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June 29, 2013

Jenny asks…

Is it safe to Renew my Two Wheeler Insurance Online ?

I have a 2 wheeler policy with ICICI Lombard. Should i get it renewed Online ? Is it Safe ? Will there be any problem in case of loss of theft CLAIMS ? Because in online renewal they wont see my bike. So will it be ok ?

Administrator answers:

Yes it is safe to apply online .unless and until you read accept the terms and conditions

Daniel asks…

What is the process of buying a used motorcycle from craigslist (California)?

So what is the process. I just finished my MSF course, and plan to buy a ninja 250.

What do I need from the seller?
1. Bike (Inspect for obvious damage, sprocket, chain, to make sure its not loose, shocks, alignment, and wheels)
2. Title (how to check if its a clean title?) Have them sign as seller, and me as buyer?
3. Registration?
4. Notify DMV after they give me the title within 5 days, and pay for new registration?
5. Buy motorcycle insurance online for my new bike?

Is there anything else I am missing? I am new to this..ANY help would be great!!

Administrator answers:

My process (I routinely fix and flip bikes, it’s my main source of income):

Find a bike worth the time to investigate.. You’re looking for a Ninja 250, so that’s easy enough.

Go and visit with the seller to verify the title is in their name (compare to their drivers license), doesn’t have a lien, isn’t labeled as salvage and for you in CA, that the registration is up to date. Late registration means you get to pay the back taxes and fines if you buy the bike. If you’re unsure abotu ANY of the paperwork, have the seller meet you at a bank (yours or theirs), and ask for assistance inside. The folks who do loans and such will be able to assist both you of with making sure the sale is legal and goes smoothly.

At that time, I give it a pre-purchase inspection. You will need to hire this out (presumably, if you’re mechanical you might be able to do this yourself). Don’t skimp on this, it’ll cost $60~100, but if it keeps you from buying a bike that’s got issues (or needs another $500 in parts right away), you’ll want to know before the sale. The information will aid you in negotiating the price down, unless it really doesn’t need anything.

Once I’m satisfied that the paperwork is in order, and the bike is worth the asking price, make the sale. That’s money from you to them, both of you filling out the title (note, if there are 2 names on the title, make sure BOTH people sign), and filling out 2 bill-of-sales ~ one for each of you. At this time I trailer the bike home (I never ride a used motorcycle until I’ve gone over it in detail, I don’t trust my life/health to unknown people). If you’re going to ride it, you’ll need to have insurance and a temporary tag before you get to the bike.

Once you have the bike home, go get the title and registration paperwork taken care of. You’ll need to have insurance before this step again. While lots of people use the big companies that pour a lot of money into advertising, I find that a local agent can usually do much better on cost (for instance, I’m paying 1/3rd what Progressive, Geico and Dairyland want by going through an insurance company that doesn’t do anything online, or have a public portal at all). That makes it Really easy to add insurance too, as you let them know ahead of time and then when you make the sale, you can just call them and they’ll start coverage that instant.

Anyway, once you’ve paid CA the sales tax, transferred the title and bought a plate, you’ll be good to go from a legal standpoint. It’d be a good idea to take a look at that inspection you had done on the bike, and fix as many of the issues as possible.

There’s more info over here (and specific to the Ninja 250 too) if you’re interested:

Best of luck on the purchase and your new hobby.

Lisa asks…

How to move a new motorcycle from out of town?

I am planning to buy a motorcycle that is about 300 miles from my own home. I will have a friend drive down with me in my car, then I plan to drive the bike back. The owner said it is 100% and ready to drive the 300 miles home. But he does not know how I can go about registering, insuring, etc, all same day to move it. He himself inherited it from his dad, so he knows nothing about the process, and I have never bought a bike before. How can I go about this? thank you for your time.

Administrator answers:

1. Make sure it has a clean title and that the person selling you the motorcycle is the one named on the title. The current owner needs to have transferred the title out of his deceased father’s name and into his. No, he cannot sign for his father if his father’s name is the only one on the title. If the title has two names connected with ‘or’, then one signature will do. If the title has two names connected with ‘and’, then BOTH signatures must be on the title. Make sure there are NO mistakes in filling out the title – no cross outs and the signed name must be exactly at the typed name on the title. If the title requires a notarized signature, make sure you get one. Make sure the title isn’t a salvage title (it will say something to that effect if it is).

2. You can arrange for insurance beforehand with just the VIN number of the motorcycle and a payment to the insurance company. They usually will be able to fax, email or make available online for you to print an insurance sticker.

3. You can go to your local DMV and get a transport temporary licence tag so you will be legal riding the bike. That, along with your insurance, bill of sale from the current owner and signed title, will satisfy any police officer who might stop you.

Mark asks…

How do I stop Insurance company automatically renewing policy?

I received a renewal notice from by bike insurers quoting a price way to high and saying they would automatically renew to “save me time and effort” assuming they will use the master card details I gave them last year..I telephoned, explained that I had found a better deal.The call rep did his best to reduce the quote but was still £70 out with reduced cover.. I informed him that I wished to cancel the policy when it expired in April and would not be renewing with them. I also sent an e-mail to this effect. Today a week later, I have received in the post another renewal notice with their revised quote stating that they will automatically renew to “save me time etc,” I telephoned again spoke to another rep but I am not confident from the conversation that my instructions will be heeded. As I have read
online reviews about this company complaining about them and this dubious practice..Does anyone have experience of this problem.? My bank can only advise me to phone the disputes help line after the money has been taken despite my objection, It seems that once you give your card details out they can be repeatedly used under the umbrella of “legitimate.” business..

Administrator answers:

For a start- your bank is bullshitting you
There is nothing in law to prevent them stopping the debits or reclaiming back any they have already paid out.
But you must TELL them not to pay out.
So go to the bank to pull their finger out or you will contact the banking ombudsman
(banks frequently claim they cant stop “continuous payment authority” (which is what you set up)- but they CAN decline to pay out on them -i.e the claim for the payment comes in – they ignore it.)

then – Send another e-mail to the company and restate that the insurance was cancelled on (whenever you cancelled it by phone) and that you confirmed this via email dated “…..” and that if they dont repay the money within say say 2 weeks you will start a claim in small claims and will contact the insurance ombudsman)

Chris asks…

Where can i legally go green roading in and around the dorset area?

I have purchased a trials bike and would like to go green roading (off roading). I would want it to be legal and free. Is there any roads that are open and can be used for green roading?

Thanks Tom

Administrator answers:

Well the green laneing bit is not completely free. You will still need to have a full MOT , tax and insurance.

As for the routes, the Ordance survey map people produce green laneing flags. Im sure they have the details on thier website.

As for off road tracks / centres etc, go to the online version of the Yellow Pages. and then type in off road centres and type your postcode in the 3rd box. If you dont you’ll get all the centres in the UK.

Hope this helps.

Betty asks…

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a street legal dirt bike?

In Illinois do you need any specific license (like a motorcycle license) to drive a street legal dirt bike, and how much a year does insurance usually cost for a street legal dirt bike

Administrator answers:

Anything “street legal” and larger than 49cc, you need a license to operate on public streets legally. Yes, cops do pull and check for that kind of stuff too.

Insurance is impossible to even guess at because it depends on Your credit rating, driving record, “stability” score (something calculated in-house by the insurance companies), etc… Thankfully, dual-sports tend to be the cheapest bikes to insurance because they’re designed to be crashed and don’t have expensive body panels/chrome/tanks/etc… Just check the online quote generators (Progressive, Dairyland, etc…)

Michael asks…

How to raise money or start a charity ?

I have a dear friend in St lucia who has been in a very big accident and is trying to recover.

He is a 16 year old young boy who is very athletic and during the cross country on his bike he was run over by a truck and sustained very serious head and body injuries. He has been in special hospitals for several months now and has just come out of a coma.

The hospital is costing over £500,000 and the insurance only covers £94,000.

I would like to start a charity or help riase money for this cause but am clueless on how these things work.

I am in contact with the parents and am trying to gather information n documents to prove the costs etc.

How to i start a charity or an official way to raise money ? Please help.

Administrator answers:

Starting a charity is a noble goal, but keep in mind that it can be expensive if you want to have a formal non-profit organization. In the US, most people hire an attorney to file the necessary paperwork with the IRS to get 501 (c)(3) status. It’s a lengthy process and can cost several thousand dollars.

However, you can have a charity project without getting 501(c)(3) status. The main difference is that people’s donations won’t be tax deductible. And, while there are many grants you can apply for, many require that you do have the IRS non-profit status to be eligible to apply.

You should also consider an online crowdfunding project. There are several sites where, for a percentage of what you raise, you can use the power of crowdfunding to your advantage. You put your cause online, tell people on the site what you are trying to raise money for, then promote the fundraiser by sharing a link to the online crowdfunding fundraiser to all of your social media contacts. People go to the site, give $5 or $10 (or more!) through their credit cards in a secured transaction, and you get the money you need!

Crowdfunding is generally described as getting a lot of small donations from a large number of people. Using the power of social networks, it is easy to get a great fundraiser going through a crowdfunding site and raise money quickly without having to do car washes and bake sales and the other time consuming old fashioned ways of raising money.

Thomas asks…

What is the best website to do a motorcycle VIN check?

I found a couple of websites, and for one reason or another, I could not get it them to work. I am considering buying a motorcycle online, and want to have a full vehicle report for the bike. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Check the vehicle’s history

If you have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can go to several websites to learn the vehicle’s ownership history and find out about any past title problems, accidents, or repairs. For example, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) VINCheck? Allows you to check if the vehicle has been reported stolen and not recovered, or has been declared a total loss by another NICB member.

Mandy asks…

Can I get approved for a motorcycle loan through my local dealership?

Ok, Im 19 with no credit history. I’m currently at college but I have a job that brings in about $400 per month before taxes. I have no expenses and my parents pay for my car, but I would have to pay for the bike. I applied at my local credit union through their online application and they denied me because they said I have no credit history. I have a cosigner but it was online so they weren’t mentioned in the process. Im going to my local dealer with my cosigner to see what they can do. I can put $1500 for a down payment. The bike is $5,995. Will the dealer approve me?

Administrator answers:

Just about certain the answer will be no.
You simply don’t earn enough money.
Suppose the loan is for $5,000 for 5 years at 12.9% interest. I suspect the interest rate will be higher but will use this number for an example.
Your monthly payment will be $113.51 a month. Say full coverage insurance is $100 a month. Just to own and insure will cost you $213.51 a month. You only make $400 gross a month. What is your take home pay? Social security withholding is 7.65% alone. Leaves very little for riding gear, gas, oil changes, chain lube, and if you are considering a sport bike, replacing the tires every 3K to 6K miles.
By the way, using the information above, your $6,500 motorcycle will cost you $8310.60. That’s the same a taking 1,810.60 of YOUR money and setting it on fire. That’s the problem when you pay interest on a loan.
Save your money and pay cash for a bike when you complete college.

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