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May 21, 2013

Carol asks…

Approximately how much would it cost to insure a 125cc learner motorbike at the age of 17?

The bike is a 1999 SUZUKI GS 125.

Administrator answers:

RACE bikes don’t need insurance.

These is no way to answer your question as it will be A WASTE OF TIME.

There are to many factors that make up your insurance quote:
time riding,
postcode [Zip-code] ,
alarm /
locks /
chains etc,
type of bike,
age of bike …….

So many factors that make this ( along with the other 50 that are asked every week ) a question THAT HAS NO ANSWER.

So don’t bother wasting your time on here, just phone up / or go online and find a quote.
You will get the information that you need straight away.

Good luck.

Charles asks…

How do i go about driving a moped at 16?

I’m 16 in january and i want to look into getting a moped, but i have absolute no idea how to go about it?
could someone give me some pointers with licences and insurance and stuff?

Administrator answers:

Send away for your ”car” licence with moped entitlement[car licence starts on your 17th birthday]
do th CBT 1 day course
cant quote on the insurance,to many variables but check out carrol nash bike insurance online,there about the best.

William asks…

what would my insurance be if i got a crotch rocket?

im 17 and have my license for a car. i was thinking about getting my motorcycle license. what i want to know is, how much would the insurance be if i bought a crotch rocket? yes, i know how to ride one.

Administrator answers:

Then you won’t have to guess.

Plus, you can compare several different bikes and see if one is a lot lower than the others.

They will give you a direct quote online. I have found them to be the cheapest by far, and I have used them for years.

I will tell you right now though…

It is going to be insanely expensive!

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