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May 9, 2013

Carol asks…

Car insurance, registration wrong by 1 number?

i was driving on the m25 got pulled over by the police, they said to me how long have i had the car i said 3 months, he said have you got insurance, i said yes, he goes well there isn’t anything on the system with my registration, so he gave me a ticket and sent me on my way but before hand he said to me it could just be a number out, check it asap. left
when i got home i went on car insurance website to find out he was right it was out by 1 number it was R669 not R699 ( R699 is correct ), i then the next day went into the police station they cautioned me and said the police officer whom pulled you over will make a decision either let it go with a error or i will have to go to court! i already had 6 points as a provisional driver( have now passed my test 6 points was when i had provisional) which i had now for 3 yrs.. what do you think will happen ????
i never recieved insurrance policy NEVER! and still havent to this day!, the cover has now been sorted also.
This was my families error also.
But this insurrance was taken out on Dec 1st, so from 1st dec no insurrance :(
i wasnt driving uninsurred for 3 months, it was 1 month,
Answer 5, there is no more to this story this is what happened. still yet to hear anything i have not got the police officers pc number or name..

Administrator answers:

Sorry but you have been driving uninsured for 3 months and if they do prosecute your looking at another 6 points plus fine. Having 6 points already will not help your case though as they will take that into consideration.

Sounds like an honest mistake and hope they see it that way but at the end of the day it is 100% your responsibility to make sure your vehicle and all paperwork is correct. You should have chased up the insurance if you didn’t receive the policy or certificate.

Lizzie asks…

insurance hasent called yet, and its been a week and 1 day since a wreck?

got into a car wreck. i am 17, been driving for 2 years. my parents are mainly taking care of this. but my car is in a body shop and has been since friday of last week. so far their has been no call

is this a good or bad thing?

Administrator answers:

First double-check with your parents to find out whether they called the insurance company in the first place. Depending on the amount of damage to your car, your parents might have chosen to pay out of pocket for the repairs rather than submit an insurance claim because a car accident for sure makes your rates go up.

But you can call the body shop, talk to them, and ask them how much they estimate it will cost to repair.

Good luck to you!

I just had a car accident myself 2 days ago (one car accident). We’re waiting to hear from the car repair mechanic how much it will cost to repair; but we suspect we’ll pay for the repairs out of pocket ourselves rather than involve the insurance company.

Mandy asks…

Can I refuse to take my car back from the insurance company?

My car was stolen two weeks ago and the police found it ; the windows were open and it rain for 5 days.The car has today 1/2feet of water inside.The leather seets are soked and the centrale console still has water on it.The insurance company want to fix it but I think I dont wont it back.Can I refuse it?

Administrator answers:


Chris asks…

Haven’t been applied to father’s car insurance…?

my dad didn’t put me in his insurance policy when i obtain my license in october 2006. i was born in Feb 1988 and going to be 20 in 3 months… I have been driving the car for about 1 day a week since then, but never got into any accidents. I found out that my dad was suppose to add me when i obtain my license. Also the question comes up that if i was added into the current insurance company now, we will be charged with the money for the past 2 years that i wasn’t on the policy.
Please tell me what can happen if we stick with the current insurance company now and added me in it.
Is it possible to change to another insurance company that has me in the new coverage policy to avoid that fee?

Administrator answers:

The extra fee is going to happen if you have an accident with the undisclosed driver. And technically, it’s due. Either that, or they just flat out will deny the claim – and they can do that, also, because what your dad is doing is called INSURANCE FRAUD.

If you add you now, it won’t be retroactive. You can also switch to another company.

Mark asks…

Can you Tax A Car with less than 1 month insurance?

Can you tax a car with less than a months insurance remaining, reason i ask is that i taxed and insured my car on my insurance renewal, which was the day i bought it last year.

slightly concerned the post office are going to complain about it, so thought id check on here first

i assume so long as it is insured there wouldnt be a problem, but im a worrier i think….
—————– edit

my insurance runs out on the 29th september

i assume the new tax disc comes into force 1st october.

however i dont know if im going to have a cover note at that time…..

can you tax a disabled registered car online?

i have insurance, but no paperwork,

as i have just renewed it yesterday.

am i just going to have to hope it arrives in time to tax it.
———— edit again

went to the posty office and they taxed it,

wether or not they were supposed to is another thing, but oh well i have tax yey!

Administrator answers:

Ah, with your additional details, you have NO insurance for any period of October, the month in which your tax comes into force, so no, you can’t tax it as you need the cover to be valid for at least one day of the month in which it covers – NOT the month in which it’s issued.
If you have a V11 reminder, you can tax online.

Steven asks…

Nevada DMV- what happens with a lapse in insurance?

My car insurance lapsed for 1 day. The insurance company sent a notice to the DMV. Will they cancel my registration and charge me a reinstatement fee? Does anyone know if they automatically do this even if the lapse was only for one day?
I was told by my insurance that the DMV will cancel my registration and charge me $250 to re-register it again. The agent was iffy as to whether it would actually happen, so I thought I’d check with some Las Vegas people to see if any have had this issue come up. Obviously I’m not going to get arrested…

Administrator answers:

$250 fine before you can get your car registered again. I had to pay it for a week lapse.

David asks…

How Long Does It Take To Get A Car On The Road?

After you’ve bought a car, bought the insurance, bought the license plate & all of that. How long will it take to be legal to drive on the road? Can this all be done in 1 day and legal to drive on that same day?

Administrator answers:

Yes, same day.

Donald asks…

Is there a temporary registration and insurance exemption pass?

I heard somewhere that you can get a 1 day pass from the dmv that will allow you to drive your car without registration or insurance. Is there one?

Administrator answers:

You never mentioned the STATE you were in, so a definite answer can not be given, but, based on my personal experience, in states from OH, to FL and around the southeast, the answer would be NO.

Any state is gonna want the tax revenue from the tags, and certainly would want you to be financially responsible for damages you cause in an accident…

I could be wrong on this, but, it was my understanding that the individual states are federally required to demand drivers be insured as a condition of the states receiving federal highway money.

Some states like NC and SC are personal property states, meaning you are expected to pay taxes annually based on the book value of your car, as a condition of getting licence plates.

So, for them to allow you to drive around without tags makes no sense,because it would give drivers a way to drive without paying state highway use taxes. Considering they regularly impound vehicles that are found to be on the road without having paid taxes, I seriously doubt, any such pass exists.

Sharon asks…

What is the logic behind denying the right of illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license?

This place is a hot bed of anti-immigrant sentiment, so I figure I can get a decent answer.

The State of Texas does not allow illegal immigrants to obtain Texan driver’s licenses? Why?

Does anybody think that there are Mexicans that say to themselvess “I would like to go to America to work 14 hour days. I can entered the United States simply by swimming across the river. But, I won’t be able to get a driver’s license in Texas. Might as well stay here in Mexico.”

I don’t think the bar is a detterent to immigration at all. However, it is a bar to obtaining car insurance. Lets say that if an illegal immigrant could get a driver’s license, there is a 1% that he will get car insurance. Wouldn’t it be better to have 1% of illegal immigrants to have car insurance than 0%?

Administrator answers:

Well, because there are a lot of Americans that do not like people from other places. This can be because perhaps the immigrants speak another language or don’t look quite like they do. So, these people try to make the new immigrants to this country feel as bad as possible by denying them basic rights and privileges (A driver’s license.) The government currently denies them these rights at the same time businesses take advantage of them by employing them without benefits and paying them below minimum wage. Also, minimum wage isn’t even really a “living” wage at all. These companies cannot even do that for them because they are crooks. No one in this country should have to work 14 or 16 hour days to survive. No one should have to work without health benefits or the protection of the law. Unfortunately, because of our current presidential administration and Congress, things probably won’t change until 2009.

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