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April 20, 2013

Mary asks…

What is the difference between a katana 600 and a normal gsxr 600?

Please im thinking about buying a new bike and the one I found online is a katana but I dont want to buy it if its not what I want.
I always wanted a sports bike but never had enough money to buy one till now. I had 1980 kz750 up untill a couple months ago when i sold it that i rode for about 6 months or so. I want the bike for recreational rides i already have a truck to commute.

Administrator answers:

Katana is most commonly referred to as the Can of Tuna. It’s slow & ugly. Not even a true sport bike. It is classified by the insurance agencies as a sport tourer.

This bike is usually reserved for rookies who just want something to beat up on to learn how to ride or people who couldn’t afford anything else.

If you want a GSX/R, then get a GSX/R. Just wear your gear, ride within your own limits, and don’t be a show off. Take the MSF course

John asks…

What is another way to do cardio besides running?

I’ve torn up my knees really bad by jogging with cheap running shoes because I can’t afford to spend more than $40 so I had to buy some from Target. I have a really sharp pain in both knees because I got runners knee now in both knees and I don’t have insurance so going to a sports medicine specialist is not an option. Is there any sort of exercise that I can do that gives my body just as good a workout as jogging?

Administrator answers:

First of all you should buy your shoes online and look for specials from or Holabird Sports. Your save some money since they won’t charge you tax and you have a better selection than Target. Second run on grass or dirt XC trails since it’s easier on your body and shoes.

Other workouts that can help your cardio include biking especially hills, ice skating, XC skiing, rollerblading, rowing, wall climbing if you keep doing it, elliptical, stairmaster, hiking and swimming. Good luck!

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