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Your Questions About 1 Day Car Insurance

April 18, 2013

Helen asks…

can i cancel my car insurance immediately? cancel same day and not pay for the following month?

The reason is i sold the car and the insurance guy said the car is still in the system (1st of the month), so i would have to pay still. he said if i canceled on the 15th it could have been canceled sooner and i wouldn’t have to pay. i just think it’s odd since i don’t even have the car anymore. not sure if this makes sense? thanks

Administrator answers:

If you already sold your car and you no longer are in possession of the car. Go to DMV to have the title transferred immediately. Then deal with the insurance company. You’ll have proof from DMV and there should be no issue with canceling the insurance right then and there (They should be able to prorate it).

You go to DMV to transfer title to the new owner for several reasons (and in your best interest to avoid any complications later):

Parking tickets that he gets, still goes against you.

Any accidents will fall upon you cause the car is still in your name.

You’re unable to get your insurance prorated back to the date you transferred title to the new owner.

If the new owner commits any criminal activities or the car gets stolen, it may fall upon you, not the new owner.

TMI, but HTH!

Chris asks…

Can I drive a newly bought “used car” without a plate on the 1st day?

I’m going to get a used car from a private party and drive it back to my state (from NY to Pennsylvania). Can I drive it without the license, insurance and plate on the very 1st day I got the car from the seller?
If not, how should i legally drive it?

Administrator answers:

There are several ways to handle this. You can either tow the car home, or you can come back to PA and get the tags and insurance and they take those to pick up the car! If you are committed to buy the car, wither an EBay type purchase, or you know the owner and the car, you can send them the payment and have them send you the title (FedEx is good). You then title and insure the vehicle and get tags. You take your tags with you to get the car!

If you have the VIN you can add the car to your insurance at any time before you drive it!!

Jenny asks…

can i rent a car without LIABILITY INSURANCE in canada, ontario?

i don’t own a car, so i don’t have LIABILITY INSURANCE,
but i am thinking of renting a car for 1 day…is it possible?
i am G2

Administrator answers:

Call the car rental company and ask. They may be able to sell you coverage while you rent the car.

Lizzie asks…

Is it Bad to Let Your Car Insurance Run Out Temporarily?

The insurance on one of my cars will run out in a few days, and the other one will run out at the end of this month. I was thinking of just waiting until the end of the month to get a new policy so that it will be more convenient and from now on I can renew both at the same time. Of course, I don’t plan on driving car #1 until I get the new policy.
Is this a bad idea? Can insurance companies charge more if you let your insurance run out, even for a short while?
(They usually ask you when you’re getting a quote online.)

Administrator answers:


Carol asks…

Insurance for 1 day…?

I’m going to prom and I have a car but I can’t drive it till the summer because that is when my parents wanted to get me insurance for me. The problem is I have prom this Saturday and I really want to go by myself without my parents dropping me off. I can’t ride with friends cause I have a date. Just rule that idea out. Please help. Is there anyway I can have insurance for a day or something?
It’s just for one night and I have my license.

Administrator answers:

Nope, you can’t buy insurance for one day.

But you CAN hire a limo. Much classier, too.

Betty asks…

got 4 air bags and 2 door panels stolen from 1 car and engine parts from another what should i do??

I got 4 air bags and 2 door panels dvd player 2 tvs and my sound system stolen from my 2000 bmw then i looked at my 95 cadillac eldorado and the engine parts are missing it runs but gets hot in 5 seconds, i have full coverage insurance on the cars but i was wondering if they are going to total loss any of my cars or they are just going to fix it, i’m afraid f they total it they wont pay what i paid for or anything close to it ! please tell me what I should do I lost 2 cars in 1 day, thank you

Administrator answers:

Dude, do you live in Detroit?? Geez that’s some tough luck. I would have no choice but file a stolen property claim.
Your insurance company shouldn’t have to total loss your vehicles unless the damage exceeds a certain amount, and I haven’t a clue what that amount would be. Better luck to you in the future, move outta that neighborhood, maybe pack a gun.

John asks…

Is it true that if you have full coverage insurance on a rental car… (please look inside)?

They can’t ban you from renting from there for the rest of your life?

OK. Back in 2005, I rented a car from Enterprise with FULL coverage insurance.

1 day I was on my way to school because I had a deadline to turn in a research paper that was 30% of our grade, & my sister 2x my age locked me in the house on purpose & thought it was funny. I got in the car, & drove it to school, & I panicked & got into a wreck & the car crashed into a tiny tree on the median. It was only a fender bender. But the company tried to say it was totaled for over $2,000 worth of damage. Everyone else who saw, said it was a fender bender. The twigs got inside the light on the left side of the front of the car. But that could’ve easily been fixed. Not sure. But the wheel alignment was messed up. Does that mean the car is totaled? What does TOTAL a car mean? That it couldn’t be fixed?

Well, I was just talking about it today, & a lot of people online had ganged up on me & attacked me. Now I’m feeling sad & hurt. About to cry. & they were calling me dumb, irresponsible, etc. Very hostile & angry @ me. They act like I wrecked THEIR “personal” car! People get into accidents all the time. Anxiety disorder or not.

& they were saying that since I had full coverage, I shouldn’t have been banned. & they were saying my story didn’t make sense. But people look for any & every reason to discriminate against me. It’s not fair.

Administrator answers:

No, usually rental cars only covers 3rd party insurance, which means it does not covers you who is the leasee. , they used to publish something on motor rental insurance in their website, not sure if its still there

Nancy asks…

What can the insurance company do with the DMV?

I got into a minor car accident exactly 1 day after my insurance expired.
And by minor I mean, ‘fender bender’ barley visible dents on his car and no cops, ambulance, or tow trucks were called onto the scene.
He reported the accident to his insurance because he feels a little whiplash.

So my question is, can his insurance company report me to the DMV because my insurance expired during the accident even though no cops were called on the scene?

Aside from me having to pay his insurance company, what else can I expect to happen?
this is in the state of CA

Administrator answers:

1. Failure to have valid insurance citation.
2. You can be sued for damages.
3. You can be sued for his injuries.
4. You can go to jail.
5. Your vehicle can be seized.
6. Your license will be suspended or revoked.

It doesn’t matter if it was $100 damage or a million in damage… You didn’t have insurance, period.

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