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Your Questions About 1 Day Car Insurance For 18 Year Old

March 16, 2013

Lizzie asks…

How do I get REVENGE…HELP?

I am so after revenge right now. I know this is long, but I am really sorry. I have taken enough bull crap for him for a whole year now. I have decided to give some of his own medicine back to him, but how do I? I am female and my cousin is male. He has been treating me terribly for the past year. I have given him free rides my whole life, by car and by materialistic things such as money and things like that. He was what I thought to be “like a brother” sort of thing because I “thought” we were close cousins….but evidently that changed. I am 6 years older than him. He just turned 18. If you do the math correctly you will get my age. Well about 6 months ago I had a fender bender and he was the passenger. Like usual taking him places….trying to make him feel better (he is what everyone calls a “loser”) but I have NEVER called him that. I would help him gain his confidence by taking him to the mall every weekend to find social interaction…..not taking in the account that I am waisting my time….BUT I do love my cousin, its just the fact that when I was in the fender bender. We were fine, went the ER after we got home from the accident. He just had a bruise and I had neck pain. Well now he is suing ME and my insurance company. He has gotten this FANCY expensive lawyer and the letter I JUST got (the accident was 6+ months ago) saying that he not only went to the ER the day of the accident, but 3-4 weeks after he had all these bogus tests done on his back. Had to have rehab, MRI’s and all sorts of stuff. The total bill is $16000+. The lawyer said in the letter I got that he has a herniated disc. WELL he has been treated for that problem BEFORE the accident. GOD i can’t stand this. He has turned against me, frauding my insurance, making harrasing texts and phone calls. I have called my insurance and they said they got the same letter and they are looking into the situation. BUT I AM WANTING REVENGE. How can I make it hard on him like he is making it hard on me….? I can’t take much pressure for this. THIS HAS been a terrible year for me. I know this sounds harsh, but I AM WANTING to pay for what he is doing. I could get a warrant for his arrest for insurance fraud, but that is the decision of my insurance company. I am wanting to personally do something. You just don’t know how MUCH he has done to me….what kind of pain and suffering he has done to me. Well i am going to stop here….Please anyone able to give me tips, advice, help. ONLY serious responses and if you want to bash me and point fingers at me…DON”T even bother.
1 hour ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
He even has his own truck, but now to get to thinking he just bummed off of me……free ride and free gas to where ever he would like. MY stupid fault. I HAVE learned my lesson…
58 minutes ago

Thanks Tamara. I feel so horrible now. He “says” if I don’t pay that I would go to jail. Well that’s the reason why I pay my car insurance. In case something like this happens. I have all sorts of evidence of him having back pains before the accident. And all the texts he has been sending me saying he getting a “free ride from my insurance.” IDK when court will be if my insurance company follows through this case.
52 minutes ago

Thanks for all your responses. It makes me feel like someone is actually on my side now. His parents are pushing him as well. My grandparents and my parents are BURNED at the fact that his parents are actually making him doing this. His parents has always been money hungry and are always looking for a law suit. Its just who they are….
47 minutes ago

His parents are making him, but he wants it the same.

Administrator answers:

Keep every evidence you can get, like those texts. Or record him when he calls and talks trash and all that. Use it against him.
He sounds like a tragic existence, a loser with no morals, no values, who hasn’t known love. And you are a very kind person anyone would be lucky to have in their life.
I wish that you get out of this mess without paying a dime, and that after that, you will cut off any contact with him whatsoever.

Donna asks…

How do I make my car signed under my own name!?

I just turned 18 about 3 months ago and I’m sick and tired of hearing from my dad “The car‘s under my name” meaning on days when I’m grounded I can’t drive my car. We have 4 cars, 1 for each person of the family and so I got the honda accord 1993. I want it signed under my name, soon! I don’t want my father to think he has all the control over me anymore, I honestly wish to be independent and to be able to do things on my own. I have my own job along with being a manager in a reptile business getting paid up to 400 dollars every party we do, which we have been getting a lot. I’m tired of feeling like a kid at home with all these restrictions, I’m 18 years old. This is getting ridiculous, I want this car under my name now and pay my own insurance, so my dad can not take this away from me. I am 18 and I can leave the house, but they can take the car away from me since it’s not in my name. I didn’t pay for it. So please just help me out with this.. also I kind of just vented as well, so just ignore the venting and help me out. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

What you have to do, is go buy your own car. Then, you have to buy an insurance policy, take the title for your car to the DMV, and buy tags and a title for it.

Then you have A car under your name.

You can’t MAKE dad sell or give you the car. Which is what “under your name” means – who legally owns the car. Be prepared, though – here in Houston, minimum coverage for a POS car is $3,000 a year for an 18 year old boy.

Carol asks…

What should I do?

My 18 year old daughter Gianna got in a car accident yesterday. A few days ago she asked me if she could move out and I agreed if she’d pay for car insurance,her own credit cards, and any other costs. I’d decided to send her $500 monthly and the rest she’ll need to get a job. She said she’d do all that but then she got in a car accident and the car is total now. She had the nerve to ask me if I could buy her a brand new car. I bought her 1st car too but it was a used 2001 Nissan Altima. She asked me if I could buy her a brand new 2007 Infiniti G35 and I told her “you’re 18 now, you gotta get responsibility starting with buying your own car“. Did I do the right thing?

Administrator answers:

Yes you did. Kids just cant be handed everything now days. You did a good job dude

Joseph asks…

life is very tuff when all you do is work : <?

Working my ass off to save as much as possible but it just isnt possible with the situation im in. I know many people are in my shoes. Im a college student working part time at a bar and part time at cvs getting paid $500 at the bar tip included and at cvs around 400. My rent is 1,100 a month, but with a help of my friend he pays half of the rent. Its a one bedroom apartment with utility included. So i pay 550 a month. But because of student loan i owe around 7,000 dollar in debt and i still havent paid off my car yet so again 14,000 dollars in debt. I have a debt about 21,000 with loan and car. Insurance is around 120 dollars and car payment for my scion is 250 dollars. I work day shift and night shift, i go to school early in the morning. I have saved $387.45 working this past 7 years. I worked since i was 18 years old and now im 25 years old turning 26 in nov. How about you tell me about yourlife and how old u r and how much do you have saved. Tell me am i in good start?

Administrator answers:

Yes you are!

First thing is first, you are doing a great job by focusing on wanting to save! And you are aware of all of your bills and you are paying them off. Just make sure for your credit score that you are paying the bills on time.

What you need to do is start putting money aside each pay period. They say pay yourself first. Well it’s true. I know you don’t have a lot of flexible movement of money but I have been putting $25 bucks aside every pay period. Even something like $5-$10 dollars a week could run you a savings of $260 dollars a year and $1300 in 5 years. Seems like a long time but every little bit helps!

Also I suggest you put this money in a savings account that you can’t access and spend it as easily. I use It has a higher percentage then banks (not much in today’s market) and since you can’t access it as much you won’t be tempted to use it.

I used the book “The Young the Broke and the Fabulous” by Suze Ormand. It helps you put your goals in order and focus on what you can do next. Http://

I can’t say I am that good right now but i am ok. And I am 30, and have roughly $3000 in savings and compared to other people it is nothing but it is somethign to me! I work two jobs but i have been putting my tax refunds directly in savings which has helped and putting a little money aside when i can. But you are younger and can totally will have a killing by the time you are my age! Just remain focused and get your education to get a better job

I was focused on paying my bills and have a high credit score to thank for it. I had to move into an apartment with other roommates, which lowered my rent by $700! Maybe you can get out of your lease and find a roommate to share the burden?

Just remain focused and you will achieve what you need! Good luck to you!

Thomas asks…

Can someone please advise me on this? I am really having a difficult time making this life changing decision.?

When I was 20 my wife(g/f at the time) and I foudn out we were having a baby. We quickly jumped into an accelerated college program (i went for business and she went for accounting) to make sure we would be able to provide for our son and be very wealthy. During the last 3 years I was working a job m-f 7:00 am- 2:30p.m and also work 4 hours saturday and 4 hours sunday. I would go to school two days a week from 5-9:30 at night and either take a saturday class or an online class. Well I got really used to the schedule and having time. I would get home on days I didn’t have school spend a few hours with my son then go to the gym with my friends and my brother for 2 hours and then come home most days to spend time with my family and other times go to my friends house and just hang out a little. A perfect balance right? Well I graduated in December and a friend from school who like my work at school was actually pretty high up in a fortune 300 company and he was able to get me a supervisor job that I started early February. Since I have started the job I have been miserable. My thoughts are very depressed. I can not help but to think how short life is and how life is going to fly by. I don’t think in days I only think in years. Things I used to enjoy doing I do not get the same enjoyment or I feel I don’t have the time to balance those things. The hours are 3:30 in the morning till about 4:40 or sometimes to 6:00 at night. Other hours I work are 4:45 to 3:30(which isn’t that horrible) and currently I am working 3:00p.m. to 1 or 2 a.m. I will be 24 years old at the end of next month and I feel so trapped. I have been thinking about going back to school to get a Secondary Education Degree in Matematics( which is what I went to college for when i was 18 but dropped out because I was still dealing with issues from my moms deatht he past year). My wife wants to go to school to teach younger kids as well. Since we both already have bachelor’s degrees it will take only 2 years maximum to get the education degrees. I am scared to take this chance because I do get paid pretty well( just under 50k) fresh out of college and I will get two nice raises int he first year and I am not sure if the economy will have any teaching jobs open for me when I graduate. I would work while going to school but teaching programs do not have night school. I feel that I may be also too old to make this change. One benefit I might have is that the Department Head of math, the vice principal, and a teacher of over 18 years in the math department at my old highs chool all said they would put their names on the line to get me a job and that math teachers are always needed. I am sure I would have the balance of time and decent pay again when i get a math teaching job. Where I am from in Illinois , math teachers start out about 45k. I really want to be happy again and enjoy life but also be able to enjoy what I do and provide for my son. By the way we live with my wifes parents. So my bills are cell phone($130/month), car insurance on two cars($150/month), which I would bring down to one car if we went to school, rent ( $250/month), cable t.v. which I cna cancel and a gym membership I can cancel. All other bills are just food and gas and entertainment. Please give me some advice. All I hear all the time is how lucky i am to have a job and that gets really frustrating being how miserable I am. I do not have insurance yet for another month so I can’t see a therapist yet either.
For the comment about walking in poor people shoes. Since my parents split when I was 14 and mom died at 17 I have lived in my car for months and slept in tents during the summer even while working and going to school full time which makes this decision even tougher now that I actually have money.

Administrator answers:

Holy crap. You are working fifteen hour days. Not worth it. I think a higher education degree is a good option, but are you sure you are not fleeing to school to get out of some responsibility or to avoid growing up? If not, than go for it. But if one of those reasons is true (although you seem responsible and grown up to me) there are plenty of jobs that pay fairly well and have eight or nine hour days. You should look into one of those. Fifteen hours is grueling and just crazy, so even if you have to take a significant pay cut, it is worth the time you can spend with your wife and kids.

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