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July 16, 2012

Sharon asks…

Where to find cheap insurance in ontario?

I’m turning 22 had a Kawasaki Ninja 250R as a starter bike and looking to upgrade to something bigger. I have a clean record but any online quote I get for a bike 600cc or higher results in $10,000/year or higher in insurance. I see guys my age riding around all the time on R6s and CBR600RRs and I don’t understand it. Am I missing something? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Your mistake may be getting an online quote. They are often incorrect and unreliable. Call a few local agents who have an office and an agent that you can speak to face to face.

Richard asks…

Where can I get travel insurance for my bicycle?

I’m going to the South of France for 1 week and need to protect my bike against damage on the plane/abroad. My travel insurance can not be upgrades and the best deal online is £69. Please help, I fly on Thursday…. UK companies only please.

Administrator answers:


Susan asks…

to ride a motorcycle what do i do first?

im not sure what process you get everything to ride the motorcycle like do i get the permit, then the bike then insurance then safety course and then go for my motor cycle license? im just not sure which one i should start with first. i have been looking at bikes online and gear so just if i could get a heads up.

Administrator answers:

Some safety courses qualify you for license. Pass there all day course and you get a voucher to bring to dmv to get license.No matter how good a rider you are I’d buy a used bike first.

Lizzie asks…

purchased motorcycle insurence online?

i just purchased motorcycle insurance online through Progressive. they give you the option to print out your insurance card. i dont have a printer so i wont be able to have a card with me and i want to ride my bike tonight. if i get pulled over will i get in trouble or will the cop have it in his system that i have proof of insurance?

Administrator answers:

He may have it in the system but I wouldn’t count on it. Better to print it out if you can, you should be able to print it out at a local library or something.

John asks…

Motorbike insurance UK?

I have my eye on a bike but it is a ferry journey and bus ride away, expensive route so I don’t want to travel twice but I can hang around for a day or two. After inspection if I am happy and wish to buy the bike that has up to date MOT… How long would it take to get insurance online so I can legaly ride it home?

Administrator answers:

Minutes same by phone

Maria asks…

Where can I get a bike like this,but not online ?

Not a big bike fan, but I am a high school student and want to get around. I asked my parents about a car and they didn’t really like the idea because of car insurance,maintenance and other things that the car might need.Any ways I saw this bike on the H&R block commercial and as soon as I saw it I thought it was pretty cool.So I researched about the bike and I found it was called a Trek District bike,but I have no idea were I can get one for a reasonable price.Before anyone suggests Craigslist,Ebay or amazon I searched and I found some results.I want an actual store that I can go to and see the bike before I purchase it.
By the way I live in the Los Angeles area.
Thanks in advance
By the way 10 points !

Administrator answers:

The only place to get that bike is from a Trek dealer. You can’t order them online unless you go to the shop to pick it up assembled.


Linda asks…

kawasaki ninja zx6r insurance for a 16 year old?

how much would insurance be for a 16 year old on a zx6r? please don’t answer telling me it’s a bad idea to ride this bike at 16, i simply want a price range. I did a progressive online quote and basic insurance was only $35 a month. does this seem too cheap, or no?

Administrator answers:

Im 20 now and when i got my bike at 18 im paying $200 a year so with that in mind it is possible, but…. And heres where it counts, what year zx-6? And are you doing minimal covergae? And have you ever taken an MSF course, the reason why im saying this is because my bike is a 1992 yamaha xj 600 so yes its a 600cc but its almost 20 years old, also its a standard not a supersport, and ive taken an MSf course so that takes money off, so again you must take into acount, the year of the bike, the class its in (for zx6 its sport) and if you have taken an MSF course

Sandra asks…

Doubt on two wheeler insurance —Help?

My father has purchased a second hand bike for me but it is registered with my father name.

I am going to use this bike.

Now i have the following doubts

1. can i need to buy a new insurance or i can renew the existing bike insurance of bike seller.
2. if i need to buy a new insurance , with which name i need to buy ? my fathers or mine ?
3. can i use online facility of ICICI Lombord ? there it is showing the following 2 options
1.Buy insurance for brand new Two Wheeler
2.Buy insurance for brand new Two Wheeler

which option should i choose?

Administrator answers:

The insurance will need to be purchased in the name of the owner. No you can’t renew the original owners insurance. Yes you can buy on line, but don’t! Get a local agent, it’s well worth it to have someone local to discuss things with if there are problems.
NO, this is not a “brand new” two wheeler, it’s second hand.

Donald asks…

should i buy a dirt bike am 19 ?

well i saw this awesome dirt bike online its 300 pounds and i like how it looks and am 19 should i buy it i don’t have friends and i stay home because i have no hobby and i don’t wanna buy a motorbike because it needs insurance and i just wanna ride for fun

Administrator answers:

Its nothing like the feeling of freedom riding a bike. If you have places you can go to ride, I say heck yea, get a dirt bike. Riding a long distance helps me think about things and sort them out in my head. Just remember to be safe, head injuries really suck.

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