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March 24, 2013

Ruth asks…

Can I buy motorcycle inssurance and not have parents know about it?

I’m 22 I live in my own apartment but my parents pay car insurance can I get a seperate insurance for a motorcycle and not have my parents know about it, also my friend who rides said bike insurance can be very cheap I just want minimum coverage how much would it be, thx!

Administrator answers:

RACE bikes don’t need insurance.

Try the street bike section for street advice.

You will find the street bike section under Transport.

However it will be a waste of time. There are to many factors that make up your insurance quote:
Age, time riding, postcode [Zip-code] , crashes, points, alarm / locks / chains etc, type of bike, age of bike …….
So many factors that make this ( along with the other 50 that are asked every week ) a question that has no answer.

So don’t bother wasting your time on here, just phone up / or go online and find a quote.
You will get the information that you need straight away.

Good look.

Laura asks…

Hi, im turning 18 this up coming march and i would like to purchase a motorcycle without my parents signing?

Hi, im turning 18 this up coming march and i would like to purchase a motorcycle, but the problem is that my parents are totally against them, so the question is if i could sign everything myself without them being there with me, the bike, insurance etc etc…
well i live in Canada, British Columbia
and im planning on buying a kawasaki zx6r 2005-2007

Administrator answers:

You had better have great work history for a loan w/ out them. Or buy one straight up. Insurance is going to be expensive depending on what you get for a bike and if you have a loan out. Then you have to actually get licensed while only being able to practice during day hours. Good luck.

Donald asks…

Should I take legal action when progressive denies stolen motorcycle claim?

My motorcycle was stolen last month from my driveway and progressive denied the claim to cover it. I do NOT have a valid drivers license, so the bike/insurance is in my mothers name. We didn’t have collision on the bike, only comprehensive which covers theft. I rode the bike to/from work knowing if I crashed it I would be screwed, but I wasn’t on the bike when it was stolen…. Do I have a case at all? Aren’t they covering property not the person when it’s stationary? Thank you

Administrator answers:

There’s got to be more to this story. You’ve got a peculiar situation you’re working with. Why did they tell you they were denying the claim?

This is just a shot in the dark but, was it because it was being kept, called “garaged” in insurance language, at your house instead of your mother’s? If so, like the other answer mentioned, that was fraudulent misrepresentation when you bought the policy. If you said it’d be kept in one spot and it was actually in another, that’s fraud.

If they say they’re denying for any sort of “misrep.”, that’s the insurance company’s nice way of telling you they’ve caught you committing insurance fraud. Walk away and be happy they aren’t pressing charges.

If it’s something else, post another question with more details.

Maria asks…

Oregon requires motorcycle insurance, my state doesn’t. Is it illegal to ride through?

Just wondering if I’m on a road trip and I get pulled over and don’t have bike insurance do I get a big fine.

Administrator answers:

Each state has its own laws and if you are planing to ride through you will have to abide by their laws or risk getting a ticket. Texas requires insurance on all vehicles using state and federal roads with no exceptions. Of course machinery and off road vehicles are different in some situations. If a state requires a helmet you better have one if you are passing through. Its easer to call and ask than pay a big fine. That out of state person and money is easy pickings bro.

Betty asks…

How long can the police have a hold on your vehicle after an accident?

My mother was in a motorcycle accident a little over a week ago. The police put a hold on her motorcycle because there was some bodily injury. There was no death involved. We tried going to the towing place to pick up her keys that were in the sadle bags but we are not allowed to becuase there is a hold on the bike. The insurance company has not looked at the bike yet because of the hold as well. How long can the police keep that hold on the bike?

Administrator answers:

You could try asking the police

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