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August 31, 2012

Nancy asks…

Has feminism gone too far? Are women treated better than men?

The whole feminism has gone way too far in certain aspects. I believe that everyone should be treated equally no matter what race, age or gender. It seems now that women get many perks thanks to feminism, for example:

Women can retire at 60; men 65

Women get 8 weeks maternity; men only 2

Women get cheaper car insurance

Women get more money from court cases (especially divorce)

Women are still not expected to work

Women look after kids following a divorce. 

Males who are sexually/physically abused are not taken seriously in court. 

Female criminals serve less time in jail for equivalent crimes.

Far more funding going into women’s healthy; when was the last time you’ve seen a leaflet about testicular cancer (yet this is the most commen cancer in young men)?

Mother’s day is very important, but father’s day is virtually ignored. 

Males support female charities (eg breast cancer) when women don’t support male charities (eg testicular cancer). 

Th teaching style at schools favours females

Men buy gifts and look after the women in relationships when the women may not do anything. 

There are many taboo such as “open doors for women” and “ladies first” etc that apply only to women.

There are many “women only” organisations. This is discrimination at it’s worst and needs to be sorted out.

I’m sure there are loads more arguments. I know there are opposing arguments that I’ll love to hear, but that’s not really the aim of my question. The aim of feminism is EQUALITY. Overall, women and men may be treated similarly, however why is there such a difference between certain aspects. The see saw may be balanced, but only because there are equal gender flaws and advantages for both genders. As I’ve said, I believe in equality 100% and would rather these differences be evened out. 

What do you think? Are men treated better? Are women treated better? Do you have any arguments? Why is the equality ‘see saw’ not balanced with individual aspects? Is it balanced overall?

Administrator answers:

Yep way too far.. Feminism blatantly promote/encourage female supremacy and misandry. Feminists skewed the entire system in women’s favor. Due to feminism influences women (especially Western women) are having many..many…special rights, laws, and privileges over men.

Mary asks…

Has “feminism” gone too far? Is feminism about equal rights for all, or special privileges for women?

men retire at 65, women at 60, some women get paid the same money as men but yet they have the man do there work for them and still get the same money.Australia says no to violence against women but says nothing about womens violence.cheaper car insurance for women. Why Men Should Have No Say On The Abortion Issue.The list goes on and on.

Administrator answers:

What does feminism have to do with retirement? Nothing.

Evidence for the statement “Some women get paid the same amount of money yet they have the man do there (sic) work…” I call bullshit.

Australia says nothing about women’s violence? Evidence, please. I seriously doubt that’s the case.

Women pay higher health insurance.

Men have no say in abortion because men can’t GET abortions.

Sharon asks…

what benefits does a women receive for just being a women?

there’s a debate on feminism coming up in my debate class can you provide me with information regarding the benefits they receive? like for example they have more benefits in the work place such sexual harassment, quota’s, special leaves such as surgery for special gynecological disorders, cheaper car insurance, demand men pay for dates, a women can beat up a man and get off with a slap on the wrist or no trouble at all and going easy on female criminals, girls are thriving in school, ect… what did I miss?
the obvious court bias regarding paternity and divorce

Administrator answers:

-Ladies first
-Never have to fight and die for their countries
-Never get use as cannon fodder on the battlefield
-Never expect to do any of the difficult and dangerous jobs/tasks
-Having many..many..special rights, laws, and privileges over men eg..

-VAWA law
-Don’t have to register for Select Service
-Female criminals serve less jail times for same crimes
-Affirmative actions & quotas for women
-Tons of “women only” stuff, like: “women only” scholarships; Council on Women & Girl; Women’s Business Ownership Assistance etc..etc..
-Far more research and funding are going into women’s health than men’s.
-Education system favor female over male
-Women can opt out of parental responsibilities but men can’t (women have three ways to avoid parental responsibilities)
-Bias divorce laws

etc..etc.. A few of many..many.. Examples.

Helen asks…

overpayment by car insurance?


Ok so i brought a car in april for 3200, i got it cheap as the head gasket was gonna go and i know someone who could repair it. in may i was in a crash (not my fault) and wrote the car off. I told the garage that i paid £3200 for it. 3 days later direct line called telling me the were going to send me a cheque for £5200. i asked them to double check the amount and they did. i have then had two letters confirming the settlement offer of £5200 and a cheque for 5200. i have cashed the cheque and brought a new car for that value. now 6 weeks on i get a phone call saying that a mistake was made and they want 2k back. i told them its gone, they said i should of known the market value of the car. i told them im not a car man so i was just pleased with the settlement and i have got the letter still and there is no money left so they cant have it. they then said as its there fault they will let me off with 1k?? surely this means they havent a leg to stand on so there trying to get anything they can? i said i need to speak to a solicitor as i have no money and need to know my rights. they said ok and i’ll speak with them another time.

What you guys reckon? do i need to find the cash or is it there problem and tough luck?

Administrator answers:

The amount one pays for a car has absolutely nothing to do with its worth. In the USA, they must pay “fair market value”. Nothing more, nothing less. If it the same in the UK then after they issued you the 5200 they apparently found out what you paid and are now trying to save themselves 2000.

The key is what they said here: “they then said as its (sic) there fault they will let me off with 1k??”
I would ignore them.

David asks…

how can they justify the cost of car insurance?

Hi I want to know how are car insurance company’s able to justify the extra costs for men over women, I’ve just had to pay £2620.18 for my insurance (the cheapest i could get) and have just checked to see how much i would be paying if i was female and the same company was charging only £1693.19 and the new cheapest is now £1549.89.

I can honestly not see how they are allowed to charge me an extra £926.99 purely because I’m a guy. I’m sure there would be an uproar and complaints if company’s started charging more for people of different ethnic origins so can they get away with this?
in answer to Terence i’m 18 and its 1.4 (i know i could get insurance for about £1500 if i brought a new car with a smaller engine but i was given this one).

Isn’t using statistical evedence like that wrong because employers in phyisical jobs could use the generalisation that men are stronger and thus pay them more wages because they can do more heavy lifting etc. which i’m sure women in the same jobs would take offense too.

btw thanks for your coments so far, I just dont like the idea they can do this when our country has been so obsessed with equality
Thanks for all of your answers just wish at least one of the car companies that will insure me at my age would take into concideration i have 2 years soon to be 3 years of no claims bonus on a motorbike.

Administrator answers:

Insurance (any insurance) is based on risk and the assessment of that risk per individual or group of individuals.

It is a proven fact that the most at risk drivers are young and male and consequently as they cost insurance companies more in payouts then they will be charged more in premiums.

Harsh but true fact of life.

Donald asks…

If women and men are equal . . .?

i agree men and women should be equal. But I started to think.
> women have cheaper car insurance.
>women are more likely to recieve custody of children.
> women never buy MEN drinks.
>men are expected to purpose.
> rape is considered a MALE crime ?

it just seems women fight for equality, when really men are equally discriminated ? Or am i wrong ?

Administrator answers:

I don’t think men & women are equal & am not sure if it’s possible for us to ever be ‘equal.’ I think the best we can aim for is to have the divide between us narrowed as much as possible & appreciate eachother as being different.

I agree that women are more likely to have custody of the children after a split & we shouldn’t just naturally assume this is the best option just because she’s a woman. Someone previously said this happens if the woman can ‘prove they are a good parent.’ No…. This just happens because she’s a woman. End of story. Any other alterations to that have to be fought over in a court of law. I think this is unfair. You can’t just assume that the best parent is always the mother.

I don’t know anything about car insurance so can’t comment. You simply cant say women never buy men drinks! Of course they do & if you’re a man who is against buying women drinks, then don’t!

Men aren’t ‘expected’ to propose at all. Its not the day & age when you have to get down on one knee & then go & ask her father for her hand in marriage. If I met the right guy & wanted to marry him, I’d have no problem asking him. I got engaged a few years back & insisted on paying for half the ring. Times have moved on.

As for rape, it’s seen as a male crime simply because men do it & (generally) women don’t. If 10,000 rapes per year take place & 9,999 of them were commited by men…. Of course its a male crime. Furthermore, it would be almost impossible for a woman to rape a man. Think about it.

Im not a feminist & do feel there are many areas where men are unfairly treated. I think we should meet eachother halfway & where the law is biased in favour of women & mothers, it should be changed.

William asks…

Someone hit my car without insurance, now I need to sue. How do I go about it?

Here’s the basic jist of the story. My car was parked in a parking lot behind where I work. A passerby saw someone’s un-manned car slip into neutral and roll into the back bumper of my car. Honestly, it looked like the guy just jumped out of the car and forgot to put it in park….the driver’s door was even wide open while it was rolling.

So luckily the witnesses stayed and confirmed what had happened to the police. After the officer gave me back my license, insurance, and registration, he cuffed the other driver. The other driver was arrested (for what I found out later was “unrelated charges”) and the vehicle was towed away.

I have been told by the police officer that the other driver DID NOT have insurance.

I have not talked to my insurance company since they don’t re-open until Monday, but I think it’s obvious that I will need to sue in order to collect any money for the damages to my vehicle.

My question is, how do I go about it? I know I need a lawyer somehow, but I am a college student and don’t have money laying around to pay a lawyer to go after damages.

Even if I got a lawyer and took it to court, what are the chances I would see anything from it? The guy looked shady and had a cheap, beat up, old SUV. I doubt he has any assets of value or money lying around. So if he has no money for the courts to take, would I even get the money if I win the case?
To Mushu: It’s obvious because I have no other option. I have liability-only insurance, the other driver had NO insurance.

Since MY insurance is liability-only, it only covers damage that I would have caused. I caused no damage, wasn’t even in the car. The other driver is the one who caused damage to my car and since he has no insurance, there is nothing insurance can do for me.
And it’s not “unecessary.” Yeah, the person didn’t cause me any injuries, but they damaged my CAR. Yeah, sure, I’m glad I didn’t get hurt, but this man is responsible for the damages to my car and by LAW should have had insurance on his vehicle and did not.

Administrator answers:

If the at fault driver is uninsured, you will need to use your own policy. If you have uninsured motorist property damage (not all states require this coverage so you might not have this), then you can have your vehicle repaired under this coverage less a small deductible. Once your insurance company pays you, they will turn around and begin collection proceedings against the other party to recover the money they paid to you and to recover your deductible (which they will return to you as soon as they recover the money). If the other party does not voluntarily enter into payment arrangements, your insurance company will sue them and also notify the state department of motor vehicles that they are uninsured. The dmv will probably suspend their license until they have made satisfactory payment arrangements and further require that they obtain an SR-22 or other type of financial responsibility filing for at least three years or until every last penny is paid back with interest.

If you do not have uninsured motorist property damage, then you will have to use your collision coverage (if you have this coverage). And then the insurance company will take the same steps that I outlined above to recover their money and your deductible — I can assure you they will recover their money unless the other party declares bankruptcy or is virtually on death’s door.

If you do not have either of these coverages, you will have no choice but to pay for your own repairs and then try suing the at fault driver to recover the money. Unfortunately recovering the money might take a long time since this person probably has limited funds. In this scenario though — more than likely you can use Small Claims Court where you represent yourself without the need for an attorney. In fact most attorneys will not take on this type of claim since it is too small. For Small Claims you would need to take the receipt for your repairs, a copy of the police report, any pictures and the name & contact information for the witness.

I hope this information helps. Good Luck

***Note — Even though you only have liability insurance — you still might have Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (it is a required coverage in most states) and if you do you can collect your damages through your own policy as I noted in the first paragraph above. Look to see if you have this coverage listed on your policy declarations or call the insurance company on Monday & ask them.

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