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August 29, 2013

Linda asks…

Does anyone know if there is an insurance company that will insure a RUPP Homemade Trike?

We have a RUPP trike with a 1968 VW engine. I’ve called our auto and motorcycle insurance carriers and they don’t have any policies that cover a homemade trike. Factory built they will cover but not homemade. Does anyone know if there’s an insurance company that will insure a RUPP (homemade) trike? This is so frustrating.
Yes I know about RUPP – and the only thing that was changed is the engine. It’s a 1968 VW. We have a title for it. It was first titled in PA then sold to the guy we bought it from here in OHIO. Both the PA & OHIO titles say “Homemade”.

Administrator answers:

Unless you’ve changed it drastically, Rupp was not homemade. It was made by Mickey Rupp and his company the Rupp Corp in Mansfield Ohio in the 70′s and it did indeed come with a title. I’ve had many Rupp products and still do, but not the trike, but many have been for sale on e-bay and in motorcycle magazines. I believe you could file for a lost title or there are many places in Hemmings motor news that can get titles for vehicles when the title is lost.
Someplace on that frame, unless its been cut out, is a registration number.

Richard asks…

How can I get a Medical released to return to work when no doctor will see me without insurance?

My husband was in a motorcycle accident and was taken to the ER. The doctor there said that he MIGHT have torn his rotator cuff. That was on Nov, 12th 2012. He has gotten use back of his arm and even went to work (off the clock) to see if he can do his duty. He can, but the “Safety Guy” won’t let him return to work without a clearance from a doctor to return to “full duty”. Motorcycle insurance paid out only $1000 and that is taken up in ER bills. We have no medical insurance and have been to 4 doctors and they all told us the same thing…. they want to go through the vehicle insurance only. Obviously they can’t because it is maxed! We are stuck! Is there anyone that can give us a suggestion on what we can do or where we can turn?
Sorry Diane, I don’t know how to reply (new to yahoo answers) Yes we are in the US and we tried the Urgent Care where we are. They told us that they would charge is $339 to examine him and do an x-ray. But then proceeded to tell us that he would not fill out the required papers to let him return to work because he didn’t want to be held liable if something happened upon returning to work. >:(

Administrator answers:

Check in with your local health department and see if there are any low-cost clinics in the area. It is usually not advertised, but some places will run free or income-adjusted clinics to take care of people who cannot afford the physician’s office.

Lizzie asks…

Do you have to carry insurance on a motorcycle if you are financing it?

I know in WA state where i live you aren’t required to carry motorcycle insurance, but i am curious if you need to have insurance if you are financing a bike?

Administrator answers:

Full coverage untill the bike is paid-off.

Carol asks…

how much do you pay for motorcycle insurance ?

how much do you pay for motorcycle insurance in canada ,for a 300 cc motor .

like the kawasaki ninja 300 2013 .

Administrator answers:

I have a 2009 Ninja EX500 and pay $100 a year for my insurance in the US (Chicago).
Full coverage up the value of the bike ($5000) and a $500 deductible.

Edit – I guess at least 2 people either didn’t read the question or are calling me a liar.

Ben Jones – that’s an uninformed answer. A 300 cc Ninja is worth $5000, brand spanking new. There is no way on earth insurance will be double that, per year, even @ 21.
In order for insurance to even be valid, you have to have a class M license. In order to get a class M license, you have to know how to ride.
Your opinions on whether riding is safe are not used in actuary tables to determine rates.

Betty asks…

How much roughly is motorcycle insurance?

How much usually is first time motorcycle insurance? If your 25 and you also have a perfect driving record? I do realize motorcycle insurance is different but just wondering. Thanks

Administrator answers:

About 50 bucks

Nancy asks…

how much does a drink drive ban add to cost of a comany’s fleet vehicle insurance?

I got banned 4 years ago for drink drive but received no points. The ban has not affected my own (motorcycle) insurance by alot; oddly enough; however, after applying for a job recently the employer said it could cost their (fleet) insurance alot and the decision if i get the job is pending on this cost. Anyone have an idea of how much extra it would cost them.? Do company fleet insurers penalise more so than personal insurers ?

Administrator answers:

You’ll be very lucky if you get the job at all, with a recent DD on your record.

Very few firms will employ drivers with drink drive bans, because their insurance companies simply won’t insure them. At all.

Mark asks…

If i drive someone else’s motorcycle and get in an acidet would the owners insurance cover me?

Just want to know if motorcycle insurance works the same way car insurance do.

Administrator answers:

Motorcycle insurance generally covers the vehicle, rather than the driver. So, as long as you are licensed to drive that particular bike, and you fit the criteria of the policy (eg age, no alcohol etc) then it should cover the accident.

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