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July 12, 2013

Ruth asks…

What is the best way to LEARN to ride a MOTORCYCLE?

I have done some reading online and I am wondering if I should take the motorcycle safety class or if I can just buy a starter bike to learn on.

Administrator answers:

Certainly take the safety course, you can never go wrong there. As for buying a “starter” bike, that one is debatable. For your first bike, (any many people will object to this), get the bike that you want to eventually have, unless at this time you can’t afford it. Many reasons for this, and everyone I have recommended this to has thanked me for it: First, if for example you’re talking sportbikes, then if you drop a used bike or a new bike and damage the plastic: New bike is most likely covered full converage with insurance…used bike typically no; also, the plastic for a new or used bike is just about the same price, so either way you’re paying. Second, with a new bike, your attitude is typically more cautious, therefore, you are likely to slow down and not abuse the bike too much, overall teaching you good riding habits from the beginning. Finally, the learning curve is typically 80% of what you need to know is learned within the first 3-4 months of riding, and if you have a bike you don’t really want, you’ll get sick of it and want to get rid of it, and “move up.”
The key is, when learning, to keep your head and your shoulder and be responsible. I wouldn’t recommend and “underpowered” motorcycle, just because you’re learning. Learn to ride what you will eventually ride from the beginning. These bikes don’t go fast by themselves, their speed is controlled by your right wrist, and THAT is what you have to learn to control. Many big bikes can be fairly tame…even my Hayabusa doesn’t become a beast until over 5500 rpms. When learning, you don’t need to wind it up that high anyway.
Many people will give you so much advice, and your best bet is to take some from each individual and adopt it to who you are. You should definitely take the safety course, and as for what bike to get…well, that one is up to you, but I thought I’d give you my opinion. Just remember, that nothing will teach you how to ride better than hands-on experience. Good luck.

Daniel asks…

What’s the best transport to use to travel if you’ve got no money?

Is it a Bike as Cars are very expensive because of Insurance and stuff like that.

Administrator answers:

You can get cheap transport vehicle on air or on water or by road. You can search online for cheap vehicle and you can rent too. You can get cheap car transport service too.

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