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Your Questions About 1 Day Car Insurance For 19 Year Olds

June 4, 2013

Laura asks…

can’t stop eating & spending money?

im basically so unhappy with my life and i turn to food and shopping :(

i’m 19, have a ‘good’ job. most days its boring but its work i guess, and i dont hate it.

i dont have very many friends. well, i have 1. i only have 1 option if i ever want to go out and stuff, and when she lets me down or cant do anything one evening, my whole world literally collapses.

i’ve also never had a boyfriend and i just feel so lonely and like i never will have one. for works xmas lunch, this year everyone is bringing their partners, and i have said i cant go because im just too embarassed to turn up on my own, and i also cant think of anything worse than being on a table full of happy couples when i feel so low.

because of this, i turn to food and shopping.

i spend the most ridiculous amount of money on clothes, and ive even used up all my savings, which i should be saving so i can pay for my car insurance in a few months. i am literally not happy if i dont have something in the post for me, or if im not looking forward to going shopping at the weekend.

im also addicting to eating. every single day i tell myself im gonna eat healthy etc, and i’m fine during the day at work, but in the evenings when im sat in my bedroom alone, and my family arguing (yeah my family is a bit dysfunctional lol) i just have nothing else to turn to. i have even been known to drive out to my local 24 hour tescos at the most ridiculous time of night because i need to buy some food. i’m not overweight at the moment, but i can see the pounds piling on but i have tried everything and just cant stop this snacking in the evening.

i just wish i had something else in my life that brought me as much happiness as eating and spending do. i have no hobbies or interests, and i have joined so many clubs, and even paid £200 for a college course i didnt want to do, just to find friends but i HATE these kind of situations. i would rather meet someone more casually and not as forced as in clubs and stuff. plus i have no confidence so i have panic attacks and im a nervous wreck before going to these things, my mum has to literally push me through the door. i mean im 19 years old for christ sake!!!

how can i control… my life?

Administrator answers:

At the age of 19 you are still at a very early stage in your life. You have a job and a car and seem to live alone, but do not say under what circumstances. You are in a stronger position than many 19 year old girls. Eating and shopping are your indulgencies, but can be habit forming so beware. You have all the time in the world still. You paid for a college course and say you have joined many clubs. Think through what you are good at and try to identify a hobby or interest which is associated with that and which can take up your time, whilst not costing too much. If you are eating/shopping just to avoid being bored in your spare time, then consider local volunteering work. This is a way of getting out, keeping occupied whilst doing something good and enjoyable, finding out how others people’s lives work, meeting people, getting expenses paid (usually, but not always) and it gives you a broader outlook on life. Also, voluntary work looks good on your CV and it sounds as though you do not intend staying in your current job forever. Take your time and just use that time more productively and start saving for your car insurance and a rainy day again. Good luck and best wishes

Linda asks…

How should a 20 year old in college prepare to move out?

I am 19 years old about to turn 20 soon. I was thinking about moving out for a while now to live life on my own for a while. If I was to move out, I would like to find somewhere that it’s $500-600 for rent. I know the utilities are included. I am currently working and make $360 every 2 weeks. I currently have $3,300 saved up. I don’t have any close friends to move in with which would of been helpful and my brother is not that fond of moving out even though he’s 23. If I was to move out, I would have my bf of a year and some months that I’ve known for 5 years. I will be in school full time next semester and I’m currently looking for a new job for the day time since I will be taking evening classes. How should I prepare if I was to move out? My parents would cover car insurance and some furniture.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, your figures are unrealistic. For starters you are not making enough money monthly for accommodations between $500-$600. As a general guide monthly rent should not exceed 1/3 of monthly income. Your monthly income is currently only $720. With that income you would only qualify for a $240 per month apartment.
Though you have savings of $3,300 this unfortunately is not significant. It is highly unlikely that any landlord would accept your present financial situation.

To get back to your question on how to prepare to move out I recommend you do the following:

Living on one’s own is all about income and cash outlay for expenses. You’ve already listed the income at $720. You need to make a list of every routine daily and monthly expense [not including car insurance]

To get you started I would begin listing the monthly cost for:

- rent
- phone
- laundry [detergent etc]
- cable
- internet
- electricity [normally not included in utilities]
- groceries
- gas
- car maintenance
- clothing
- personal effects such as toothpaste, soaps, cosmetics etc. Etc.
- apartment insurance [ take this figure and divide by 12 months]
- social and entertainment
- miscellaneous [unexpected expenses and things you might want to purchase]

You said you will be in school next semester full-time. When are you planning to work so you can support yourself? You need to give this a re-think and stay where you are for the time being or…..

As an alternative you may want to consider a room and board arrangement near campus. Your costs would be a fraction of what you would pay. Though you would be living with a family you would still have your privacy and independence [with limitations of course regarding the bf]

Donald asks…

What happens if I drive without a license in WA?

I am 19 years old and got my permit last year. I have a car, but since I don’t have a job I do not have insurance. I also don’t have my license because 1) I’ve had nobody to teach me how to drive, unless I wanted to ask some random person on the street, and 2) I don’t have $20 for the license test. Lol. I am living with a family member, but complications have arouse and she is no longer an available option to stay with. Now I don’t even have money for another place unless I get a job this month. I think a place to live is more important than car insurance at this time. I have an interview tomorrow, just 15 or so minutes away… It’s just a one, straight-road trip. I am getting my license when I get my first pay check, as well as insurance for my car. I don’t have the time or money to take the bus. The person I am staying with was supposed to give me a ride, but told me a few hours ago that she isn’t going to. I am going to see if my friend that lives an hour away has the day off, if he does I’ll ask him for a ride… but if he works then my only option that isn’t time-consuming is to take my car. (I can drive now, just need to legalize that fact). If that were to happen, what are the penalties for being too poor to afford a license and insurance? I don’t really have family (long story), my grandparents live three or so hours away, though and they work.
It’s not that it’s just more convenient. It’s that all of the other options (bus & walking) are too time-consuming… meaning I actually do not have the time for it. I have been sick for two weeks now (eliminates walking what would be a 15min drive), and I do not have money for a bus. Nobody is here to give me money right now… even if they were here, one of the cats are sick so it’s not good for me to be gone longer than I have to. (she has millions of animals). I understand that I shouldn’t do it… but I am just as able as the me who would have her license and insurance… it’s just the government wanting money.

Administrator answers:

Sorry for your troubles, but there is no excuse to be driving without a license or insurance. It may be easier to do it that way, but the law prefers you do the right thing, not just what’s easiest.

The consequence for driving without a license is the same as in any state. You get a ticket. That’s going to make it much harder to get your license when you finally can.

Driving without insurance is another thing. If you get into an accident, who will pay for the damages? You. If you send someone to the hospital, those bills alone will ruin you for decades to come. Add a lawsuit on top of that and you’ve just ruined a bunch more years.

All that for doing something just because it’s easier. Is it worth the risk? Only you can answer that. Hopefully no one else will pay for that gamble though.

Richard asks…

Should a 19 year old have a curfew?

I am 19 years old, I go to college, I have a job and I pay for everything except for my phone bill. Moving out is not an option for me right now, due to my income and bills. I pay for my car, gas and insurance. I have a 12pm curfew and it’s non negotiable. I am sometimes aloud a 1230-1 curfew every couple of months. I am also not aloud to sleepover any of my friends houses unless my parents talk to theirs during the day. I am also not aloud to have sleepovers with my boyfriend of 3 years, or aloud to share a room if we go away. I do not know any of my friends or anybody I went to school with that has a curfew. Me and my boyfriend are also not aloud to go away for a weekend without my parents. Soo annoying, any thoughts? Sorry about the novel!

Administrator answers:

You are a legal adult. And from what you’re saying, you’re a responsible legal adult.

Your parents are sheltering you and treating you like a child. They need to realize that you’re no longer a child and cut the cord.

To put it simply: they’re being fxcking ridiculous.

Sandy asks…

I’m 21 years old and feeling like a horrible father and a lousy excuse for a man? I need advice..?

I have a 4 year old daughter (had her when I was 17), whom I love with all my heart, but lately I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been doing right by her. Her mother is am alcoholic and drug addict, and quite frankly, doesn’t do much, if anything at all, for her. I’m working full time and make very little. When I look at all my old schoolmates from high school that turned to selling drugs and can easily provide for their children, it makes me want to go and do that. I’m really struggling. I live with my 65 year old mother, she is retired and so she lives with us. My father died when I was about 19 and he had no life insurance.

My classmates live in nice houses. I live in a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment. My mother and daughter share a bed and I sleep on a blanket on the floor. They are able to afford nice cars and jewelry. I drive a used 1990 Nissan Sunny that is probably on its last leg of life. They wear designer clothes and I wear clothes and shoes that are about two sizes too small because all of my money goes to paying the bills, rent, medical bills for both my mother and my daughter (she has asthma), grocery, clothes for my daughter etc.

Some days are harder than others. This morning when I got up to cook breakfast I realized I forgot to go to the grocery store and we only had a half box of oatmeal, two slices of bread, a banana and a jar of peanut butter. I woke them up for breakfast, cooked the oatmeal for my mother and daughter, put the peanut butter on the bread and sliced the banana in half and placed a half on the side of each bowl along with a glass of water. There wasn’t anything else to eat, so I went to work hungry.

I went to the grocery store before I came home from work and as I was counting my money in the car, I think I cried a little bit. Because after I paid all the bills and the rent, paid for my daughter’s asthma medicine, paid for my mother’s insulin and heart medication, …I realized I only had $30 dollars and still had to pay to put gas in the car which put me down to about $15 for grocery. I went home, head hung in shame, and cooked a meal of rice and beans with milk for drink and that’s probably what we’re gonna have for the next three days or so.

My mother says she’s proud of the man I’ve become but I’m not too proud of myself. What kind of man can’t properly provide for his family? What kind of man has his daughter wearing clothes from a thrift store? That doesn’t sound like a man to me..

My daughter always asks her grandma things like “Why is our house so small?” and “Why do we eat the same thing every night?” and my mother sometimes spanks her when she asks those questions but it hurts my heart to know I can’t give her the life she deserves.

I went to the community church the other day and they had a soup stall outside after the service and the soup was free so I took my mom and daughter for some. As the ladies were packaging the soup, I heard some of the other women whispering something about “them poor folk”.

I just feel like their lives would be so much better without me, I just feel like they’d have a better life without me. Sometimes I actually contemplate suicide or selling drugs.

I’m just so tired and honestly don’t know what I should do?

Administrator answers:

A four year old child does not know a big or rich house from a small poor house.
However,what good is your wife,she is neither a good house keeper nor a good mom.You cook meals and your mom takes care of the child,what does the wife do.
Make her get a job to help with family economics.Stop providing for her alcohol and drugs.

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