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August 2, 2013

William asks…

What the procedure to renewal bike insurance?

I lost my original rc. Now how to renewal bike insurance

Administrator answers:

First of all, 2 Wheeler Insurance do not require Original RC book. You can apply either using the Photo Copy of RC or the Original form of the Expired Insurance (the last held insurance).

Now for the other important part, go to the police station of your juristication and file a FIR saying that u misplaced it in Transit. (The Cops themself will tell u to use that reason as it reduces their work load).
Be prepared to shell 200-300 as bribe (sorry Annaji, no other option, the Bribe is mandatory fee in Police station). Take the FIR and go to the RTO (be ready for another 500-1000 as bribe) to apply for a new RC.

Mark asks…

can i buy bike insurance online in india ?

I currently have a bike insurance which is not renewable online. Can I switch to another insurer by paying online ? or i will have to visit them with the bike ? which bike insurer is good ?

Administrator answers:

OK habib just how did you get your question on USA questions only? Check it out Punjab nobody in the USA knows or cares about insurance in India I thought you all drove cows anyway?

Ken asks…

Should I let my uncle take my motorcycle riding after I saved and purchased the bike myself?

I have been looking and saving up for my first bike, an immaculate 2004 Suzuki SV650s. My uncle wants to take my bike out to go riding with his friends. He hasn’t been on a sports bike for years and he has only ridden a couple times within the last few years. Should I let him take out the bike whenever his friends call him out to ride or should I keep the bike to myself and not let anyone ride it except me?

I think that because I paid for every single thing about this motorcycle, it should be all for myself. Like I said, I have been saving and will be paying every cent of this bike, insurance, parts, doing maintenance myself. I am also worried about him dropping, wrecking, riding it extremely hard (you never know) if anyone is going to damage it, I want it to be me so I have no one to blame. A few thousand of my money to have someone enjoy it for free seems very unfair, is it wrong for me to deny him riding?
Oh and also I have tendencies to wanting to start modifying rides. Because I am completely purchasing this all by myself with no help, I have more of a connection to this than say my truck that my parents got me. I don’t like the feeling of doing a lot of work myself and having someone else show it off. Also don’t like it when I work on maintenance things myself and basically have it worn away by someone other than me. I just want to see if others feel the same way I do at the moment or am I just being selfish and possessive of my first bike.

Administrator answers:

No. He’s not much of a motorcyclist if he doesn’t know rule #1 – You never touch another man’s bike, you don’t even ask.

Carol asks…

Where to get dirt bike insurance in Ontario, Canada?

Im looking for off-road dirt bike insurance and cant find any place that will insure me without having the M class license. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Try State Farm Insurance if you haven’t already. An old friend of mine had insurance there, and I’ m pretty sure he had no licence either. If not, I’m not sure where.

Steven asks…

Is it legal to drive a motorcycle without insurance in india?

i had made a insurance at the time of buying bike i had renewed it once but later two years i didnt pay the premium . can i ride the bike without insurance?

Administrator answers:

You are in for serious trouble, get a new insurance done, if you are caught things would be ugly and you may also face difficulty selling it. There are many insurance companies get in touch with them and go for a new one. Its illegal to ride around.

Lisa asks…

Planning to purchase a bike in pondicherry and use it in bangalore?

I am planning to purchase yamaha fazer bike in pondicherry(82000 onroad).
In bangalore its cost is 96000 .I am confused about using it in bangalore with pondicherry registration.
Many of my friends are using other state bikes in bangalore without any problem.Can anyone help me with this..?
Do I need to pay road tax?Can I use the bike without paying anything like others?
Police is not caring about anything these days.They do care whenever they need money.
Please suggest me.

Administrator answers:

All u have to do is pay lifetime road tax in any of Karnataka RTO. NOC is only needed if u need to re-register the bike in Karnataka RTO with a new number. Dont get the NOC if u want to use it with pondichery registration. Instead go to the nearest RTO and pay a lifetime road tax for ur bike. It may cost less than Rs.1000. Beware, get help from a local kannadiga friend who can help u in the RTO office. Because Some people outside the RTOs in bangalore will ask you if u need help and will ask more money after helping.

If any police catch u in the streets, all u need is copies of Bike Registration document, valid bike Insurance, and Road tax receipt (all copies, dont carry or give orginals to anyone). Police wont ask for noc if u have tax receipt. If he asks NOC, tell him u paid tax and show the tax receipt. If he demands for NOC after seeing tax receipt, tell him that u r staying in bangalore temporarily. U will move to pondichery soon.

Donna asks…

Car insurance is way to high, will riding/insuring a 50cc or 125cc bike reduce my car insurance after 2 years?

I am 19 and have passed my car driving licence 2 months ago. The insurance for all the cars I have looked at are way to high. More than £2500.

I am doing my CBT next week, I was wondering if I drive a moped or 125cc for a year or two will this reduce my car insurance, please help as I need to get on the road. Thankyou.

Administrator answers:

Your insurance rates are high because you are a male, under 25, the worst accident rate class of all. The other thing that affects your rate is the type of car you have. Anything that even smells if high performance will cost you an arm and a leg. You will need insurance on your bike, especially liability which will be required but your premiums should be far less. Check around especially with some independent insurance agencies. R

Charles asks…

What is the minamum insurance required for a motorcycle in Arizona?

I just bought a bike and am looking at insurance, but don’t know what all is required by the state.

Administrator answers:

Motorcycle insurance laws in Arizona require the minimum liability limits of 15/30/10, in terms of thousands of dollars. Your insurance would cover up to $30,000 for all people injured in the motorcycle accident, subject to a limit of $15,000 for one person, and $10,000 for property damage.

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