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Your Questions About Bike Insurance

April 25, 2013

Paul asks…

give me all the information ill need from the dmv for a motorized bicycle?

my most important question.. am i able to ride it on the street like a car? do i need to get insurance for it? does it need registration? will a motorized bike insurance be cheaper then a motorcycle or vehicle? any other information is helpful. thanks…. i live in santa ana orange county

Administrator answers:

Look up

orange county DMV… Reap knowledge

Steven asks…

How much would insurance cost me for a motorcycle?

So im thinking about buying a bike for the gas mileage, but im not sure if it will be worth my money if the insurance is rediculously high. Why i want to know this, is so i can decide weather i buy the bike with high insurance or get a truck with bad gas mileage. And to help your guess i am 18, a male, and im looking for a bike about like the ZX-6r kawasaki sportsbike.

Administrator answers:

Too many variables to even attempt a guess.

But, very generally speaking, teenage male + sport motorcycle = $$$$$$$$$

If you really want a bike, look for a smaller displacement cruiser as a first bike. That will cost much less in insurance.

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