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August 26, 2013

Richard asks…

Anyone know the cone layout for the Illinois motorcycle road test?

I am trying to practice for the road test and found a layout of the course in the Illinois DMV website but I cannot find how far apart the cones are for the cone weave portion. I tried finding the answer online but I have found many different distances people say are correct. Is there even an official distance for the cones in Illinois?

Administrator answers:

IL uses the same lay-out as many other states… Six pairs of cones, 4-feet apart (left-to-right), and 20-feet apart (forward/back).

You enter from the right, starting your weave to the left… At the end, you make sharp right-hand u-turn, then repeat the weave, starting this time from the left side, first weave to the right.

The second part of the test will be driving straight through the cones, shifting up to 2nd, then down to 1st, u-turn at the end, go back through, upshifting, downshifting, and stopping on the stop-bar, in 1st gear, keeping control of the bike the whole time.

Putting your feet down at any time is normally a failing grade.

Now, saying this… I highly recommend you take the MSF BRC course. You get fantastic instruction, lots of practice time (16-hrs “on-bike” time), a more involved “testing”, and IL accepts passing of an approved course in lieu of the DMV test… You’ll also “normally” get a discount on your insurance for passing any MSF course. The courses cost between $25 (for advanced riders), up to $400 depending on where it is offered (for beginners course). Most colleges offer the BRC for $75-200. The insurance discount alone will pay for the course in a year or two.

Paul asks…

Where is the best place to buy a 50cc scooter online?

Im taking my CBT course tomorrow and just want to know where to buy my first scooter from whether online or go looking in shops, i want a reliable scooter that will get me from a – b so prefer it to be brand new but i don’t want to break the bank.
Also if anyone has any recommendations for insurance too?

Administrator answers:

Right, I would strongly advise you don’t buy the £1000-new Chinese made scooters. They’re junk and will fall to bits very quickly (I’m talking a matter of days not weeks here).

Stick to well established brands like; Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Piaggio, Peugeot and you shouldn’t go far wrong. Go around to a few local bike dealers – a quick Yahoo/Google search will reveal some that are close to you – and see what models you like and don’t like. With scooters, it’s really about cost, comfort and budget mainly, as legally, all mopeds need to have a topspeed of no more than 31mph.

As for insurance, I use to get quotes for my bike. They ALWAYS find the cheapest quote compared with other comparison sites, believe it or not.

It’s also worth saving as much of your budget as you can to invest in some decent quality protecitve gear. Trust me, even falling off at 30mph hurts…lots. A good quality helmet, armoured motorbike jacket and trousers (preferably waterproof for added comfort), protective gloves and above-ankle-height boots can all go a long way to helping you save your skin and maybe even your life if the unlucky thing happens on our unpredictable roads.

Might even be worth having a lesson with a qualified instructor – maybe the same one who did your CBT – to go into more detail about how to ride on our roads safely and confidentally. This might help save your life and might be £50 and a couple of hours well spent, even if you aren’t planning on doing your motorbike test.

Good luck and ride safe out there
–Mikey B–

Daniel asks…

What do I need to do to start riding my Honda C70 in Tennessee?

I’m gettin a Honda C70 and need to know what sort of legal documentation I need to ride it. It’s 50cc’s and I live in Tennessee. Everywhere I look online tells me somethin different. Do I need a motorcycle endorsed license and insurance? Or does it just need to be registered? Any answers appreciated!

Administrator answers:

First off… A Honda C-70 IS NOT 50cc. The actual engine displacement is 71.8 cubic centimeters and it produces 6 brake horsepower.

Now again… 50 states=50 different sets of rules, but most states would consider your C70 to be a fully qualified motorcycle, and you will need a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license; a motorcycle licence plate on the bike and motorcycle insurance.

If you have any questions, I would suggest you talk to people at your local Department of Motor Vehicles to get the official answers.

Charles asks…

How much is a 88 in a 55 ticket in virginia? Will i have driving school? I’m 18 and never had a ticket before.?

BTW it was on a motorcycle doing a wheelie, and I’ve sold the bike and the cop didn’t put the wheelie on the ticket. and i was only in second gear, i shoulda left that cop!! :) hahaha

Administrator answers:

150 to 20 bucks an ddriving school would help remove points which might help lower insurance cost and also wouldnt show up on your record might be able to do online for like 30 bucks

David asks…

How can I start planning on moving out of my parents’ house?

I’m 17 almost 18. I want to start planning where and how I’m going to live when I’m an adult. How do you think I should start?

Administrator answers:

Do you work or plan on a certain job field?

If so plan a budget. You can probably find a sample budget online to go by to start planning.

A good idea to start is to share rent with a couple of friends. This is less expensive and gives you company. Also plan on unexpected expenses so make sure the place you choose to live is well within your budget.

Also if you plan to rent plan on having to come up with at least 2 months rent upfront. They do this in case you skip out on rent etc. You will also need refrences to rent. Also a cheap way is to live close enough to walk, bike or take public transit to work. Cars on average take about $1000 a year to maintain just in tires, oil changes etc plus insurance. So point is cars are expensive not just the inital purchase.

Hope this helps.

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