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Your Questions About Bike Insurance

March 31, 2013

Sharon asks…

Motorcycle was rear-ended – $1800 worth of damage & bike is only worth $500. How much should i settle for?

Insurance company told me this. They havent yet offered me a settlement, but i am wondering what i should accept? Also, how do they come up with a figure on what to offer for the bike? Kind of want to keep the bike, but insurance company told me they dont usually do that. Should i bother with it?

Administrator answers:

I agree with Andy above, but here is a way to scour the entire country for your bike at once. You can search all of craigslist in the whole country for your bike. For example, say I look for my own bike, a 1999 Kawasaki Concours. Go to Google and use this for your search:

1999 kawasaki concours

I got 150 hits from all over the country, but if I search my own area for it, none show up. Copy and paste the above line into Google, but substitute your own year, make and model. The important part is the “” part.

The value of my bike on Kelly Blue Book ( is $2795 retail, but I took the first 10 craigslist ads using the above search, and the average asking price is $3050. Do the same thing and use the numbers to your advantage when dealing with the insurance company. They are just white collar drones, and generally have no knowledge of motorcycles or the actual market. They are allowed to negotiate a bit, but if you can’t get what you want, ask for a supervisor. Good luck.

Robert asks…

How much would my expenses be if i bought a 2008 Kawasaki ninja 250?

Hi, I’m 18 and really want to buy my first bike. I’m really interested in getting the 2008 ninja 250 as a starter, but i was wondering what are the other expenses that will come with having a bike.
like insurance? how much? (i live in Portland, OR)

please real honest answers, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Don’t recommend an inline 4 to the kid as his first bike, for god’s sakes. A 250 is fine for you to start on. True you will probably be hankering for something a bit quicker within 2 years, but the thing that most super sport or higher CC bikers DON’T know is HOW TO CORNER. Why don’t they know? Because they’re scared to hell and back of their bike. Where as you can wring the hell out of a 250 with a much larger margin for error.

I’ve seen dudes in 250/500s catch up to dudes in super sports on the track because these guys just can’t god damn corner! They slow down to 10mph and turn their handle bars while being perfectly sat up on the bike. It’s sad, really. All because they know their bike is a 0-60 is 3.5 seconds monster just waiting to be cut loose.

As for expenses. You can get everything, just a few things that fit you, or you can be some dude riding around with a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops, and assuming you won’t work on the bike yourself. (Ie., need tool kits)

This is a list of things for your bike that many people get. (Not necessarily all of them. Just a list.)

Gas: $10-14 per tank

Progressive Bike Insurance WITH Medical I pay $45/m. (You would be more, can’t say how much…)

Maintenance: Not much to start on. Oil change every season. Tires. Etc. All covered on the 250 forums at the bottom.

Helmet ($80-200 depending on brand/features)

Gloves ($20-50) (for me anyway)

Mesh/Textile Jacket ($50-150) (again)

Kevlar Jeans ($80-110)

and over the ankle high-tops/boots. ($30-100)
ebay/walmart anywhere in between

Bike cover ($15-30)

Frame sliders. (I would really recommend, since it’s your first bike and it’ll be NEW) ($105-155)

K&N Air filter ($40-60)

Wax ($4)
Local car/bike store

Micro fiber cloths ($5-10)
Local car/bike store

Corbin seat ($260)

And there’s a community of 250 owners with even more info, I’m sure, at

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