle should I start out with?

I am a teen girl interested in bikes but I have no idea where to start. I am looking to get my bike permit this summer but I don’t know what kind of bike I should start out with. Any help or tips would be appreciated!

Administrator answers:

First, take the MSF rider safety course. Then, after you get your license get a used 250cc motorcycle. The 250cc motorcycle is also called an entry level bike. The manufacturers of this size all make them with the beginner in Mind. I have a 250cc Honda Rebel. But, there are many to chose from. They have oversized clutches so that the beginner won’t easily tear them up. They are made in such a way that if you lay one down you won’t cause thousands in damage. Most of the 250′s have flexible blinkers also so they don’t get broken when you lay your bike down. You can get a good used one for around $1500. They get better gas milage that larger bikes. Most of them are fast enough to break every speed limit. But, they are light and easy to control. Especially in city driving. My rebel has the least power of all the 250′s but will still stay out in front of traffic. If you don’t like a 250 you can sell your used one a year later for about $300 less than you bought it for. That is cheap learning. Be sure to go to to get an insurance quote before buying any bike. You will find that the 600cc class of sportbikes costs more to insure while I pay $72 a year for liability in Kansas for my 250 rebel. I own 3 bikes but the Rebel is the only one I ride year round. It starts easier than the other bikes and when there is snow on the ground I wouldn’t dare take My triumph out.

Richard asks…

Is it compulsory to have insurance for Motor scooter or Moped in UK?

My brother is around 23 and wish to buy a moped, but we dont want to invest in insurance if its not required by law. The moped we are thinking of getting will be 50cc. Also what other costs are associated with buying and running a moped.
Please no lectures on importance of insurance as we already know that. Its just that he cant unfortunately afford it.

Thanks for your time and answers

Administrator answers:

Yes, you have to have insurance by law, but for a moped it won’t cost you much. If you live in an area with a high rate of burglary and vehicle theft, that can send your premiums right up, though.

I pay £390 a year for a 125cc bike, this is one of the better bikes though, and I do live in a rough area, so maybe you would pay much less than this. I wouldn’t like to say exactly how much though, as I don’t want to disappoint you when you get a real quote.

Joseph asks…

what is the best bike to get after passing your full bike test at 17?

i will be doing long distant traveling with a Passenger some of the time, what is the best bike to get and why?

Administrator answers:

Any modern 250 is capable of carrying 2 off you or a 350 but b 4 u buy get some insurance quotes on different makes/models as this might determine what you buy.

Mandy asks…

How much will it cost monthly to own a Harley?

I want a bike… Bad. And I have the money to get a 2011 wide glide Harley davidson bike. But I’m not sure if I’ll have the money to keep the bike. What all will I have to pay for and what will the monthly cost be?

Administrator answers:

Google an insurance quote.

Parts and shop time for harleys is high.

For half the money you could easily buy such a nicer bike. When you buy a harley, you are buying a pretty lousy bike and a name.

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