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Your Questions About Google Voice

October 31, 2012

Daniel asks…

How do you use google voice to automatically forward text messages?

I heard that google voice can do this and also where do I get google voice from? (I’m on a iPhone 4)

Administrator answers:

Iphone apps.

Steven asks…

How can I stop calls to my regular number from forwarding to google voice?

I set up a google voice number so that I can take business calls on my personal cell phone and have a separate voicemail for business calls. However, when someone calls my personal phone number (not my google voice number) it forwards them to my google voicemail. Is there a way to have only calls from my google number forward to my google voicemail?

Administrator answers:

Call your cell phone provider dial 611 and ask them how to reset your voice mail to go to the the default service. If you list your provider maybe I could tell you.

For sprint dial *38, wait for the beeps and hang up. Inbound calls should now go to Sprint’s voicemail system. If not, call Sprint customer service, and ask them to remove the Google Voice feature code from your account and reset your Sprint voice mail.

Turns out the *73 turned off the “conditional call forwarding”

on android
Home screen -> Menu -> Settings -> Call -> Voicemail Service. Select the dropdown button and choose My Carrier.

Richard asks…

Can I use Google Voice to make calls from an unactivated cell phone?

Here’s the deal: I have an old phone that is unactivated. It is a Samsung M320. How can I use Google voice to make calls from this phone?

Administrator answers:

With the Samsung M320 the answer is no. If you have a smartphone with wifi you could get a app and go thru the wifi to make calls.

Carol asks…

How to uninstall Google Voice and Video on Mac?

It tells me to go to my library then application support, then Google, voice and video uninstall er.
My mac doesn’t have a uninstall er, when I googled this someone else had the same problem and never got a answer. When i video chat with my friends on tiny chat , it doesn’t let me, it “cant ” find my camera.

Please help.

Administrator answers:

Go to Finder:Library:Application Support: Google: and use the uninstaller for the plug-in you must close all browsers first than go to tiny chat and it should work if you use Google than guess you have to install and uninstall when not in use but I am able to tiny chat now

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