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Your Questions About 1 Day Car Insurance

February 24, 2013

Lisa asks…

Insuring a car for 1 day?

I understand you can get insurance for 1 week but is it possible to be insured on somebody elses car for 1 day??

Administrator answers:

If the car is already insured by it’s owner, you cannot insure it again on a second policy as dual insurance is illegal. (If you could insure it more than once, people could take out several policies on the same car, crash it and then claim several times making a nice profit and insurers would soon be out of business). Very few insurers would let you take out a policy for one day anyway as it would cost them more to set the policy up than they would take in premiums.

You would need to get the person who owns it to contact their insurer and ask them about adding you on to the policy. Some insurers do a ‘temporary additional driver’ policy where you can add yourself on for a week or so, but not all insurers offer that. It can also depend on your age as not all insurers cover under 25 year old drivers, and some will only cover them on certain cars. In addition, if you have had previous claims or convictions, they may choose not to cover you.

Those insurers who will offer temporary cover usually charge per week, so it’s pointless doing it for a day if you are paying for a week.

Ah, I’ve been given the thumbs down. Clearly after over 30 years in the business and all that studying to get my ACII degree I am still getting it wrong.

Betty asks…

will it matter if i lie on the 7 day free car insurance?

I pick up my new car later today, i have changed the details on my own insurance so i am insured but they wont email me the certificate which i need so they can tax the car for me. where im getting the car from have offered me the 7 day free insurance so will it matter if i lie on that and say ive been driving 1 year so i can they can email the insurance certificate to the dealer(i have actually been driving 11 months, but cant get the free insurance as ive not been driving 1 year) so will this matter as i will still be insured on my own insurance?? sorry for the long question, thanks

Administrator answers:

If you lie to an insurer, and you have to make a claim, you WILL be caught as before any insurer pays out, they check every detail. Some insurers do random checks even if you don’t claim.

If you get caught, they will void your insurance, leaving you to pay for the claim yourself and leaving you open to prosecution for driving without insurance, but the fun and games don’t stop there.

Insurers now share an anti-fraud database. If you attempt to defraud one insurer, all the others will know about it. You will find it very difficult to get insurance from any of the reputable insurers once you are on there. Think of the problems that could cause.

Charles asks…

Temporary Car Insurance for a 21 year old UK?

Is there a company that will insure my 21 year old son on my car for 1 day.
He has held a license for 3 months and has a pass plus.

Any Suggestions?

Administrator answers:

No chance for 2 reasons
1. Too young
2. Not had a licence for long enough.

Steven asks…

Nevada DMV- what happens with a lapse in car insurance?

My car insurance lapsed for 1 day. The insurance company sent a notice to the DMV. Will they cancel my registration and charge me a reinstatement fee? Does anyone know if they automatically do this even if the lapse was only for one day?
I have paid the same insurance company and my policy has been reinstated. But like I said, it was cancelled for 1 DAY and a notice of lapse in insurance was sent to the DMV. So the DMV will know that I did not have coverage.

Administrator answers:

With your car insurance, if there was a lapse of 1 day – are you still with the same carrier or did you switch carriers? The DMV gets an electronic filing for NV. Basically what this means is your current insurance company first calls to verify coverage on your vehicle. Then a data CD is sent for the electronic filing. The DMV system should show the date of cancellation and the date the new policy started. If you did not switch carriers, you carrier should have reinstated your policy without a lapse. If the DMV is going to require proof of insurance, you will receive a letter from them stating that it is needed by a future date or your registration/plates and license will be suspended. Check with your DMV or on their website to see if there is a grace period. Certain states have a 1-3 day grace period.

John asks…

short term car insurance in the Netherlands?

I bought a Dutch registered car here in UK and it seems the only place I can insure it to drive it to my house is the Netherlands. No insurer in UK wants to issue an insurance on no UK registered car. Can anybody recommend a insurance company in the Netherlands or their web site where I can 1-2 days insurance and do this in English, It would be much simpler to wright a few key words in Google in Dutch but I can’t.



Administrator answers:

Seems a bit of an odd question really. Can the original owner not drive it to your house on his/her insurance? What will you do then? You obviously can’t drive it without insurance, and no Dutch insurance company is going to issue an insurance certificate without a Dutch residential address.

Did you get the registration documents with the car, including a document headed APK, which is the Dutch equivalent of the MOT.

What you can consider is getting an MOT on the car (you would have to know the approximate year of manufacture) then applying for a UK registration via you local DVLA Office.

However, reading between the lines of your question, I get the feeling you have bought a “Pig in a Poke”. And it may not be worth the hassle of re registering.

Anyway; hope I’m wrong, and you have got yourself a decent set of wheels. :o )

Laura asks…

My Car insurance Company deleted my 1 car off my policy and charged……..?

Okay so My insurance Company (Titan) affiliated with Eastwood, did this to me….I originally went in their office on or about 1/7/08 to get auto insurance for my Toyota Camry 93″ and I was paying about 87.00 bucks a month for just liability, Then on 7/7/08 I went in to add a Jepp Commander 07′ and I asked for full cov, on the jeep and liability on the Camry along with other perks. So my agreed total a month for both cars was 205.00 a month then I payed in July my new amount then in august and then September came, I saw that my insurance was cancelled! why? then that my Camry was removed from the policy and keep in mind that I had already started to pay my new amount for 2 cars. Then they say that, that was the amount only for the jeep. I have a paper that states the day I went in to add a car not remove or delete a car, so far does anyone think I might be able to have them refund me or what can I get out of this cause its really not fair my husband was driving for 3 months without insurance like we thought on the Camry and were paying more! Also they refuse any documents on their behalf and never received my new policy in the mail.

Administrator answers:

If you have an agreement or document that clearly states what the premium for ONLY the new car is, then you can most definitely get your money back.
It seems to me like they replaced a car in your policy instead of adding it, and that way dropped the old car. The amount that you paid in the beginning could have been a downpayment on the new car.
If they dont want to assist you with a clear breakdown on paper, you have the right as a consumer to report their negligence to the Department of Insurance in your state. Give them the license# of the agent and theyll take care of it. (license# should be on your paperwork).

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