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Your Questions About 1 Day Car Insurance For 18 Year Old

April 5, 2013

Laura asks…

How do I get my parents to support me in enlisting in the Navy Reserves?

My parents are highly against the idea, even though ironically my father spent 25 years in the navy as both enlisted AND an officer. They want me to finish my 4 year degree first before I decide to do anything.

However, Ive told them repeatedly that I do plan to finish my bachelors while I am in the reserves (Im currently in my first year of college and 18 years old) and the reserves are giving my the option to start off as an E3 out of boot camp, complete my boot camp and finish A School during this upcoming summer and are even giving me the opportunity to take a break from college every 2-3 semesters (until I graduate) and go on voluntarily deployment for 6-8 months.

They have given me too options if i want to serve in the navy, First, they told me that i could go through the officer route and I have already told them that I have ZERO desire to go through ROTC in college and become an officer as that is not something I want, and the second option,”okay finish your degree and then enlist” I clearly do not wish to enlist with a bachelors (That’s ludacris, that like getting a 175k brand new modern day education to work at mcdonalds)

I want to join the reserves so I can simultaneously serve my country (which I strongly feel the urge to do), Mature into an adult instead of some crazy frat douche boy from college with a bachelors and a range rover. and finally, the chance to break up my college so Im not so suffocated with it.

They told me that if I decide to join the reserves, “good luck coming back home without a car, insurance, a place to live, something to eat, and good luck finishing college because you will have no help from us, you are cut off!” – My Mom.

And my dad seems to think that the moment I complete A School I will get called from my reservist status to permant active duty for the remainder of my contract. (5years 8 months) and never finish my college degree. My recruiter told me that this will not happen unless WW3 breaks out tomorrow.

How can I convince them that this is what I want to do? I am currently home for the winter break of college and I plan to take my father down to talk with the recruiter chief and the officer in charge tomorrow about this. However, i seriously doubt that is going to help change BOTH their minds about this.
EDIT: I was not looking into the navy as a career outlet, I just wish to serve 6 years (as a reserve), E5 max, and be on my way with my career as a civilian.

I am also 100% dedicated to my current college major, (obviously, why my classes that are concerned with my major has the highest grades, A’s,) And right now my tuition in full is being paid for by the government because my father was a long time naval officer, only thing they are having to pay for are books, boarding, food, car, insurance, and misc stuff which all added up barely compares to tuition fees.

The Mcdonald’s reference to an E1 or E2 was not because the type of work they do, because an 18 year old loading up a multi-thousand dollar is quite different from an 18 year old pushing a button on a register when you order a burger, fries and a coke. but the amount of wages they get are very similar, and if you have served, you will know that it is near to nothing.

Administrator answers:

1. It is scary that your dad did 25 years and has no clue

2. It is even more scary that you equate enlisted service to working at McDonalds

Joseph asks…

Who would be the best insurance provider for my situation?

I’m 18 years old and looking for insurance for my pro-touring ’75 firebird (trans am tribute).
The car has a 5.3 liter LS Motor with a 4L60E and show quality paint.
I plan to drive the car on every day that the weather is decent and race it occasionally so most classic car insurance is probably not a good idea.
I would have gone with State Farm however they won’t insure it because it has a roll cage.
Who would you suggest for insurance?

Administrator answers:

That’s just the reason State Farm gave you. They don’t like to insure drivers under 24, period.

They won’t tell you this, but that’s just the way it is.

You’re only going to get it insured for blue book value which means the show quality paint means nothing.

Some have replacement value but not sure if they’d count the extra quality paint job.

If it’s paid for and it’s worth less than 1.5k U.S., I’d say go with whatever’s cheaper with a 500 deductible or go with just liability. Get a notebook, telephone book and a pen. Start at the beginning and call each company on the list. It’s going to be a long afternoon for you.

Stay away from Progressive. Hate them, hate them, hate them.

At your age, you’re going to have trouble getting a decent rate to start with, with you stating that you’re going to race it, you’re limiting your options.

Lizzie asks…

How to not become bitter for my own faults?

Im an 18 year old girl. I moved out on my own last August (right after high school)
Being an 18 year old girl, learning how to budget was a struggle and when I started getting it all on trck and under control I totaled my car… (a little over a month ago)
Ever since then I have been riding a bike to and from work and where ever I need to go. I work full time 1-930pm and my work is 5 miles from where I live so each day I travel about 10 miles.
I’m fortunate that I have a lot of great friends and family to help me but I never wanted to take advantage of them so I still rode my bike in hopes that on a really bad day I could ask without feeling like a bother. A lot of them told me to ask whenever and they would help. My mom said she would help but just moved to another state which is also another thing ive dealt with along with getting my trashed car out of towing for $250… over all its just a string of bad karma or luck.
It hasnt been so bad but I just broke my bike and its just started snowing like crazy so I asked my bf for a ride this afternoon since I know he doesnt work… and he told me he would and showed up to my house and fixed my bike which is sweet but after giving my bike a temp. Fix he left because he said he wanted to go home and eat and to text him when I get to work… so I rode my bike 5 miles in the snow… and I know I sound selfish… at first I was truly humbled by the whole experience but all of a sudden im beginning to feel bitter toward some people… How do I stop that from happening?

(m waiting for my insurance to send me money for my car which will be about 2 weeks before im probably all set with a car)

Administrator answers:

Well, it sounds like you’re just bummed out about the car. It’s a far ride but I used to do it too (about 5 miles), and the exercise is great for you. It’s only temporary until you can get a car again. Even the best of drivers can get into an accident. Sometimes we need to persevere through the difficult times of life. Sounds like you had to grow up fast and that things will get better. Just be careful when you get a car again – maybe take your bike sometimes (saves gas), avoid highways when possible (that’s where most accidents happen).

Carol asks…

How much to go on my parents car insurance?

How much would it cost to add an 18 year old girl onto her parents cad insurance? I’ve never had a crash but only passed last week. Its a 3 or 4 year old Renault scenic

Administrator answers:

Im not entirely sure. It all just depends on what company your parents are with. Also i am not sure if i read this wrong but it says you got in a crash within the last week?

Few things i should say;

1. It would take a few days, maybe even a week, just to get you insured.

2. Also, it’s really none of my business, but i would have to say if you are not insured you shouldn’t be driving in the first place, in case of an accident, like this one.

Sandra asks…

What are some insurance rates for 18 year old drivers?

I know there are multiple factors counted into insurance rates, including age, driving history, car, year. But I just want to know what’s some insurance rates other teenage drivers had. Please state what type of car and how much you paid for insurance. Include whether you lived in the city or a rural area also. Thanks

Administrator answers:

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George asks…

where can i rent a car if i am 18 in miami?

Im planning to visit some relatives in near miami and i am planning to rent a car. Does anybody know which company will rent it to a 18 year old guy in miami?

Administrator answers:

I’ve worked at a travel wholesaler for over two years, so I can tell you with certainly that an 18-year-old are allowed for car rental. This is true for 99% of car rental companies. However, there are two downsides:

1. Because you’re considered a young drive (anyone under 25 years of age), there is an additional mandatory fee. This is per day charge. It could anywhere from $25 to $50 a day depending on the car rental company.

2. You’ll feel (and the company will stress) that it is safer to purchase additional insurance coverage with your car rental, which is typically more expensive for young drivers.

Paul asks…

How to live in LA alone at age 18?

Hello. I’m currently 17 years old, living near DC. I will be turning 18 next February. I’m planning to move to LA alone(kinda) next summer to attend UCLA or a different school and some other reasons but it’s private. I’m not planning to change my mind at all. Can anyone tell me tips on how to live in this city? And how to save money?

Administrator answers:

You know that UCLA will cost you $22,000 more since you’re not a CA resident, right? Living costs, tuition, summer, all on a very very tight budget, will be $56,000+ a year. And at UCLA it is almost impossible to become a resident during your 4 years if your parent doesn’t live in CA. There is a 1 year + 1 day residency rule, but that isn’t all, you must be self-supporting with proof (tax returns, parents’ tax returns, pay stubs, loan docs, etc), that means $56,000 a year in salary, loans without cosigners, etc, not taken as an exemption on anyone’s taxes for the previous 2 years, plus other requirements. (And UCLA is very competitive for admissions, 4.37/3.87 GPA, 2030 SAT, average for admits.)

For non-residents, a community college is $4560 more than for CA residents, and a Cal State is about $10,000 more, for tuition for 9 months.

To attend a community college, you will have to earn about $27,000 to attend community college and pay your living expenses, on a very tight budget. You can see the budget here:

(Add the $4560 fees for 2 semesters, and about $5000 for summer living expenses.)

Community college *may* be easier to get CA residency after living here for 1 year + 1 day (before semester starts), but that residency doesn’t necessarily roll over to Cal State and especially not the UCs. CA tax payers support the public college system, so this is why the rules are so stringent. Private colleges cost from about $40,000 – $60,000 a year with tuition and living expenses.

The budgets for students on college websites are very very low, I wonder how some kids can do that, definitely it means roommates, and living very frugally, and a car would be iffy, since the allotted amount for transportation is probably the same or less than many would spend on car insurance (mandatory). To make enough, you’d have to make $15 an hour, which is close to double the pay of what most entry level jobs that 18 year olds can get. (In N Out pays $10, one of the better paying entry level jobs.) Even living in LA without college expenses it is almost impossible for someone making minimum wage to make it. And there just aren’t any jobs for young adults, over-qualified laid-off adults are taking entry level positions. And you really need college to get any kind of decent job, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s needed (receptionist, etc), because your competition for jobs all have college educations.

So all you can do is to save up from earnings you’re making now, expect not to find a job here for 4 – 6 months, maybe longer, so have enough cash available to cover that time, apply for financial aid and scholarships, be mentally prepared to live extremely frugally, and write out a budget so you know just how tight things are. Also, it is good if you have some family support so in case of an emergency you have a ticket home or maybe cash for unexpected expenses.

Good luck!

Betty asks…

what advice can you give me on buying a first car?

I am going to be 18 years old in four months am so exited to get my first car. I saved 1500 to put on a down payment I’m manager at McDonalds right now. And I want a second opinion is it a good idea to buy a 10,000 dollar car?

Administrator answers:

Sure, sounds like a lot of fun too, the main thing is believe it or not when buying used cars is patience, there are a lot of broken down cars for sale, and what you do not want to do is drag home some worn out piece of junk, The best way to keep this from happening, is for you to learn how to inspect a vehicle, and if it passes the things you need, then it goes to the mechanic to confirm that it is indeed a winner, not a loser.
Here is a web site that is free, has tons of free information on how to look at used cars, what to look for and what to look out for. You need to assume most people especially dealers are lying about how good the condition of the car really is, after all they want to sell it, and if you drag home a broken junk car, you own it, not them. You also need to be familiar with pricing information and how much something is worth, there are a variety of places that are free than can help you find what a good price would be. NADA guide is one I use a lot the national automobile dealers association has a free consumer section and I check a lot of car prices there. It also does classic cars too, as well as motorcycles and motor homes and travel trailers.
You have to be choosy when looking at a used car from a private party. Many people will dump a car the first sign of trouble, I always do what I have learned works the best for me over many years, I do a cold start test drive. What I do is ask the owner not to start the car in the morning, because I want to start it after sitting overnight. The reason for this is I know almost any used car that has a bad transmission or engine, shows up cold first. (but rapidly gets worse) I open the hood right when I get there, if the heat rolls up into my face, the owner warmed it up anyway, which usually means they are trying to hide something, and I walk away right then.
A car with a bad transmission may not even move when cold, for 5 to 15 minutes, or the engine may bang or rattle or smoke, but after warming up is ok the rest of the day. You don’t want this. Leave it there and walk.
Open the hood, look at the engine oil and see if its reasonably clean, and check the level, if its a quart down, this vehicle may use oil, pay close attention. Next, check the dip stick for automatic transmissions pull it out, and just look at the fluid on the tip, it should be pinkish reddish and clear, if its dark brown or black and it smells burnt, the transmission is no good, time to walk. (old mechanics trick is to sniff the fluid if it smells burnt that’s bad.
Once you start the car, give it a minute or two too warm up for oil circulation, then drive it like you stole it, you want to let the owner know you would like to drive it for at least 30 to 40 minutes. However when you first take off, you want to drive it and see how good it runs, drives, and stops and gets up to freeway speeds (55mph) any car, that can run drive and stop good and get to 55 in the first 5 to 7 minutes, may not be in too bad of shape. And while on your test drive, check out the power windows, all the way up, and all the way down, several times each. Make sure to check the heater, the windshield wipers, lights and turn signals, the seat buttons, check all the lights make sure it all works. If the vehicle drives good for 30 to 40 minutes, good. Next thing is a mechanical inspection. Find a mechanic ahead of time, when buying older used cars, you will need one sooner, not later. A good mechanic, can check out a car in about an hour (70 bucks)
If you use a dealer use the cold start thing on any car you are interested in. 1,500 is a good down payment but used vehicles usually need a good mechanic to check them out before and after buying, I plan on 200 to 600 in repairs right from day one, and if you buy from a dealer, you will need full coverage insurance, so more money, keep saving your money, the more money you have, the nicer car you will get. Even if it takes longer, keep saving that money!!! If you go to a large car dealer and hop in and out of used cars, you will get a sense of what you like, stay with a Honda, a Toyota, a Nissan, or the all wheel drive subaru, these are some durable long lasting cars, and try to stay with front engine rear wheel drive if at all possible, fixing them is way cheaper in the long run, and they also go higher mileages a lot better than front engine front wheel drive cars do. Its all about patience, patience and more patience, you may be looking a long time who knows? But when you turn a corner one day, you may see the car you been looking for right there, try to stay with cars owned by older retired adults, they take better care and fix every little thing. Good luck have fun!!!

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