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May 31, 2013

Lisa asks…

Can anyone recommend an online insurance company that is helpful dealing with scooter drivers ?

I Have completed a long ban for being sloshed on my 50cc moped.Lesson learned, I’m looking to get my bike on the road again, but having trouble finding a sypathetic insurance company for my little 50cc, as I am now considered a criminal.

Administrator answers:

I’m sure someone can recommend a company but if not simply call around and get quotes.

James asks…

is there an insurance company that would insure me for 6 months only?

I want to get a motorbike this summer , yet I am not into paying insurance when I am not riding my bike. Therefore, I am wondering if anyone knows a company in Ontario, Ca that would insure me for 6 months only.

Administrator answers:

You cant since your going to lapse in coverage what i would do is go with progressive and get it for all year and when u put it up for winter only put the lowest coverage..u can change ur coverage online whenever u want

Nancy asks…

How much would insurance cost on a 125cc Skyjet?

Looking to buy a 125cc and want to know how much it would be to tax it, MOT it and insure it. Almost 17 and just want a brief idea about how to do it and what to expect.

Administrator answers:

Tax is currently £16 for a year
MOT is somewhere around £30 (if it fails, it’ll cost more for labour and new parts)
Insurance: Around £150-£200 (get a quote online…tescocompare bike insurance I’ve found is the best)

Don’t forget to factor in costs such as;
1) Your Provisonal Licence – £50
2) Compulsary Basic Training (CBT) – around £100-£120 depending on the schools near to you
3) Helmet – £30 to ££££s – check a local bike shop for advice and what helmets fit your budget AND your head best
4) Protective kit – minimum of around £150 – that figure should be able to get motorbike gloves, an armoured jacket, armoured trousers and motorbike boots for that price (again try local bike shops and always try kit on before you buy it!)

Another thing to bear in mind. Don’t buy Chinese! Skyjet as a whole, are a heap of junk. It WILL break within days of having it and the ‘plastics’ and ‘metal-ish finishes’ don’t last long at all. I’d also be surprised if they’re even on the DSA bike list for sitting your test on. Also, their resale value is way too low so you’ll spend lots of money on a bike that’ll be easily be worth £200 less in a few months time. I wouldn’t buy it for any more than £500…even if it was MOT’d and taxed for 12 months. In the current condition, if it could pass an MOT straight away with no work needed, I’d perhaps offer around £350-£400. Before you buy any bike, take an experienced friend along with you to point out the bad points and rack up a list of costs to get it road-worthy.

A much, much, much better option would be stick to an established brand, such as Honda. I shall use Honda in this example as I owned a ’97 Honda CG125 to do my test on. Brilliant machines, very reliable, parts are so easy + cheap to get, they hold their value very well (I bought mine for £580, sold it 4 months later for £600!), I used to get 120mpg+ easily and overall, it just never went wrong and was very easy to do all of the test manouvures on. I live in Staffordshire and my insurance quote for TPO was £164 a year – found through tescocompare bike insurance.

Good luck and ride safe
–Mikey B–

Sandra asks…

Where is the best place to buy a fixed gear bike online?

I’m looking to buy a fixed gear bike online and all the sites I have seen so far look dodgy. Where’s the best place to buy a fixed gear bike – ideally where you can compare prices?

Administrator answers:

Although I would NOT recommend a fixed gear bike for anyone but a serious Velodrome racer – probably the best site to get one from is Bikes Direct. Link below.

80% to 90% of the time you are in the wrong gear for the existing road conditions, because there is only one gear or speed. Hope you have good insurance.

William asks…

how much does it cost to keep a motorcycle?

i’m planning on buying a kawasaki ninja and was wondering how much it costs to keep one. I’m talking about insurance and licensing or anything else.

Administrator answers:

RACE bikes don’t need insurance.

These is no way to answer your question as it will be A WASTE OF TIME.

There are to many factors that make up your insurance quote:
time riding,
postcode [Zip-code] ,
alarm /
locks /
chains etc,
type of bike,
age of bike …….

So many factors that make this ( along with the other 50 that are asked every week ) a question THAT HAS NO ANSWER.

So don’t bother wasting your time on here, just phone up / or go online and find a quote.
You will get the information that you need straight away.

Good luck.

Joseph asks…

My Bike insurance got expired 3 days ago. Should i need to produce my vechile to renew it…?

Hi there…
My bike insurance have got expired 3 days before. I haven’t received any notification from my previous insurance company and i totally forgot about this.
Now should i have to produce my bike to renew the insurance? Is there any option of repayment within 90 days of expiry…? I reside in coimbatore (Tamilnadu).
Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Yes you need to produce your bike since they will be seeing the current condition of the bike and then give you the renewed insurance. You would also have to take new photos of the bike.
Just in case, if you are unhappy with your current insurance company and want to search a new insurance company for your bike, the you can check out Royal Sundaram’s motor insurance policy. They provide good plans and even I have availed a car insurance policy from them.


Jenny asks…

Is it safe to Renew my Two Wheeler Insurance Online ?

I have a 2 wheeler policy with ICICI Lombard. Should i get it renewed Online ? Is it Safe ? Will there be any problem in case of loss of theft CLAIMS ? Because in online renewal they wont see my bike. So will it be ok ?

Administrator answers:

Yes, It’s definitely safe to renew your two wheeler insurance online.

You should visit here —->

Thanks :)

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