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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Quotes

March 31, 2012

Ken asks…

Need a car with VERY cheap insurance. 17 year old male.?

Im just about to pass my driving test and i’m looking to buy a car, something very small like a 1.1L. I’ve had a few insurance quotes and then results are coming up as £7000?! Even for a ford fiesta or a peugot 306. I put the annual mileage down to 3000 and put my dad as a named driver but it is still very high. What cars could be lower thn this, and any good insurance company that offer low quotes for younger drivers.

Administrator answers:

If you getting a quote of £7K, you must live in a high risk area.

Helen asks…

Car Insurance 17 year old male ?

I have recently gained my driving license, problem is the insurance. I am 17 male and not expecting a small amount for my insurance but these compare website just take the P**S wanting 8000+ annually what are they on. Does anyone know who has recently been insured how to get it reasonably cheap insurance quote, the car is only group 3 and a 1.1. much help appreciated

Administrator answers:

The best way to get cheap auto insurance is to get several quotes. Http:// That source can help you find a cheap car insurance quote in several ways by providing you a quick and easy way of getting a cheap car insurance quote comparisons.

There is no commitment and no cost for a car insurance quote. Whether you decide to switch your automobile insurance coverage or purchase a new policy, our service is completely free. Getting a free quote is always, fast, easy and free! Hope that helps :)

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