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Your Questions About 1 Day Car Insurance For 19 Year Olds

July 17, 2013

Donna asks…

Why am I expected to do so much and in return get nothing?

I am talking about my freedom. I am 19 years old and I still have a to be home at a certain time sometimes early than others like 10pm tonight. I would be able to understand this maybe if I wasn’t doing anything with my time but truth is I am working 5 days a week and currently taking 20 units at college. I pay my own car payment, phone, gas, schooling, and not to mention clothes and anything else I want. Yet, I am still treated like a child… No matter how I go about bringing up this topic of conversation my mom shuts it down immediately. She says that being able to come home when I want (which wouldn’t be some ridiculous time probably 1 or 2 at the VERY latest) to be able to do what I want. She tells me come home and do your homework. Um, I pay for my own damn school. I also have done nothing to break her trust such as drink, drugs, or be promiscuous. I just don’t get it, it is so unfair I do so much yet I can do nothing. I also can’t just be one of those kids who says ” I can do what I want”, that will not fly in my house. My mom would stop paying my car insurance and probably eventually make me move out which I have no money fore. I just need a good argument or something that will help her see the situation from my point of view. I feel like I am missing out on so much not being able to go out and do things. Why should she care as long as I am doing well in school (which I am not but that has nothing to do with going out and I plan on not telling her the whole truth about it anyway) but seriously what can I do? I am feeling so pissed off about it lately I am going to snap.
Also, I will be 20 in 2 months….not that it will make a difference

Administrator answers:

What exactly is your mom’s objection to you staying out late? You mentioned that she refuses, but never said why. You also never said what you would be doing if you were staying out late.

If push comes to shove you could always tell your mom that you need to stay on campus late to work on a group project, or, if this is about going out, you could just make arrangements to stay overnight at a friend’s house/dorm/apartment/obscure housing structure.

Paul asks…

How can I afford to live on my own?

I’m 19 years old and I am a live-in nanny in Arizona, but lately I’ve been very homesick for the Washington DC area (I spent the first 13 years of my life there). I know that I’m going to have to find my own place to live eventually, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to afford it. Right now, I make less than $250 a week after taxes for a 50 hour work week. I have to pay for a portion of my school (including the cost of textbooks), my phone bill (about $70 a month for everything), and then there are things like my scheduled vacation back to New Jersey, and then little day-to-day expenses.

I’m worried that I’m not going to be able to afford to live on my own. I’m trying to save up for a car, which means I’ll have to start paying for car insurance. I’ll also have to start covering my own doctor’s costs (my parents pay for everything now). I’m not too worried about health insurance since I’m an education major and I should be able to get coverage through work (and as long as I’m a full time student I can stay on my parents’ plan for a few more years).

I’m planning on just using my cell phone, and I need internet access (especially since I do all my schoolwork online), but cable isn’t needed. I’m also going to have to buy my own groceries and pay for things like my contacts and glasses (which are a lot more expensive now that I’m 19 and can’t get the children’s price).

So between apartment rental, a car (I know I can deal with not having one, but I also know that public transportation isn’t always practical, and in some cases it’s not available), any extra utilities (phone bill, internet, paying for the laundromat, etc), groceries, health expenses, and extras I’m not going to be able to afford that with the salary I make now. (A month’s rental at a 1 bedroom apartment in Alexandria, VA is more than I make in a month).

And on top of that, I’m going to have to try to make ends meet while doing my student teaching in a couple years.

Does anyone else have any suggestions other than finding a second job and working evenings and weekends? (I’ve been applying to work at places, but so far nothing is coming up).
Nowadays $70 a month for a phone bill is one of the less expensive options, especially for what I am getting out of it. And I would get another job, but I can’t afford it. This job also provides me with room and board. If I quit I won’t have a place to stay.

Administrator answers:

Well, it sounds as though you know the truth already – that there is no way you will be able to live on your own with that salary in the DC/Arlington area. The rents in that area are at a premium, as is typical with most large cities.

The only thing I would suggest is getting someone to co-sign for you. What this means is that either a family member or friend would be a financial guarantor for your apartment. They should be stable and well established financially, as they would sign the lease and be responsible should you not pay your rent. Now, not everyone is willing to do this, but hopefully someone you know will help you out. Just be sure that if someone does this for you, that you pay the rent on time every month and are very responsible. Their name – and good credit – will be on the line.

You should be able to find an apartment community who is willing to accept a Co-signer for a full-time college student. Another way to help you with the expenses of living would be a roommate. I would check with your college’s housing department and see if you can find someone looking for a roommate. Be careful who you choose, though – make sure you meet them several times and get along well before entering into any lease with them.

Good luck to you!

Maria asks…

can’t stop eating & spending money?

im basically so unhappy with my life and i turn to food and shopping :(

i’m 19, have a ‘good’ job. most days its boring but its work i guess, and i dont hate it.

i dont have very many friends. well, i have 1. i only have 1 option if i ever want to go out and stuff, and when she lets me down or cant do anything one evening, my whole world literally collapses.

i’ve also never had a boyfriend and i just feel so lonely and like i never will have one. for works xmas lunch, this year everyone is bringing their partners, and i have said i cant go because im just too embarassed to turn up on my own, and i also cant think of anything worse than being on a table full of happy couples when i feel so low.

because of this, i turn to food and shopping.

i spend the most ridiculous amount of money on clothes, and ive even used up all my savings, which i should be saving so i can pay for my car insurance in a few months. i am literally not happy if i dont have something in the post for me, or if im not looking forward to going shopping at the weekend.

im also addicting to eating. every single day i tell myself im gonna eat healthy etc, and i’m fine during the day at work, but in the evenings when im sat in my bedroom alone, and my family arguing (yeah my family is a bit dysfunctional lol) i just have nothing else to turn to. i have even been known to drive out to my local 24 hour tescos at the most ridiculous time of night because i need to buy some food. i’m not overweight at the moment, but i can see the pounds piling on but i have tried everything and just cant stop this snacking in the evening.

i just wish i had something else in my life that brought me as much happiness as eating and spending do. i have no hobbies or interests, and i have joined so many clubs, and even paid £200 for a college course i didnt want to do, just to find friends but i HATE these kind of situations. i would rather meet someone more casually and not as forced as in clubs and stuff. plus i have no confidence so i have panic attacks and im a nervous wreck before going to these things, my mum has to literally push me through the door. i mean im 19 years old for christ sake!!!

how can i control… my life?

Administrator answers:

Ive been in your pretty much exact situation – i left school at 16 cos i didnt have any friends and liked having a job and loads of money, but like you, with nothing to spend it on I was just stuffin my face with expensive food and honestly you gotta stop cos its a hard habit to break, and it can do you alot of damage health wise – i never put on weight but i mucked up my bowels so bad.
Unfortunatley those easy answers like join a club = friends never turn out to be true, as u know. Ive found life is what you make it and its ure attitude – when i lost weight i stopped going food places and just started getting drunk and roaming the streets, not reccomending that, but I met alot of people and had some good memories – but i mean if id spent that same night huddled in mcdonalds stuffing my face and feeling sorry for myself pretending to my family that i was out n about, then I wouldnt of met the people i met, and then thats what pushed u forward
Have u thought bout going to university? I know it sounds like another easy answer solution but if you do something proper then it gives you constant oppurtunities to put yourself out there – im doing nursing at uni now and it is better for you to be around people your own age and have to live with people night after night, you cant just run away and hide if you dont get on at first you have to work at it
Apart from that I would say do a team sport and stick at it – even if the people put u off u have to stick things out – thats wot most people do i think, even if its not great at first they’re like its better than nothing, rather than thinking its shite because of me – i can never go back, they just keep going back and then thats when u get the good times here and there, and after a while u realise u got friends
woever u do u have to stick at it and keep going back good luck i wanted to write something to help u so badly but i dont know what the perfect thing to say is, but all im saying is ive been where u are and u can sort ureself out if u want to but alot of the time u need a strong reason outside of dissatisfaction – and unless u take it upon ureself to pull ureself up then life will give u another reason to and that is not what u want cos not everyone can handle what life might throw at u GOODLUCK XX

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