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May 6, 2013

Maria asks…

Roughly, how much would it cost to insure a 17 year old for a motorcycle?

I’m sixteen, and live in Birmingham, England.
I’m thinking of buying a geared, 125cc motorbike for when I am seventeen. I have looked around for insurance quotes, but none are straight forward, and as I don’t have a bike yet, I can’t get a very accurate one.
I understand the only way to get a quote is to simply ask an insurance dealer, but I just wanted a simple, rough figure to get a price range for my self.
If anyone can give me any information on price or how to get insurance, that would be greatly received.
Thanks if anyone can help.

Administrator answers:

£900 to £1200 a year is just one of loads of places to sort the insurance out

Paul asks…

What sport bike should I start out with?

I was just getting into motorcycles and studying certain mechanics about them. Would anyone know what might be a good bike to start out with? I don’t mind paying for a new model. I’d like suggestions for a sport bike.

Administrator answers:

First obtain your motorcycle license or motorcycle endorsement.
Second, set aside a budget between $800 to $1,000 for head to toe riding gear. If you can find gear for less, great.
Third, select a couple of bikes you are considering and contact insurance companies for rate quotes. Say you REALLY like the looks of the Yamaha R6. You will quickly discover starting with an R6 will be very expensive to insure.
Fourth, why a sport bike? I understand motorcycle companies are in the business to make money and the young generation of buyers are very enamored with sport bike because of all the stunting videos on YouTube. Sadly, no manufacturer makes a good all around bike for a beginner.
But you have asked and here is my suggestion.
Kawasaki 250R Ninja or the Honda CBR250R. Buy used the difference in price between new will help offset the cost of riding gear. Remember, this bike is being used for LEARNING. This is your FIRST bike, not your last.
Articles below are required reading.
Good Luck

Joseph asks…

what is the approximate insurance on a harley davidson Iron 883 in india?

i am planning on getting one but my dad says the yearly insurance payments would be too much .
any idea how much will it be?
and if any iron 883 owners in india , whats the fuel consumption?

Administrator answers:

I would get a quote from an insurance agent if I were you, there are so many variables to take into consideration it’s not very easy to give someone numbers, when I was looking into getting my bike (XLH883) I was told $100 a month, I pay about half that, but I also have a older bike, good driving experience, etc.
Also this is for the US, not India… So yea I don’t know, I would get a quote if I were you.

James asks…

What is the difference between Health Insurance and Health care Program?

Is it OK to have just the health care program and not have the Health Insurance Plan? I can get Health care program for half the monthly premium as compared to the Health Insurance Plan. Please advise? Is it advisable?

Administrator answers:

You don’t say what country you are in, your age, or anything much else.

It doesn’t matter what these are called. You have to compare:

What doctors you can see (any doctor? One in their network?)
What kind of doctor you can see (do you have to go to a primary care physician first, before you can see a specialist?)
Whether hospitalization is covered
What is the deductible (the amount out of pocket before they pay anything each year)
What is the co-pay (the amount you pay each time you use the insurance)
How likely are you to use the benefits?

Then make up a situation – you fall off a bike and break your arm, or you catch something serious. Figure out how you will benefit from each plan. If you live in states, check out this site to find the cheapest health insurance just in one minute,

Here you can get free quotes from different health insurance companies in your area, its the best way to find an afforable health insurance with a reliable company.

Best Wishes,

Linda asks…

Is YamahaR6 good bike 2 start after my DAS test. Is is good to drive around?. Heard it doesnt like low speeds?

I have driven 250 cc bikes till now. I would be using this bike for commuting to work and long rides on the weekend. Please suggest if there are any other sports bikes like the R6 that are not as powerful as it and can be driven easily at high and low speeds.

Administrator answers:

The R6 , GSXR 600 etc are all out sport bikes.

For all round try something less extreme – save you on insurance , purchase cost etc AND is a more sensible step up for a year or two.

Look at the Kawasaki ER6-F ,Suzuki GSR 600 , Suzuki SV650 and similar.

Compare insurance quotes and list price and you will see what I mean instantly.

After 2 years you will have gained experience and no-claims discount then move up to a sports 600 , 750 or even a 1000.

The smiles per mile will be just as big , but easier on your pocket and you will learn more.

Good luck and well done on passing … Welcome to the global biking family.


Charles asks…

Can you ride a pocket bike on the street?

Is it illegal to ride a pocket bike on a public street in BC? It is gas powered.

Administrator answers:

It IS illegal.

According to RCMP they are NOT legal to drive on public streets..

Quoted from RCMP

“Police continue to respond to complaints about unlicensed dirt bikes and pocket bikes on city streets. These machines are not street legal at any time. The driver is liable to a $600.00 no insurance fine and seizure of the motorcycle. The tiny pocket bikes are especially dangerous on public roads given the operator is only inches off the ground and not highly visible to motorists.”

Mandy asks…

What websites are good for sport bike noobs?

Just getting into motorcycles and I would like to learn about motorcycles. Specifically sport bikes. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good website and a good forum? I might be getting a Yamaha FZ6R or a Kawasaki Ninja (250R or 650R) if that helps at all.

Administrator answers:

I would like to learn about motorcycles

first things first… Ring the insurance company & ask for a quote on a 600cc 4 cylinder bike…& a 250cc 2 cylinder bike…

Im guessing that’s going to open your eyes a little… Why is the 600 so much more than the 250..

Because learners drop bikes & 600cc bikes get dropped at higher speed & cost more to fix.

SO… Second hand 250cc NINJA or CBR250 Honda..

Do the MSF Course.. Buy your helmet gloves jacket..

& get insurance.. On the road & having fun for under $5000

& anyone that tells you they got bored on the 250… Were not riding it properly..

250cc Ninja will top out at 100+MPH.. & do 15 second 1/4 miles..

Great clip here of a 250 beating the big bikes..

Michael asks…

How much would insurance cost on a motorcycle for a 19 year old male?

19 year old
Bike: 250cc , maybe 2008 hyosung gt250r
Good credit, but only active for one year
Also, I’ve been driving a car for 2+ years, and have been in no accidents/no tickets

Administrator answers:

Use Progressive’s site and get a free quote (Use bogus email and address if you want).

If you live in the states, my guess is near or less than $100 a year for basic insurance. I’ve heard it’s expensive in Canada.

Betty asks…

How much is motorcycle insurance for a 17yo male with a clean record in Louisisna?

really need to find out and the bike i have is a 2007 kawasaki ex250

Administrator answers:

No one here knows what some insurance company may charge you for insurance. You need to call and get quotes

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