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June 14, 2013

Linda asks…

Where do I find a place that sells totaled bikes?

I have been looking for a place to buy a bike that the insurance company totals. I am wanting to find out where insurance companies sell the bikes. I live between byran and Austin Texas so if you can help I would appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

Try Insurance Auto Auctions Inc

Or Copart

Laura asks…

How can I get lower insurance for a motorcycle?

Buying the bike I am noticing is not going to be the problem….but the insurance for me is really expensive. I am 21 yrs old and have had two tickets (1 for a “failure to yield” and another for speeding 20-24mph) I can’t get a model bike that is 2004 or newer because the insurance is (for ex. a 2007 Sportbike 600cc is about 300+ dollars a month). I was wondering how can I get lower insurance or do I just have to suck it up and pay the expensive amount? If anything I will just get a 2003 or older bike cause the insurance is 200 bucks for 03 model and then goes down about 20 bucks for each year down.
Right Now I use Geico for my automobile insurance, and since I driving a 06 Mercedes that is pretty pricey as it is. I was thinking that I can go with a different insurance provider if I get the motorcycle, is this possible or do I have to use one insurance provider for my both my car and possibly future bike. As for selecting no liability for the insurance, that is out of the question considering the high rate of accidents motorcycles have. I did get a quote with no liability and it was only 50 bucks a month lol

Administrator answers:

The easiest thing to do is this:
1) Buy an old, but good, bike;
2) Insure it for the minimum the law allows, ie, liability only.

Who carries your auto insurance? I use State Farm for auto & motorcycle both. Their prices are quite reasonable and their claim service has been good. State Farm uses displacement in determining rates, so a 599 cc bike insures more cheaply than a 600 cc bike. Check it out!

Jenny asks…

How much is an average motorcycle?

I’m thinking of getting my motorcycle license soon, how much would a new Honda cost? I’m talking about the cost of the bike, not insurance etc.
Lorcan, would you recommend a Honda CBR125R, they’re less than £1000 on Ebay.

Administrator answers:

Just as with cars, there is a whole range of models, from small (49cc) to large (1,800cc) and a similar range in prices. From around $1,000 to $25,000+ would be Honda’s range.

Robert asks…

I want to take a trip to europe how much do motorcycles cost there and how much is insurance?

Im thinking of going to the EU, as kind of like a backpacking trip, but on a motorcycle! I was wondering how things work in regards to prices of Bikes there, and insurance that covers anywhere I might plan to go! I need some help making this idea a reality! Oh I’m 18 and i have both my drivers licence and motorcycles licence, I reside in BC, Canada. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You can rent bikes in most EU countries, I’d look into that as the rental bike comes with insurance. If you want to move countries you’ll need to ensure that your rental company allows this. This would be a better choice than buying a bike, and then getting it insured in a country in which you have no permanent address for them to send the paperwork.

Maria asks…

I want to open up an insurance business for active would i go about starting this?

There’s car insurance, motorcycle insurance, what about biking would I get a start opening this business? It would cover medical, property.

Administrator answers:

You develop a business plan. Doesn’t sound like you’ve thought it through.

Helen asks…

somebody theft my bike on 20dec and police is not registering fir they just saying come tomorrow?

somebody theft my bike on 20 dec,i complained abt it to the nearest police station but they are not registering fir ..they just saying come bike insurance going to fail on 2nd jan ,wht should i do help me plz

Administrator answers:

You give complaint-application to the senior police officer, D. S. P. Or Commissioner of Police etc of your city. You may send complaint even by R.P. A. D. Police are bound to register F. I . R.

James asks…

how much is motorcylce insurance for state farm and is there one cheaper then state farm?

im gonna buy a bike and heard that its cheaper for a bike and its insurance then a car and its insurance… thanks for the help

Administrator answers:

State Farm is a top of the line insurance company, so they may have the best rates. Try checking out Foremost as well. Their rates are pretty good for cycles, especially if you have a clean driver record.

Charles asks…

If i am the owner of a motorcycle can my boyfriend (who is the sole driver) insure the bike?

For my boyfriends christmas/birthday present I want to purchase him a 2008 honda crb1000rr to replace his old 600. Because of my driving record it will cost a fortune to get an insurance policy on the bike. If i am the owner of the bike, can my beaux put the bike under his insurance policy since he will be the sole driver?

Administrator answers:

Even with a BAD driving record motorcycle insurance is cheap.

Liability $120 a year. Full coverage $198 a year. You can call my source below and they can put the insurance in his name. They don’t need to talk to him (hence ruining the surprise)

I bought a dirt bike for my BF and they helped me.

Good Luck :)

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