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May 31, 2013

Laura asks…

How can I tax my car without insurance policy certificate or Registration Certificate (V5C)?

I have recently bought my car, the tax disc expired yesterday and I cannot renew it because neither I have received my insurance certificate nor the Registration Certificate (Logbook). The insurance company says there is no way they could sent me the policy via e-mail. In addition I cannot even see it online. I must not drive my car without a valid disc. What to do?

Administrator answers:

Allthough you may not have recieved your documents through its worth checking to see if they have been processed if they are in your name but you just havent recieved them then you can apply online at and you will recieve it within a couple of days , this is providing you are in the uk of course

Thomas asks…

How do you keep cats out your car if you want your windows in the day.?

Cats like,to jump in my car not my cats I want my windows down how do I keep cats out?

Administrator answers:

You could always get pet guards for your car. They normally stop your dogs jumping out of car
while you leave the windows open for fresh air.
However I don’t see why the wouldn’t stop cats getting in.
You must be a very trusting person as I’d never leave my car open when untended. And you’ll find that if it’s stolen and your insurance finds out you leave the windows open the wont pay you.
My friend left her car unlocked while she went into a news agents and had the car stolen £52,000 uk
she never got a penny for it!! So be careful what you wish for!!!

Lisa asks…

what is the maximum length of time you are allowed to stay in Spain on holiday when going from the UK?

My in-laws go over every winter and usually stay for 4 months. However, some friends of ours who live there say that the length of time you are legally allowed to stay on holiday has been reduced to 90 days. Is this true? What are the penalties for staying too long?
Please do not direct me to internet links as I have looked at these and cannot make head not tail of them.
So are you saying that you can stay as long as you like but your cars cannot?

Administrator answers:

As a UK citizen you can stay as long as you like, but bear in mind, if you are in Spain for more than 183 days a year, you are technically a resident. That has tax implications and health implications. Many Brits do come here for years and get away with it, but some do get found out.
As for your UK car. You can use it in Spain. You can now have an ITV test (MOT) done on your car in Spain. You can use a Spanish insurance company but you have to tax it in the UK. Having said that, there are laws in place for residents who have UK plated cars. At some point you will have to have it replated and matriculated (log book) in Spain. Once again, many Brits try to avoid it, but the Spanish are catching on fast these days

Carol asks…

british cycling insurance, How long does it take to make a claim?

I have just crashed my 2011 Specialized Tarmac S-works SL3 with a car. The frame is cracked, the wheels are bent, and various other bits of damage. Being a bank holiday I can’t get into contact with the insurance company today but I’m anxious to know how quickly this is likely to be sorted. I have my training bike but desperately need my race bike back for a busy race schedule. Anyone have experience with this?

Administrator answers:


Yes. In my first accident, it was clearly the drivers fault. I told the claims person, that I had no intent to sue as long as my hospital bills were paid promptly AND that I had a check for my replacement bike within one week, that I was training for an upcoming event. I told them if I did not have the new bike in time, I would be very upset, and that I had no doubt that I would take them to task. I presented them with an invoice from my local shop for the new bike (same make and model). I had the check in two days. Even though not a UK claim, I thought it might help!


Ruth asks…

What do you need to bring a car over to Malta from UK?

Ok,so my girlfriend decided to move and live in Malta,she got her own private car which she would like to get with her for her personal use.Are there any exemptions for her or does she needs to pay the taxes?

Administrator answers:

This can be fairly straightforward, but there are pitfalls for the unwary. The information I am providing is courtesy of the Maltese Ministry of Transport.

1.Inspection and Verification of USED vehicles COMING FROM EU prior to the Vehicle Registration. Everyone importing a used vehicle (over 6 months in the possession of the owner)must make an appointment for the Inspection and Verification of the vehicle. This may be done by telephoning the Malta Transport Authority on contact numbers 21 233029 and booking an appointment.
2.On the day of the appointment, the owner has to take the vehicle to the Malta Transport Authority, Technical Unit in Floriana. The following is the list of the documents required for Inspection and Verification of the vehicle: Foreign Registration Certificate (Logbook) of vehicle signed by the owner. A print out from the ADT website with Vehicle Registration Value

On the appointment date, the Technical Unit will verify that the details on the
logbook tally with the valuation sheet and with the actual vehicle.

The valuation sheet and registration certificate will be signed and stamped by
The Technical Unit, and returned to the customer.

3. After the vehicle has been inspected and verified by the Technical Unit, the owner may register the vehicle at Hall B at the Licensing and Testing Directorate
between 7.30 and 12.00.
3.1 In the case of Private (M1) Vehicles the below documents are required:
Original Invoice (including chassis number and price)
Insurance policy
The Original Certificate of Conformity
Customs Documents (VEH.04)
Freight Note and Insurance (if applicable)
Registration Form (VEH.01), (VEH.02), downloadable from website
Deposit Form (VEH.03)
Registration and Licensing Form (VEH.25)
Valuation printout signed by Technical Unit
Original Foreign Registration Certificate (logbook) signed by the foreign owner.
Foreign Plates
Valid insurance policy certificate, starting from date of registration (however the owner must have the vehicle insured whilst in use for VRT and Inspection)
VRT pass certificate (should be done prior to inspection at ADT)
Pay charges: €35 Inspection fee, €10 Registration fee, Registration Tax,
Annual Circulation Fee and Plates and the administrative fine of €30 per day, where applicable.

If the vehicle is being imported from a NON-EU country then the procedure is far more complicated and protracted.

George asks…

I’m from the UK and want to buy and drive a car in the US. How do I get the paper work sorted out?

I’m thinking log book, insurance, tax and breakdown cover. But if there is anything else I’ve missed let me know – cheers.
Thanks for your answers. To explain further, I’m planning a 2-3 month road trip from New York to San Francisco and I’d like to buy a second hand Chevy Tahoe to do the trip in; but because I’m not a US resident and don’t have an address there I wasn’t sure if I could get insured etc.

Administrator answers:

Buying is easy. Registering — obtaining a number plate — is hard. In the US, registration (the number plate) is a state matter & registration follows the driver, not the vehicle. In order to register a vehicle you must have a US address in the state of registration and you must have proof of insurance — which is no small matter if you have no US driving record. Most insurance carriers will not insure you, but there are some who will; you’ll have to shop around. Typically you will have to take out 6 month or one year insurance & then “short rate” it when you sell the car. I have heard from people who have done this & my observations are: 1. They are often surprised at how expensive this course of action is & 2. I tend to think some of the agents who sell these insurance policies are simply lying, either to the customers or their insurance carriers, and are encouraging their customers to lie, thereby jeopardizing themselves. If you are only planning on 90 days or less, you may find it more reasonable to simply do a long term rental from one of the companies who do that, like Enterprise or Alamo. You’ll get a new or nearly new car; with no buying, selling, repairing, registration & insurance hassles.

Edit: I just re-read your query & saw you want to drive a Tahoe! Good God, why? Are you hauling a boat? A family of seven? A 30 foot travel trailer? A stuffed Polar Bear? It will cost you a mint to rent or buy & especially to fuel. BTW California has its own emission control regime. Before you can sell a car in CA you must get special emission certification. Older “49 state” cars may not be able to meet CA certifications, creating added problems for you.

Linda asks…

What is needed for a UK fiance and spousal visa?

I am from South Africa and have married a British citizen and wanted to share the information we used when we applied for my UK spousal visa. I believe the same can be used for a fiance visa.

Administrator answers:

The below is for guidance only and not specific for anyone, the information below is what my wife and I submitted to the VFS. It took us 7 months to collate.

We organised into a folder as per the coloured coded sections above and made copies of all the above in a second folder.

Dark Blue section – Application details

- Completed application form
- Applicant’s letter of intent
- Sponsor’s letter of invite
- Marriage Certificates – unabridged and abridged
- Applicants travel ticket to UK
- Visa fee receipt

Supporting documents

Light Blue – Identification

- Applicants unabridged birth certificate
- Applicants old and new passport
- Applicants South African ID book
- Applicants UK drivers license & counterpart (proof address)
- Applicants biometrics
- Applicants passport photos x 2
- Sponsors birth certificate
- Sponsors old (x2) and new passports
- Sponsors passport photo’s x 2
- Copies of sponsors parents passports

Red – Finances & Employment

- Applicants previous employment reference
- Applicants previous payslips
- Applicants CV in UK format
- Applicants qualification certificates
- Applicants bank statements x 6 months
- Printed job vacancies in UK for applicant to apply for once permitted
- Sponsors job offer letter
- Sponsors letter from employer
- Sponsors pay slips x 7 months (proof of income and address)
- Sponsors e-savings bank statements x 7 months
- Sponsors bank statements x 7 (proof of income and address)
- Sponsors P60 x 2

Green – Proof of relationship

- Photos of applicant and sponsor together over period of relationship including wedding day. Also, photos of applicant and sponsor with friends
- Engagement and wedding cards from friends and family
- Joint wedding invite to applicant and sponsor
- Applicant and sponsors wedding invitation
- Sponsors wedding dress receipt
- Wedding ring receipts
- Valentines day cards & love letters
- Birthday cards
- Print out of email inbox as proof of on-going contact during period of time apart
- Copy of sponsors travel ticket to South Africa
- Photocopies of Johannesburg customs entry stamps in sponsors passport x 3
- Photocopies of applicants previous visa stamps in passport
- Friends & family testimonials regarding applicants and sponsors relationship

Yellow – Proof of applicants future residents in the UK

- Letter from Landlord (sponsors Father)
- HM Land registry & mortgage details
- Floor plans & Photo of residents
- Proof of Landlord address
- Proof of address of other occupants residing at residents – bank statements, car insurance, internet/phone bill & bank statements
- Further proof of sponsors address – phone bills from old and new Network provider
- Proof of applicants address – Letter from SA embassy in the UK

For the marriage we had a Freedom to marry letter from local church (Not for visa purposes)
We also dated (approx) and titled photo’s

Chris asks…

What would be a good muscle car for any teenager to start off with?

I know I’m being a but unrealistic here, but if I could, what could be a good muscle car to start off with? It can be from any region, has to be reasonable to insure, to buy, to maintain day-to-day and it must put a big smile on my face. =D

I live in the UK if anyone is wondering, Scotland to be precise.

Administrator answers:

Muscle car + teenager reasonable to insure. Seriously. Yes, it’s unrealistic. Insurance companies aren’t stupid; they know what happens when an inexperienced driver, especially males, get their hands on a powerful car.

Richard asks…

How can I make sure my eyesight is good enough to drive before my driving test?

The optician says I am `borderline` and my driving instructor says `i’ll have to see on the day` – is there some way I can find out for definite whether my eyesight is good enough to pass my driving test?

Administrator answers:

I would question your instructors integrity if this is his attitude. He should be encouraging you to get your eyesight checked and telling you what the rules for the test are, not leaving something this controllable to chance on the day.

The law states that you must be able to read a new style number plate from 20metres away and an old style number plate from 20.5 metres away. As a rough guide that is about 6 car lengths. Try pacing 25 large paces from a car and reading the plate.

At the start of your test, your examiner will ask you to read a number plate of a car slightly further away than that. (In my local test centre it is nearer 30-40metres – if you can read from there you have no probs) If however you can’t, they will get a tape measure out and measure exactly the legal distance. If you still can’t read it, your test will be cancelled and you will lose your fee – your instructor should have told you this.

Check this link it is to the DT1 document (the document that lays out the rules of the driving test – you will need the pdf page 17 or page 34 of the actual document). It will give you the actual rules about your eyesight and everything else to do with the test.

If you are in any doubt you should see a different optician. They shouldn’t say it is borderline. If your sight is weak, they should give you glasses or contacts. They should know the rules as taking a driving test is one of the reasons people get their eyes tested. If they tell you to wear glasses / contacts for driving, you must do so always or you would be driving illegally and you may find your insurance is invalid.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t be behind the wheel if you can’t see properly, you would pose a danger to the public and yourself. How would you feel if you didn’t see a child crossing the road until it was too late. I also can’t believe your instructor is letting you leave it to chance if you have raised concerns over your eyesight. Maybe he doesn’t care if you crash his car or kill someone !!

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