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Your Questions About Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

June 30, 2013

Donald asks…

What are some pro’s and con’s of having a motorcycle as your only form of transportation?

im just wondering because i always wanted a motorcycle and i want to know what im getting into before i buy one. Im 17 right now legally old enough to ride one

Administrator answers:

Most motorcycles are NOT cheaper to operate than cars. Yeah, there are only two tires, but they need replacement in less than 10,000 miles and cost over $100 each plus install where you can buy 4 car tires for $450 bucks and they will last for 70,000 miles!

Maintenance is more expensive on motorcycles if you cannot do it yourself.

Insurance is more expensive on motorcycles than most cars.

You have to ride that motorcycle in all kinds of weather if you rely on it to get to work. If you live in the north, you won’t be riding for a few months a year.

Motorcycle do not age well if kept outside.

The gear is necessary and expensive.

Insurance can be more than the monthly payment if you buy a sportbike. And what 17yo doesn’t want an R6 or GSXR1000?

If you can keep your ego out of it and buy a sensible bike for commuting, then you can save money. Something like a KLR250 or KLR650 costs less than $3000 used and will run for years with minimal maintenance. There are huge online communities devoted to these bikes and tutorials to learn how to do all of your own maintenance. Tires last a long time (for bikes) on these bikes and are cheaper to buy. You can actually spoon these tires on yourself if you learn how. Insurance is dirt cheap. And, they are great commuting bikes. People ride long distance on the KLR 650 – several have gone around the world on them.

Choices for sensible road bikes might be the Kawasaki Versys or Suzuki’s SV650 or VStrom. Still cheap to buy and insure, maintenance is reduced over some bikes.

Maria asks…

Name and Model of a cheap and reliable motorcycle for a beginner?


Also, if you get a big bike are you allow limit it so as to ride it with a provisional licence?

Administrator answers:

Congrats on thinking of a used bike. America sells so many new bikes that there are a lot of used bikes. There are really no bad bikes made these days, possibly some of the Chinese and other 3 world imports but Japan has too much experience. So don’t get hung up that you cant get your favorite Ninja in the color you want. Get a GOOD cheap bike without a fairing, Cruisers are more rider and insurance friendly. Don’t get a big bike unless you are a big person. A small bike can go 80 MPH, more than enuff to kill you with out skipping the speeds of 70-140
You can get a used bike cheap, ride it for a year and then sell it to another beginner for about the same money, a years experience free.

Thomas asks…

What are some good motorcycles between the 200 to 600 cc range?

If your gonna answer this I need actual names for the bikes. I’m a beginner too, looking for a smooth ride, something easy to handle, not too expensive, and that looks a bit sporty. I don’t like the harley style bikes.

Administrator answers:

I personally just started with a 07 Kawasaki ninja 250cc. It has plenty of power and is very easy to handle and learn on. I payed 3500 for a brand new one and my payments are only $79 a month through Kawasaki. They are the cheapest for insurance too so you don’t have to worry about money. I only pay 25.00 a month for insurance
The best thing about the 250 ninja is its the smallest cc sport-bike sold in the U.S. They have a good resale value for when your ready for a bigger bike so you don’t waste a ton of money on it.

They also make a Ninja with 500 cc’s if you want something a little bigger but still easy to handle. There is also the Honda CBR 600 or Suzuki gsx-r 600. But i dont know to much about them. For more info on the ninja 250 here’s a great website. Http://

Carol asks…

Is my liability insurance all that cheap?

I pay about $300 per year, for the higher end liability insurance, not including theft or collision. I haven’t had an accident or ticket in over ten years, and I wondered if I was paying too much.

Administrator answers:

Sounds like minimum limits to me. Look at you policy limits to see if you are just carrying the bare-bones coverage.

You didn’t say whether your vehicle is an auto or motorcycle. If it’s a car, that’s still a pretty good price, even for minimum limits. If it’s a motorcycle, you could probably have higher limits for that price.

Check around with other agents to make comparisons.

Daniel asks…

How much is motorcycle insurance?

If your 18 with no wrecks or tickets and the bike’s engine is a 440 (not fast). Any cheap insurance companies?

Administrator answers:

You want liability only on an old Kawasaki LTD 440. Geico and Progressive are cheap for minimum liability coverage even at your age. Bikes generally don’t do much harm to other vehicles in wrecks.
State Farm is good if your already insured with them on a car or truck. Geico and progressive will give you an online quote if you fill out a bunch of info.

David asks…

what do i need to legally ride a bike after my purchase?

after i buy my used bike and i have the title what do i need to do? go to dmv, register the vehicle, purchase insurance, get plates,..what else?

Administrator answers:

The first thing you will need is Insurance. Next you will or will not need a helmet depending on your state’s laws, Even so, from crash protection to even just bug and debris protection, the helmet, particularly a full face if you plan on going highway and freeway speeds or above is a really good idea, look for Snell, or Dot or Both Approved. If you are buying new the registration from the dealer is taken care of, you will need to go to your local dmv being that it is used and change the title and register in your name, including getting plates if the vehicle had none. If it is used, it should have them. Depending on state laws in your state, you may have to get a vehicle inspection. I suggest one step further with used bikes, especially the “R” style motorbikes and get a full mechanics inspection and tune-up. All dmv will inspect is that it switches gears, has neutral and the headlights and blinkers work. Think too that a motorcycle regardless of type is a “High Performance” vehicle, therefore should be consistently checked and inspected during the life of the vehicle. It is not a car and needs inspections at high intervals even self made visual ones before you ride. Before I forget and since you didn’t specify it. It is necessary to have a Class “M” 1 or 2 License depending on your ride, DMV states a class M2 is a motorcycle under 147cc’s and NOT allowed on the freeway or M1 Above 147cc and ALLOWED on the freeway. To ride you will need to take a short multiple choice question test at DMV for a permit, and then you can legally ride your motorcycle as long as permit conditions are met: A. That you don’t ride at night B. You don’t carry a passenger and C. That you do not ride on a freeway. After you get your permit you have the option of passing the DMV skills test or pay out around $150 to $300 or so for a state certified riding course. It is usually a two day course and you walk to the DMV with a certificate that allows you to obtain your full M endorsement or license which removes the previously stated riding restrictions. The DMV skills test is hard to complete if you have little experience and I discourage anyone from trying, plus you get the proper instruction that you really NEED from the class. Worst case please get an experienced rider that you seriously trust to not steer you wrong to show you the important basics.
Other than all that I would seriously adding a riding jacket of the appropriate type for your riding style, leather gloves of the same type and at the very least a pair of above the ankle riding, tactical, or work boot to protect your feet, as tennis shoes or sandals do not protect your feet in an accident. Be conscious of protection from road debris, rocks, big bugs etc as all of these could either really hurt or cause you to wreck at high speeds. One more thought and a few good ideas as long as I am being long winded that you may consider…… Consider Medical insurance. No, I don’t mean the expensive kind that will cover you if you have a cold and want to see a doctor… I am talking about cheap hospitalization insurance, available from $10 a month or so and up with even options for short or long term injury insurance. Further from that you may check to see if your local hospital has a medivac member option, basically you can go in as a single or a group of people and for a small fee gain a big discount if you are ever airlifted to hospital. A solid good Idea if you are like me and ride the fun twisty, cur-vies in the back roads where help is not readily available. Ok a couple last ideas. Make sure that you ride said back roads in tandem whenever possible, basically ride with another biker who can call or ride for help if you are injured, and you may drive that back road first to check what areas your cell phone providers have and don’t have service in case it ever is needed in an emergency. We’ll all be glad to see you out there; be sure to wave.. Happy and safe riding.

Betty asks…

How much would motorcycle insurance cost for a 15 year boy in the state of Wyoming?

Administrator answers:

There are many factors when determining rates
#1. The style of bike, lots of plastic & fast means higher rates. Cruisers are cheaper
#2. Keep in mind that every state regulates a 15yr olds choice of motorcycle. You will most likely be limited to an engine under 250cc
#3. Do you want full coverage, limited liability, roadside, comprehensive, custom coverage etc.
#4. Geographical location, age, driving record, time insured etc. All these factor into what they feel your liability is.

That’s just a few off the top of my head. I was 19 when I got my first sport bike, insurance was pretty cheap. I’m 30 now & I pay $89 a year for liability on my gsx-r1000. Btw it’d be a good idea if your new to bikes to go ahead with the full coverage

Steven asks…

Why is car insurance so expensive in the UK compared to other countries?

There must be something I’m missing? Appreciate all answers
Not the wrong side of the road if everyone agree’s to it and follows it – which is the case.

I know that the reason why it has and still is rising is because of people making injury claims and such, but what I don’t understand is why the UK? Surely, someone, somewhere must’ve come up with an idea to stop this, otherwise it would be the same story in every other country, right?

Administrator answers:

I lived in the UK for a long time, about 22 years of my adult life. The British struck me as very naive, and at the same time kind of stubborn and often by being stubborn they would shoot themselves in the foot.

I remember I couldn’t open a bank account with my Italian ID. I had a grand in cash and the person at the bank insisted that I produced at least my British license, which I had at home and I couldn’t be bothered going back to pick it up. There was no photo on the British license anyway, what good would that do???

My Italian ID is valid in the UK and it has a BIG photo of ME on it, the photo is stuck in a way that you can’t fake it as it has a stamp, filigrane etc etc but the British person just got stuck in her
“I don’t make the rules sir, we need a British license”.

So I went home totally pissed off, grabbed the driving license of my flatmate who was a black Jamaican, (I am white, blue eyed blond) went back to the bank and opened an account in his name, put one pound in it and came back home with all the paperwork.

Then I gave him the lot, he couldn’t believe it, neither could I. So long as you get hold of a British license you can open a bank account..and apparently fake ones go for about 50 quid.. But hey the Brits refuse to believe it or something??

In the UK you can still register a car or a motorcycle to the name of Joe Blogs and if the police stops you and you have no documents you can say that you will produce them in some so and so station a week later, then you never turn up and they will never know it was you..

In most other places (where insurance is cheaper than the UK) you don’t have all this freedom, you MUST carry your ID with you at all times (in the UK there is no ID, you carry jack s h it) and if you have no ID to prove who you are they can take you in and detain you till someone comes with the ID to rescue you from the police.

Basically it’s a trade off, the more privacy and freedom you have, the easier it is to play the system, the easier to play the system, the more it gets abused and since insurers must make a profit no matter what, prices will sky rocket.

I knew tons of people who drove without insurance in the UK, you don’t have to carry it with you.

I now live in Italy, pay about 300 quid a year to drive my car and don’t mind carrying my ID, insurance, car documents, mot and another 3 or 4 documents we have over here so that we can go around our business without fear of getting in trouble with the law should they decide to pull you.

Mind you I haven’t got pulled in about 5 years but it does happen and if it does, I have all docs with me, no big deal.. In the UK if you only mention ID cards the Brits get ready to riot, I do agree with the Brits too and admire them but I’d rather be in Italy now :)

Robert asks…

cheap motorcycle insurance?

anybody noe of some cheap motorcycle insurance im only 17 and im planning on getting a 250cc dis coming summer and i cant spend 300 or more a month thats to much pls help.

Administrator answers:

Depends on where you are and your driving record and a whole bunch of stuff that can make that a variable deal.

All you can do is request quotes from the various companies and see what happens.

I’d check Markel American (Bikeline), Geico, Progessive and then ask my buddies who they use. Request quotes from all. These quotes can be all over the board, so check with all of them.

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