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May 17, 2013

Helen asks…

What are my legal rights as a cyclist?

Lets say I’m going down a city street when one of the parked cars opens its door in front of me and I bash my hands on it, or worse I wipe out and hurt my head. What if my bike is ruined in the process?
what are my legal rights if on my bike i’m involved in a traffic accident?
I don’t have any bike insurance, not even sure it there’s such a thing. Do I sue the person, can they sue me? sue everybody.

Administrator answers:

Been there, done that. Most places the driver will be ticketed for opening a door into traffic.

Depending on tort law in your state, you may be able to recover damages.

I got all my medical costs covered by his insurance. I didn’t ask anything for my bike because it was just one of my junkers. I could’ve sued, but I’m not like that.

I showed up on the driver’s court date to make sure it stuck (on general principal, and because I was pissed about taking an ambulance ride). He whined to the judge about $1500 damage to his door, and said I was speeding. Judge asked the cop what the speed limit was at that point. Reply: 30mph. (I was probably doing 20)

The judge looked back at the guy, laughed, and said “Guilty”.

Bottom line: Watch out for heads in all parked cars. Even if its their fault, taking a door off can really hurt. Wear a helmet.

Bottom line2: I really hate vehicles with dark tinted glass, because I can’t see if anyone’s inside getting ready to fling a door open.
Edit: The City of Chicago significantly upped the penalty for this a couple months ago. I think its around $500 now. Mayor Daley is a cyclist.

Robert asks…

Had a crash on my moped at 16 years of age?

I had a crash on my moped and the women’s car which my bike hit claimed and so obviously it will affect my bike insurance, will i have to tell my insurance about my bike accident for my car insurance because it does say anything about bike crashes?

Administrator answers:

Well they useally ask if you have had a motor crash within the last 5 years and u will have to let them know if it was in the last 5 years or if they find out they can choose not to insure you any longer

Lizzie asks…

Motorcycle insurance, how does it work?

When it comes to bike insurance, how does it all work?
do you have to buy insurance for a whole year, or you can do it monthly just like with cars…
btw I live in Ontario, Canada.

Administrator answers:

That will probably depend on the company you choose.
I use Allstate for my motorcycle. I get a 6 month policy with 3 different possible payment methods.

Steven asks…

I have 9 years NCBonus on my car but had a mbike claim – do I lose my car NCB?

Car and bike insurance was seperate – had to make a claim on my bike insurannce – will that affect my seperate car NCB?

Administrator answers:

Motorbike & car NCD are treated separately, but you must still disclose any accident, claim or conviction in any form of transport at the time of renewal.

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