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Your Questions About Bike Insurance Quote

December 31, 2012

Laura asks…

Motorcycle insurance quote!?

Ok i dont need any specific, on the dollar amounts. Just a ballpark estimate. Im 17 i live in Ohio, i’ve never been in an accident and i have no tickets on my record. I will be insuring a 1980 honda (750cc) crusier/standard bike. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Janice has the best answer.
There is no way we can provide you with a ballpark estimate.
Let your fingers do the walking and start calling insurance companies. Even with an old cruiser, being you are male and under 18 puts you into a high risk category.
I use Progressive Insurance.

Steven asks…

Insuring my mum or dad on my moped insurance ?

I just bought a moped and did an insurance quote and its £167. Some one sed if u insure a parent on it, it will become cheaper. is this true? If it is should I insure my mum or dad? also, they both have their full car licence taken before 2001, so on the insurenace, what would i put for type of bike licence for them? None of them have done a cbt

Administrator answers:

You have been told a load of rubbish. Your parents would have to have a motorbike licence to allow them to drive. The Insurers will see straight away that the bike is for you not them.

This old lady has a full motorbike licence.

Carol asks…

What is the lock called which is built in to the back of a peugeot vivacity 50 50cc moped?

in the back of my moped i put the key in and pull out a long thick chain to tie the bike up. on the insurance quote there is a whole list of lock names, what is the name of the chain on the peugeot vivacity?

Administrator answers:

On my peugeot scooter it has a trelock chain

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