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March 3, 2013

Ken asks…

How much would insurance be on 250cc street bike for a 16 year old?

My son is wanting a street bike to ride on when he turns 16. I want to know how much it would be for him to ride.

Administrator answers:

You can easily check your car insurance quotes online by using this site –

Thomas asks…

Is it allowed to drive in a bike from Madhya Pradesh in Tamil Nadu?

I have a bike registered in Madhya Pradesh and I am currently working in Tamil Nadu. I am thinking over bringing my bike here. I just wanted to know if it is legally permitted to drive this bike in Tamil Nadu, and what complications can it pose later on, if any?

Administrator answers:

You can take the bike to TN & drive there for a period of six months & again bring it back if you so desire.Ater six months you have to apply to RTO TN for change of registrationfrom MP to TN on the basisi of documents viz.registration book & original receipt of the vehicle & pay agian the registration charges for TN.You have to take a new insurance policy of the vehicle as policy of MP will not be valid after 6 months & it will be required by RTO TN.The process is little time consuming so contact a broker who will charge around 500/-to complete the process.If you wish to keep the bike for longer duration than undertake all this process otherwise you can continue with the same registraion.All RTO’s are having online facilities so you need not to obtain NOC the same will be managed by RTO authorities themselves.On the safer side you can also contact the local broker to know if any formalities are required to be completed before taking your bike to TN which I hope is nothing.

Richard asks…

How much would I pay for motorcycle insurance in Hawaii?

How much would it cost to insure a 500cc or less motorcycle in Hawaii for a full-time female college student with a 3.0 or better GPA who is 19 years of age and single and has one speeding ticket on her record? I would just like a ballpark range to work with so I can decide whether or not I want to buy a motorcycle for going to college and work while I’m here in Hawaii. I passed a motorcycle safety course and have my M1 license. I want to know if I could afford the insurance.

Administrator answers:

Prices will vary a lot depending on what bike you get and what type of coverage you select.

Definitely get online quotes – I’ve posted links to a company that gives instant online quotes – but many of the traditional auto insurance companies also offer motorcycle coverage – give them a call.

In my case my motorcycle insurance was considerably cheaper than my auto insurance (I just have liability coverage on both my bike and my car).

Mandy asks…

What do I need to know about riding learning to ride a motorcycle?

I know that I can take classes to lower insurance and learn safety. What I really need to know is, Do I need to learn how to operate a motorcycle before these classes. Example, Shifting, breaking. I have never operated a motorcycle before in my life. Does knowing the operation help.

Administrator answers:

Start with the basics. I’m assuming you know how to ride a bicycle? If so, you’re already familiar with balancing a bike.

You can go start a class without any prior knowledge. When I attended my riding school, the first part of our lesson involved just sitting on the bike and familiarizing ourselves with the controls. We then had to group up in pairs and push the other person on the bikes (in neutral, without the engine running). This was not only for the students to learn how to use the brakes properly but it also allowed the instructors to make sure everyone could balance the bikes properly.

If you want to prepare yourself a little beforehand, read up on the basic controls for modern day motorcycles online and/or in books (your local library should have something like that). You can always also ask to sit on a friend’s bike or go to a local bike store to sit on a bike and get a general feel for how the controls look and feel.

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