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Your Questions About 1 Day Car Insurance For 19 Year Olds

August 11, 2013

Paul asks…

how can i be a succesful avon rep?

can anyone give me tips on how to be a succesful avon rep.
and also how much do you make with it ?

Administrator answers:

Be aware of the statistics first. Avon is a Multi-Level Marketing company, which means it’s Leadership program (started in the early 00s) is modeled after the good old-fashioned pyramid scheme.

If you don’t recruit, you won’t get bonus checks. But if you do recruit, get five active reps, and don’t meet your $1200 two week quota, you will find yourself either having to charge inventory on a credit card to meet your quota — or losing your bonuses and possibly the pyramid you created right out from under you.

If this doesn’t sound appealing, you can try selling only. Right. Avon only gives you a 30% discount on core items, 20% off fixed price items, until your sales exceed $145. And after that, it’s only 35%/20% (with the 20% items taking up half the brochure. Look for the diamond-cluster symbol next to the description.)

I find that after $19+ for my brochures (I try to get 1 new customer a campaign, so I order at least 100 most campaigns) and $20 for gasoline for distributing the brochures and making my deliveries, this $3.50 commission (at most) on $10 orders doesn’t even cover my expenses

I tried tradeshows too, but you have to order inventory up front. And you go home with your boxes full — because there are reps from Mary Kay, Beauticontrol, Jafra, etc., at the same shows, and women only have so many dollars these days.

I found that a lot of the tips Leadership Reps were handing violated Avon and/or City policies. You can’t spam boards like this with phony questions and answers attempting to sign people up, yet LRs do it all the time. You can’t offer a free gift to lure a new recruit into signing up, yet LRs do it all the time, even boldly advertising in the paper. You can’t create a list of 100 uses for SSS Bath Oil, yet LRs do it all the time.

You cannot post signs in your yard or home window until you find out how much your city charges for you to run a business out of your home.

All I can say is when you find Avon discussion boards with tips, a lot of them are bad and can cost you $$.

For instance, if you have an accident and you have an Avon car magnet on your car, your insurance won’t have to pay because you were not insured for business use.

Another horrible tip that is a virus in small towns is the one to give every clerk you see a brochure. Umm, Avon signed up 25 reps in this area the last year (or so).

And if there’s only one grocery store, one pharmacy, etc., the clerks grow to despise Avon representatives and will really embarrass you in public by making their opinion known.

So it really boils down to thinking outside the box and avoiding the same old boring, over-used marketing tips that just don’t work, or will even rack up unexpected costs, or will get you reported (and booted out of Avon) by a competitive rep.

You have to create an original image. You have to think for yourself, and respond to competition in a way that polishes your image and elevates you above the rest.

And you have to come to terms with the fact that you aren’t meant to make a profit.

Best wishes.

George asks…

Does the mother of my son’s homosexual boyfriend have a right to judge me for “letting” my son beat on her son?

My son and his ex-boyfriend Kevin are 25 years old, they have been together since high school. I’m aware that my son has been cheating AND beating on Kevin for years. But I chose to mind my business because they’re both grown. I got other things on my plate. I have mortgage, bills and car insurance to pay. I also have a 19 year old, a 15 year old and a 10 year old to raise. I’m a single woman and I work hard to make ends meet. I’ve ALSO been letting my son and his boyfriend live in my house for over 6 years. It was crowded in my house and Lord knows it rarely ever stayed properly cleaned but I dealt with it just like I dealt with all the fighting and arguing between my son and Kevin. Plus my younger kids all have issues too with school and their behavior. Look, I was just damn stressed and this is what I get for being nice to folks.

Last year Kevin finally earned his associate’s degree. It took him five damn years to finish a 2 year college but he did it, so I’m happy for him. Before the new year came, he was hired as a substitute teacher. Once he got that job, he packed his things and left my son one day while he was at work. My son was angry and he started making threats so Kevin to file a restraining order on him. I just told my son to calm down and don’t do nothing stupid. I told him to let Kevin go and make a life for himself. I was nice enough not to press him for any money after 6 years of living in my house. Kevin is staying at his mother’s house now. MY SON helped me pay bills, Kevin never gave me a DIME. But at least he went to school and looked after my younger kids I’ll give him credit for that. Kevin’s mother is on social security and food stamps. This woman had the nerve to send me a email cussing me out and calling me names and harassing me for not stopping my son from beating her son up. This is coming from the same woman who kicked Kevin out for being gay! I took him in right away out of love for my son and because I ain’t no prejudice. I should go over there and whoop that woman’s behind but I’m 47 years old. I should be past nonsense like that. That’s why I’ve been single for 8 years because I don’t need no man and all that drama. I’ve been beat and cheated on too. I’m DONE with it. Personally, I think Kevin’s momma is trying to benefit off of whatever little but of money her son will be making with this sub-teaching job. I hold my own weight and don’t depend on no damn body. But everybody wants to ask me for favors and I’m too much of a sucker to say no. With that being said, do you think I handled things right these past several years or am I missing something? How could Kevin’s mother be right?

Administrator answers:

1/ It was extremely generous of you to take in Kevin when his mom threw him out. You didn’t have to.
2/ If your son was cheating and beating on Kevin, you were an enabler. I know you were in a difficult situation but this kind of behaviour on the part of your son being okay and accepted by you sent a not so great message to your younger children. Your son and his boyfriend are both adults and could have moved out on their own.
3/ That Kevin helped by looking after your younger children is a credit in his favour. You might have worked a better deal with him and your son to help out around the house.
4/ Now, after all they put you through and Kevin has graduated and is no longer your son’s boyfriend; he’s moved out.

Delete all messages from Kevin’s mother. Don’t put any energy into them at all. Kevin is now working and back at home. He is no longer your concern.

You are obviously a strong woman and you have other kids to look after. Spend your time and energy on them.

PS: I know he is your son, but I don’t think much of anything good about your eldest son. Cheating and domestic violence are not acceptable behaviour for anyone in a relationship. The fact that he dragged you into it too by living in your home, doesn’t say anything good about him either.

Good luck to you.

Lisa asks…

Am I paying too much for car insurance? Advice?!?

I’m 19 years old. Has had my license since I was 16 1/2. No tickets or accidents. Right now I’m paying $150.00 a month with my current insurer (which is based off my Mom’s) I recently searched and Liberty Mutual is giving me a quote of $79 dollars a month which is obviously a whole lot cheaper. How easy is it to switch and is there a down payment? And any other advice you may have. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Yes!!! There is definitely cheaper out there my friend!!!

You need to check other Auto Insurance for better quotes…I am 4 years older than you same predictament-no accident and no tickets. Guess what I’m paying 37.00 a month and that is just for liability alone. Check with statefarm to see what kind of quote they can give you.

It is very easy to switch and should be no hassel regardless of who you are carrying your policy with! I went from Geico to Statefarm with out any problems.
I decided to change over some few weeks after paying my monthly bill so, geioco just charged me for the days that the coverage was on my car

and reimbursed me the rest of my money for the coverage that wasn’t used for my Car. You see very simple.

Oh and btw some insuracance companies will make you pay a downpayment.It just depends on who you are dealling with. I didn’ t have to with StateFarm.

What you need to do is contact or call the 800 number to every quote you get from each Insurance provider. Talking to a custmer care representative will help you out much by giving you more information!

Have a good day!

Maria asks…

What’s the big deal about credit cards? Why does everyone hate them?

Sure, credit card companies can do a lot of immoral things to people, but it is mainly the consumers fault for failing to understand what they are getting themselves into.

I love credit cards. This may sound absurd to most people. But I don’t believe in buying anything in this day and age without being rewarded for it.

I am 19 years old, started with a Secured Credit Card, then got my American Express Blue Cash, and now have a Chase Freedom MasterCard to use for everywhere that does not take my American Express. I pretty much abandoned my secured card but do not believe in closing credit cards.

I have a credit score of 750, have a great savings and investment plan in which I am able to invest 40% of my paycheck, 5% in which is put into a 401k, and matched, the other 35% goes into my brokerage account, and I have saved up over $30,000 in investments, while working part time since I was 16, have never carried a credit card balance, go to school full time at UT Austin, have no loans, pay my phone bill, car insurance, gas, utilities, and am reimbursed for tuition through work. I also purchased my car on my credit card, and paid it off the same day and was able to earn a whopping amount of cash back.

I just really dont understand why people hate them so much. I have been able to reap the benefits of a credit card. Thank you mr. american express blue, and mr chase freedom for letting me take advantage of you.

People are stupid for ever financing anything. WHy is the concept of paying for things in full so hard to understand. THe only thing that should ever be financed, and only if it must, is a home. THeres no reason for anything else to be financed. I hope the world learns one day to be responsible for their actions, and instead of being dependent on everyone else, takes responsibility for their finances, and that way we can improve the growth of our economy, and improve our 0.3% gdp growth.

oh yea, and to everyone that is scared to accept a credit card, and scared about inquiries. inform yourself. i will gladly accept any credit card that will raise my credit availability. inquiries only negatively hurt your credit for a few months. the long term effects of high credit availability with no debt will make my score soar. inform yourselves people.

Anyways, Im just tired of hearing all the crap about people losing their homes and crying about it, people paying everything on credit and carrying the balance, people making stupid decisions and blaming it all on someone else. I mean seriously, yes its wrong and crooked for companies to do some things like subprime loans, but what kind of person that makes 60,000 takes out an ARM worth 600,000?????. It’s ridiculous. Anyways, i just wanted to vent. thanks to whever reads this.
and yes, everyone may not be in the same situation as me and save 40 percent of their check, but theres no reason that what should go into debt. but if a college kid that makes 9.50 an hour can do it, anyone can.

Administrator answers:

It’s not that the concept of paying is full is hard to understand, it’s that paying in full is not always possible. Some things are just a little too expensive to pay all at once, which is exactly why financing was invented.

You’re completely right that some people make bad decisions involving credit. When people pay for a boob job on their high-interest Visa card, that’s a poor decision. However, when you need to pay the mortgage, fill up your gas tank, pay the electric bill, get your kid braces AND put food on the table, you might need to use a credit card at some point, even if it’s just at the grocery store.

You might find getting by easy at 19, when you have no one else to support, but when you get a little older you might find yourself having to carry a balance every now and then.

So, if you make 9.50/hour, you must make about 8.00/hour after taxes. Let’s say you work full time, 40 hours a week, even though you said you didn’t. So, you make about $16,700 in a year. You’re saving up 40% of that, about $7000. So, you’re living off of $10,000/year. How is that paying for college, bills, and a car? That’s amazing. If you’re actually able to pull that off, congrats. But again, be thankful you don’t have anyone depending on YOU right now. It’s hard for a family (i.e., a mom, dad, and 1 child) to get by on $50,000/year.

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