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August 8, 2013

Joseph asks…

How expensive is insurance on a 250cc bike for a 19 year old?

I live in NY (Long Island), have about 2 years driving experience (no violations/tickets ect.), and my car is insured under Geico. My father has 2 motorcycles however and has been riding since 1980~ and uses progressive. Thank you for the help guys!

Administrator answers:

The cost of insurance has many variables, what size cc engine on the bike and what type bike, riders experience level, has the rider been to a MSF safety school, violations on the riders driving record.

Assuming at 19 years old you don’t much road experience, that will add to the cost. The larger the engine the more the cost but, you said a 250cc so that is not a issue.

It does pay however to shop around. Do not assume because you have car insurance with a company they will be cheaper due to loyalty discounts. It pays to shop around and many insurers will give you a qoute online.

If you have never been to a MSF safery school I highly recommend you do. Check with your local Community College or do to and look for a school near you.

It only takes 1 weekend and you will learn more than you ever thought not to mention a discount on Insurance. Many states, if not all, will allow you to get your MC endorsment without taking the DMV skills test if you have been through this class.

Sandy asks…

How many calories do you burn riding four wheelers?

I am really trying to loose weight as quick as possible! I walk 2.5-3 miles every other day and I bike the same amount every day in between and I havent lost a single pound! I have been doing this for over 2 months!!!! I eat healthy ABOSOLUTLY NO sweets, I only eat grilled meat like chicken, fish and ham, boiled and raw veggies, salad with NO dressing, NO bread, and ONLY water to drink. Whats wrong with me? PLEASE HELP ME. I can’t afford to buy any diets or pills cuz right now I have no insurance do to switching jobs. PLEASE HELP ME!!! What else can I do? I know that riding four wheelers is a GREAT exercise because I went four wheeler riding and I ride on REALLY rough trails and creeks and I was more tired when I got back from four wheeler riding then I was when I go walking. I went four wheeler riding for approx. 5 hrs. Thanks for all your help.

Administrator answers:

Please ignore the advice of the poster, because the advice was crazy, particularly the exercises. The bottom line is that you need to burn more calories than you consume. I would recommend that you buy a heart rate monitor to give you a better idea of the heart rate you are maintaining while you walk. The goal should be to roughly exercise for an hour a day at 70-80% of your maximum heart rate (look online for this, as it is a function of your age). While walking is good for your health, I think you will find that your heart rate does not get high enough for long enough in order to lose weight. As a result, you will likely need to consider cardio exercise that is a bit more vigorous.

On the food front, it sounds like you are eating a lot of the right things. The other answer you received is ridiculous in terms of bread vs. Chicken. Bread has something like 2000 calories per pound vs. About 600 calories per pound from chicken. Again, I think you need a more objective measure of what you are eating. You should right down what you eat every day, including how much and when you eat. After that, you should look online at one of the many calorie counters available, or consult with a dietician, to analyze what you are eating. It might be that you are eating the right things, but that your portion sizes are too large or you are eating too much meat and not enough vegetables. Most fruits and vegetable are less than 200 calories per pound. If you are mostly eating fish and meat with 600-800 calories per pound, then you are not going to lose weight. Your diet should probably contain no more than 3-5 ounces a day of lean meat and fish and lost of fruits and vegetables. Also, you should consider adding more whole grains (e.g. Brown rice, etc.) and low fat milk products to your diet.

In summary, think about more strenuous exercise and looking more closely at your diet.

Ruth asks…

Should I pay for Insurance or just wait it out?

If I go without insurance (and without driving) for a few years, will my insurance rates go down any faster or slower than if I stay insured? I’m 18 and had a couple minor accidents, no injuries, so my rates are about to be incredibly high.

Administrator answers:

Oh but for the Smartphone in your hands. If just for that. It is my theory that Smartphones are making their users slow in the brain. Look, grab a drink and sit. Let us chat. You are eighteen. You thought you knew how to drive. Life’s reality factor has showered its heavy water upon your head. A “couple of minor accidents” means what? In my experience, minor accidents are damages you pay for yourself rather than by the insurance company as they do not meet the deductible. So, you may wish to trivialize them but the results say more. So, Tyler, my crystal ball indicates there is more to this story you are trying to sell. So, what is your situation? Really? If you have an option as to transportation owning a car is THE most expensive one. THE most $$$$$$$$ one. So, sell the car, if you have one or ask mom/dad to drop you from their policy and you put that license away and dust out that bike in the shed or garage and prep it up for riding year round. Very logical solution. Cannot afford to eat the the Four Seasons in New York means you eat somewhere else. Makes sense. But Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, the automobile insurance business is a highly regulated business. People go through a lot of training to be certified and licensed in insurance. You, for example, entered into a contract with a private company as to arrange for protection in case of an accident. The policy was the contract’s specific legal coverages as agreed between you and them. From your age to your zip code to how often you drove, the purpose of driving, the car, the model, the engine, the theft rate, the crash rate, the age crash rate in your zip code on the car (down to the color) plus many other private proprietary factors, then the company came up with your rates. Teens manage to crash over one million times each year. Over 5,000 teens die due to car crashes. Hundreds of thousands receive injuries. Thousands are injured severely and permanently with handicap level injuries: loss of sight or brain capacity, loss of limbs, burns and scars, loss of movement (paraplegic and quadriplegic), etc.etc. And sadly, many end up in prison due to manslaughter charges. In my area one sixteen year old boy, the day AFTER he got his license, drove left of center as he attempted to answer his cell phone under the influence of marijuana. He killed a pregnant woman. THE DAY AFTER HE GOT HIS LICENSE! The legal term is manslaughter. In April, two sixteen year old girls died as they ran a stop sign in play daylight, good weather as the driver was texting and did not usually stopped at stop signs. DEAD. Texting and not stopping. See what I meant by the use of Smartphones? In any case, when return to the land of driving again, the insurance company of choice shall process your application: zip code, the car info, purpose of driving, the miles, etc. And the rate shall be determined just as it was when you first got insurance. The money you shall save by not driving, not owning a car no insurance, etc. Should add to about $7,000 to $9,000 per year. Put it away. Multiply by the number of years and there shall be your stash to start driving anew. OH, when that time comes, Tyler, please sign up with AAA and complete courses they offer to drivers of all ages. Then, you find a track near you that puts people behind the wheel and teaches handling and safety and a lot of stuff. I go to Mid-Ohio myself. Supplement that information with online sites. Check “” and see what people with money to buy cars but no sense to get special training end up doing with their cars. Tragic and senseless. One last thing. Go to your car and bring a a paper grocery bag. Drive one wheel on top of the bag and outline the part of the tire that contacts the ground. Drive off. The space outlined is called the Tire Contact Patch. That is all that keeps car in control.Those few squares of inches. Four of them. Not much. Right? And that is for starters. I have no more space. Please refresh that drink and read this again. Glad you asked and glad these minor crashes were minor. Now, go and sell the car and cancel the insurance and start saving money. Best wishes.

John asks…

How do I shift gears on an ’03 Buell Blast motorcycle?

How do I shift? I was told that the bike is ‘four down – one up’ (though a book I have says that all modern bikes here in the US are ‘four up-one down’). How do I up and down shift through all the gears?

Administrator answers:

Get thyself to a Motorcycle Safety Foundation class pronto. There they will teach you to ride and brake and turn and how the heck to avoid crashing. As well as have FUN!

MSF classes can be found online or through you local Bureau of Motor Vehicles.Some insurance companies may offer discounts for completing the course.

The Blast is great bike to learn how to ride, I did. ;-) . I now ride a Triumph Tiger

Nancy asks…

How much would it cost to go to a therapist?

I currently have no health insurance. My mom is on limited income and only makes around $800 a month and by the time we pay bills, we only have about $50-100 left over.

When I was about 13, I was sexually harassed by my best friend’s brother. It started out as he would make moaning noises while I was in the hallway, but then progressed. One day, when I was walking out of middle school, he went and grabbed for my butt. But because I am comfortable with lose backpacks, he missed and broke my backpack. One situation has caused me a lot of pain and still is, even at the age of 24. I was over at my friend’s house. Her dad was gone and it was just me, her, and her brother. She left to go to the bathroom. When she was gone, he jumped on top of me and tried to pin me down. Luckily, I was already on edge being around him, so as soon as he inched near me, I kicked him in the stomach, which caused him to fall and hit his head on a chair.

Ever since that incident, I cannot be alone with a guy. I start hyper venting and get a panic attack and I start crying. I have always been quiet, but ever since then, I would not talk to anyone. If people said hi to me, I would say hi and that was it. In high school, I made no friends. And still have none. I’m a college student but because I’m scared of certain environments, I take online classes.

I have big dreams of moving to California and hopefully starting over, once I graduate college. But I know I have serious issues. I feel like such a freak and a total loser. Because of what happened to me, at the age of 24, I have never had a boyfriend, sex, or my first kiss. I have also gained A LOT of weight. Before this happened, I was very active and happy. I would constantly be outside having fun, playing basketball, tennis, croquet, bad mitten, or just anything active like biking or even running. I weighed around 100-110 pounds. But now, all I do is stay home, eat, and watch TV. I currently weight 240 pounds.

I feel like such a failure. I never leave the house because I don’t like social environments, plus I’m ashamed of the way I look. I’m fat and ugly. I think the last time I left my house was a week ago.

I had a job a few years ago at a grocery store. Soon, I had an employee, who was also a man, start making comments to me. I’m a natural blonde. So he always told me how stupid I was. He would make comments like how did I even get in college since I was stupid. When I would make a simple mistake he would tell me what a dumb blonde I was. Before he came on to the job, I was really happy. I was breaking out of my shell and even made friends at my job. I loved working and the customers loved me (at least that’s what they told me. They told me I was the nicest and their favorite cashier at the store). I would never miss a day of work. But when he came on, I hated work and prayed that I would get sick from someone so that I could miss. I would literally cry because I had to go to work. Eventually, someone overheard this guy make reference how I was dumb and they reported him. But after that, they would make me work with him every single day. I eventually quit a few months after that, giving them an excuse about school.

But ever since then, it’s been so hard to find that happiness I felt. I’m 24 years old. I have a dog that I treat like a princess. I always imagined that I would have been married with kids by the age of 25. I have always been mature and just want someone to love me like I would love them. I know I’m not the prettiest, but I am a good person. I remember one time I had a friend (I met him through someone else) and he told me that if I would just break out of my shell and talk to people, I would be so popular because I’m funny, nice, and great to be around. I wish I could be that person.

I had health insurance up until I reached 18. So I have been without any for 6 years. During this time, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, as well as suffering from panic attacks at times. I took a mental illness class last semester and I honestly believe I could suffer from PTSD as well since I cannot be alone in the same room with a guy. As long as there’s a female in the room, I’m fine.

I know I need help. I live in a small town with no free insurance or anything like that. I have registered for a low income health insurance from Indiana called HIP, but they denied me because they are already at capacity.

So I’m wondering how much it would cost to go see a therapist.

Administrator answers:

Try your county mental health services. They have clinics that operate on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. These clinics have therapists and psychiatrists available, and often have pharmacies where patients can obtain medication for a nominal fee.
Look in the yellow pages/phone book in the blue pages/government section under County. Look under Health Department or Mental Health. If you can’t find it, look online. Google your county and state name and Mental health (or health department) If you still can’t find it, call your local library and ask the reference librarian to help you find mental health services in your area. Reference librarians are very resourceful and should be able to come up with the information quickly. All the best to you.

Chris asks…

what are all the things i need to do to ride a moped at age 16 in california?

I am 16 years old. im trying to find a quick way to get a class m2 to ride a moped.
Can i ride a 150cc or just a 50cc moped?
What are some requirements such as liability or insurances?
How should i approach my dmv about doing any tests?
I am a working highschool student. Is there anything that says i can drive from school to workplace and to home?

Administrator answers:

Mopeds are not 150cc. 150cc scooters are motorcycles. You need a motorcycle license to ride them.

You approach your DMV by phoning them, going to an office, or going online.

Yes you can drive from school to workplace then home – if you have the right class of license for the bike you are riding.

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