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May 27, 2013

Sandy asks…

Technically how long have i had my driving license?

I am 18, and passed my test last summer, in september after about 10 weeks of lessons. I passed my test 1 day before i went to university, and because my address was changing, i decided that i would send off for my full license myself, however, i kept putting this off until about a week ago. Now im looking for a car, and the insurance company’s are asking for how long i have held a full lisence for, is this from the day i passed my test, or the day i recieve the card in the post?

Administrator answers:

It should be the day you passed your test. Look at your drivers license expiration date but pay attention only to the day and month and substitute current year.r

Daniel asks…

What is the best way to blend incomes and living expenses in a second marriage without hurting one another?

Each has separate financial accounts from day 1 of marriage.
One party has everything major in their name- ie. house, utilities,etc. the other does not.
Each party pays their own bills they make. ie credit cards, medical insurance, car insurance, etc..
Each party has a child each to finish supporting (college-age and high school)
Living expenses incurred to pay – house payment, all utilities, car payments, taxes, home insurance, home repairs, home appliance replacements, groceries, etc…. -
So, Who should pay – Split 50/50 or delegate which is to pay which ?

Thanks for the input!
Best thing to do is to figure out how to combine the bills where each shares equal amounts monthly to pay. Therefore, no one person is accountable for all.

Administrator answers:

Having everything split in half and separate accounts will most likely lead you to no where in the long run.

You need to have only joint household budget and bank account – where each person contribute into your joint goals. But still have separate accounts for personal expenses.

There is a good article in Money magazine a couple of month ago regarding this topic, Hope it is helpful to you.

Best wishes.

Nancy asks…

How long does this procces take?

I’am 16 and i just got my drivers and well now i gotta find a car not a very high $$$ limit but so i gotta find a car get insurance and stuff and how long do you think that process would take me?1 week 2weeks ?1 day?

Administrator answers:

Depends on how much money you have, how fast you find a car, and what your parents have to say about it….

You cannot legally buy a car until you are 18, so it will need one of your parents or legal guardians name on the title..

You will need insurance, which will cost you 50.00 or more per month….

You may find a car you can afford tomorrow, or 2 months from now….

Check out anything you might want to buy very carefully…most cars for sale for less than 2500.00 are junk….

Donna asks…

How much does it cost you monthly to own and operate a car?

Not including a car payment, so just assume that I have the car. What would insurance, gas, repairs and all that typically cost monthly? I am in Toronto, Canada, and am considering moving out of the city and buying a car to commute. My maximum commute would be 30 minutes each way (1 hour total) 5 days a week. Is anyone else in this situation? Can you give me a ballpark monthly cost? Thanks!
Oh and I have a perfect driving record.

Administrator answers:

A car is probably the most expensive way to commute to and from work. If you are only transporting yourself and no tools or anything, see if you can get a place where you can take a bus or a train. Then you won’t have to deal with parking, gas and as many repairs. Get yourself an affordable car for the weekends and your costs will be significantly lower.

Mary asks…

How will a 30+ day lapse in insurance coverage affect switching insurance companies.?

I was with State Farm and they suddently raised my insurance from 87 dollars (this is liability and renter’s insurance) to $117 to 200+. I was never able to pay that amount at once seeing as I am a student with a part time job.

I have recently been looking for a new insurance company and notice they are asking about lapses in coverage. I have not had car insurance (and not been able to drive)since December 10th. How will this affect my next insurance rates.

Administrator answers:

With most preferred companies, one of the requirements to qualify for the “better” rates is that you have carried previous insurance continuously for a certain amount of time. This varies by company and can be anywhere from 1 to 5 years. Some companies will allow a lapse of up to 30 days or so and still be able to qualify for preferred rates while others will not.

The previous insurance requirement serves a couple of purposes:

It demonstrates responsibility and maturity on your part. People that carry continuous insurance are generally better risks for insurance companies.

It also provides a verifiable driving record. When you have insurance, if you have claims there will be records of those claims. This enables the insurance company to better underwrite the risk and charge the appropriate rate.

So by now you probably realize the importance of keeping your insurance coverage current. You should attempt to reinstate your policy or obtain new coverage soon before you see a big jump in rates.

Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

Are car insurance companies responsible for so many kids being killed in road accidents?

Car insurance companies are charging unaffordable amounts of money for kids to drive. This has led to bitter resentment and kids risking prosecution by driving illegally and risking serious injury to themselves, their passengers and other road users as a result of them driving with unavoidable inexperience.

Administrator answers:

I wouldnt say that the companies are responsible for “kids” being killed on the roads, however they ARE directly responsible for the number of young people who drive without insurance, risking other people’s hard-earned should they crash. To make it clear to those who might not be aware of just how much these companies are charging young people these days, 1.4 small family hatchback worth £2,000, new driver, charge for one year £3,850. Fair? I think not.

Charles asks…

Got in a car accident and having a 15w1d sonogram today?

I got in a car accident a week ago, hit a deer at 70mph. I’m fine, no cramping, no bleeding but my doctor office wants to make sure everything is alright with a sonogram. I still feel the flutters and haven’t spotted, no cramps, etc. Can I find out what I’m having today? Anything I could say to the sonographer to find out? I’m 15 weeks 1 day and impatient!

Administrator answers:

It depends. Some practices will tell you what they think it might be early on, and others will absolutely refuse to even attempt a guess until you are 16 weeks or more.

My first pregnancy was twins, so I had A LOT of first & second trimester sonograms (9, 12, 15 and 17 weeks) and they refused to even try to tell me what I was having until my 20 week anatomy scan. It makes sense really. It’s easy to get the gender wrong too early, and they don’t want to come across as incompetent if they tell you the wrong thing.

I’m 20 weeks now in my second pregnancy, and just found out Tuesday that I’m having another girl! If they won’t try to tell you at your appointment today, then you could find a local 3D/4D studio to do a gender determination for you (most will take you as early as 15-16 weeks). Obviously this isn’t covered by insurance.

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