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Your Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Rates

April 30, 2012

Steven asks…

where can I find the cheapest motorcycle insurance rates?

I have a 1991 Honda goldwing that I would like to insure. However since we live in Michigan we only have about six months of comfortable, leisure riding.

Administrator answers:

I have a 9/3 policy for my 2001 Goldwing with Progressive.
3 months fire and theft, remaining 9 months full coverage. That helps reduce costs.
All you can do is shop around.
Good Luck

Sandy asks…

motorcycle insurance …will your rates drop or rise if you change to a larger cc motorcycle?

lets say that you have a 250cc motorcycle for few years and the 250cc bike has a low rate on insurance ….later when you switch to a 600cc with the same insurance company ….will your rate be a little higher or your rate starts all over again like new motorcycles?

Administrator answers:

It will go up they go off type of bike then size since a 600 is alot faster than a 250 your rates go up since at the faster speed you are more likely to wreck and hurt someone or something

John asks…

Will a non-moving accident on my motorcycle affect my insurance rates?

While wheeling my motorcycle into our truck bed we lost the bike on the ramp, it dropped and making my own assessment on the damage looks to be at least 500+ dollars. My deductible is 500 so I’m looking to inform my insurance, this is my first accident with this motorcycle.

Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Not an accident in the sense of a road accident. You were wheeling something into a truck and it fell – it could have been a fridge or a stove, anything. Your insurance would be unlikely to pay out in this instance

Carol asks…

Motorcycle insurance rates?

What do you pay for motorcycle insurance?
Age? Sex? About your bike and record?

Administrator answers:

Try this site where you can get quotes from different companies

Lisa asks…

What is the approximate range of insurance rates on motorcycles?

There have been a lot of similar questions to this one, but I am interested in buying a motorcycle, however from what i’ve heard the insurance for motorcycles is expensive. Can somebody please just tell me an approximate range of the insurance rates on a motorcycles without refering me to a website to get a quote from. Just any kind of number range would be helpful.

Additional Info:
I live in Vegas, I am a 17 year old male, and I have no idea what my credit is (don’t even think I have one yet) if that matters.

Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

First credit has nothing to do with it– the cheapest insurance for a bike is progressive my car insurance agent told me to go to them because they were higher as for a rate qoute you will have to go to the website because it is based on state laws and what is going on in your city age and type of bike —I am way older than you- live in Louisiana and have been riding since way before you were born and a new HD big twin is about 1400.00 per year if you were to ride the same sled you are looking at 2-2200.00 add more for a pocket rocket and just a note put full coverage on it and keep it up because you wreak it will save you from some hassles GL

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